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Overview of B2Broker Participation at Skolkovo Tech Week 2021

Author: Rosemary Barnes
11.11.2021 - 11.11.2021

B2Broker's expo attendance during 2021 has been nothing short of hectic and shows no signs of slowing down! In a bid to further promote the company and capture a larger share of the worldwide market, expos are an all-important way for us to introduce our products and services in a face-to-face environment. For now, we say goodbye from Skolkovo Tech Week having just completed a 2-day event on Moscow home territory.

Aerial view of Skolkovo Tech Week demo stage.

Skolkovo Tech Week Sponsor

We were delighted to have participated as one of the main Fintech sponsors of the conference and to have been acknowledged as part of the driving force behind technological progress and Fintech enlightenment. Skolkovo Tech Week is Russia's biggest digital technologies conference and it was the ideal place for us to show ourselves to the Russian techno market from which we have already made some good contacts.

The conference drew a big audience of business owners, startups, blockchain developers and investors and attracted over 5,000 participants, which made it the place to be for everything blockchain related. The expo was also the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the benefits of our innovative products and services, and the unique expertise of our team members.

Members of the B2Broker team chat with an interested client.

Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches were a big highlight of the conference in which three key members of the B2Broker team took to the main stage and shared their valuable insights. All were well received by their respective audiences of new and experienced Fintech professionals.

B2Broker COO Evgeniya Mykulyak presented on "Major Trends in the Cryptocurrency Market" on the first day, followed by vise CTO Yuri Morozov who shared his views on security in the FinTech business. On the second day, CSO Alexey Tsepaev presented the latest trends in Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Three great presentations with extremely valuable information on the latest industry hot trends!

Day 1: B2Broker COO Evgeniya reveals the Major Trends in the Cryptocurrency Market.

Day 1: B2Broker vise CTO Yuri Morozov presents on Security in the Fintech Business.

Day 2: B2Broker CSO Alexey Tsepaev explores the Latest Trends in DeFi.


B2Broker has concluded yet another highly worthwhile event as part of its strategy to continue the introduction of its cutting-edge technology to the worldwide market and educate businesses in or related to the blockchain sector on the latest trends. We received a great welcome and look forward to welcoming new clients, including some leading technology companies that we touched base with during our time there.

Goodbye from the B2Broker team until the next time!

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