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B2Broker se complace en anunciar su último seminario web, que está especialmente dirigido a empresas que buscan establecer una correduría de Forex y Crypto en la floreciente región asiática.

Steve Chow
Head of Business Development for Asian region
and Director for Hong Kong office
5 May   15:00
How to Start a Forex & Crypto Brokerage in Asia play
How to Start a Forex & Crypto Brokerage in Asia
B2Broker is pleased to announce its latest webinar which is specially geared towards businesses who are seeking to set up a Forex and Crypto brokerage in the flourishing Asian region. </br> </br> The webinar is entitled, "How to Start a Forex & Crypto Brokerage in Asia", and will take place on Wednesday 6th May, 2020 at 3.00 PM Hong Kong time (GMT +8). </br> </br> Topics covered include:</br> • How to launch your own Forex/Crypto Broker business</br> • Special features about the Asian market</br> • How modern brokerage software helps you earn more money</br> • How to avoid mistakes in your Forex/Crypto startup</br> • Hints and tips to get you started</br>
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Andrew Matushkin

Jefe de Desarrollo Comercial Global

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