¿Cómo convertirse en líder del mercado con B2Core? – Ver seminario web gratuito

Webinar B2Broker con magnates de finanzas: cómo convertirse en un líder del mercado con B2Core. Explore cómo la sala del comerciante puede potenciar su negocio

Ivan Navodnyy
18 February   14:00
How to Become a Market Leader with B2Core! play
How to Become a Market Leader with B2Core!
Another great webinar from B2Broker, hosted in partnership with Finance Magnates! Watch Ivan Navodnyy, Product Manager, B2Core, chat with Rachel McIntosh, FM Cryptocurrency Journalist & Podcast Host, about the company’s award-winning CRM software and how you can become a market leader by implementing B2Core in your business. Ivan and Rachel engage in a discussion about what is B2Core, while Ivan runs through a demo of the software with participants. The webinar concludes with Ivan answering questions to round-off an informative session which has proved one of our most popular to date. Watch this must-see webinar now! Join over 120 leading brokerages, exchanges and other financial institutions who are already using B2Core and become a market leader!
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