B2Broker Employees Gather at Moscow Headquarters for Product Training

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov
Last week, B2Broker embarked on a 2-day intensive training course for its employees who all descended on the group’s hi-tech Moscow offices in the capital’s financial district for a series of educational, technical and practical sessions. The sessions comprised of product training designed to bring everyone up to speed on the company’s range of products and services, updates, discussion sessions and departmental meetings. The first day’s schedule concluded with dinner at the renowned 354 restaurant to say “thank you to everyone for their hard work and commitment.

Founded in 2014, B2Broker currently has around 120 employees and has always taken training very seriously. The founders firmly believe that investing in their staff allows each individual to strengthen their skills and bring them to a higher level so they acquire further technical skills and deeper knowledge of the company’s products and services.

Arthur Azizov, Founder and CEO B2Broker says, “Employee training and development not only benefits our people in terms of their skills, it results in increased capacity to adopt new technologies and increased product innovation, not to mention a better working environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone – and of course we always make sure there’s an element of fun thrown in to make it enjoyable as well as educational!”

The company has come a long way since its inception and B2Broker comprises a highly talented, diverse team which is happy to share its positive working culture with the outside world B2Broker employees from the company’s global offices congregate to participate in educational and practical training sessions at the company’s Moscow headquarters.

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