B2Broker Plays Its First Match In The Business Champions League

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov

The B2Broker professional football team played its first match in the Business Champions League on Tuesday. The opponents were office building neighbours - Panorama360. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

At the beginning of the first half, Panorama360 led 2-0. Oganes Kachoyan gave Panorama360 the lead in the 5th minute, with Daniil Shulyak scoring in the 15th.

However, B2Broker players soon got all the goals back. First, Vasyl Pallak scored in the 18th minute to narrow the gap, then Igor Shumilov planted a penalty in the 25th minute to level the score.

B2Broker captain, Daniel Schneider, believes that despite the new line-up, his team showed a more confident game than the athletes of Panorama360.

"We were stronger than the opponent. We outpaced them and hit more shots on goal. We just created our team and we are just at the beginning of our journey. And for the first match the score is acceptable," said Daniel Schneider after the match.

According to the post-match report, about 67% of League fans were expecting a clear win for B2Broker, while only 33% were betting on Panorama360.

The game was refereed by the famous Soviet footballer Munir Aysin, who used to play for Dynamo Moscow.

In the next match B2Broker will meet the past winners of the regular championship - Spectrum Group players. The match will take place on October 12.

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