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White Label Margin Exchange trading platform
Customizable price streams
A high level of customisation for price streams: multiple markup profiles on instrument /group / account levels
Advanced risk management
A/B/C-Book models are
Exposure monitor
Extensive filtering allows you to drill down and view exposures and P/L on group, instrument and asset levels
Custom leverage
A user can select a different
leverage for each single order
Main Features Basic Advanced Enterprise
10 Business Days Set Up
Technical Support 24/7
Constant Updates & Release Notes
Training Sessions
Personal Account Manager
Product Manager Presence
Feature Requests
SaaS Cloud Solution
Staging Environment upon Request
B2Core Mobile Application
Demo Accounts

What is B2Margin?

B2Margin is a White Label Margin Exchange trading platform developed by B2Broker offering a wide range of functions including on-boarding, compliance, risk management, pricing and trading analytics.
Offering traders the opportunity to boost their trading with leverage, B2Margin is designed with both institutional and retail clients in mind, supporting multiple asset classes, such as FX, Metals, Indices, Energies, Stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.
Adaptive Widgets
Technical Support
Risk Management
Fast Setup In
14 days

Compare with others

Brokerage Platform
Margin Exchange
Spot Exchange
Leverage Trading
Customizable User Interface*
Multiple Workspaces
Custom Leverage per Order
Advanced Orders**
Extended Technical Analysis
Highload Architecture
Multiple APIs Support
Mobile Platform
Short Positions
Crypto CFD / Derivatives
FX Margin
Time and Sales
CFD on Shares
Integrated Trading UI***
* Change of colors of any UI element according to your branding. You can include your logo and change the wording via the translation tool provided.
** Multiple order types including OCO and Stop Loss / Take Profit.
*** Trader's UI is part of the Trader's Room. A trader doesn't need to leave the page to trade.

Bespoke IT Infrastructure

Get your B2Margin

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    Professional GUI

    An advanced interface that meets all requirements for beginners up to professional traders.
    Trading instruments grouped by classes
    800+ trading instruments grouped by 7 asset classes are available for FOREX, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Equities and ETFs.
    Branding customization
    A fully branded and customized platform, with custom logos, banners, icons, names, profiles, statements, instruments, color schemes, etc.
    Flexible workspace
    Create and configure as many workspaces as needed. All settings windows are scalable and can be adapted according to the brokers' needs.
    in B2Core ?
    A true turnkey solution with the deep integration of B2Core. Includes payment integrations, instant transfers and customisable Advanced UI.
    Standalone ver. ?
    A perfect solution for clients with their own cabinet. We provide an easy to integrate Advanced UI along with the matching engine.
    Differences Trading Ability
    Multiple Workspaces
    Instant Transfers
    Dynamic UI
    B2Core Integrations
    Light/Dark Theme
    Matching API
    Widgets Trading View
    Trade History
    Order Book
    Favorite Markets
    Open Orders
    Filled Orders
    Inactive Orders
    Market Depth
    Market Limit

    Dynamic Features

    Customizable Platform Layout
    A fully customizable workspace which includes intuitive visualization of market data and offers an extensive suite of trading tools and more. Set up your perfect trading environment now!
    Multiple Order Types
    B2Margin offers multiple order types to support the most sophisticated trading strategies and to provide users with a variety of options on how and when to enter and exit a trade.
    Professional Сharts
    Place trades, manage orders and work directly from our integrated charts. Use our comprehensive suite of drawing tools and over 50 technical indicators to analyze price trends.
    Secure Wallets
    Withdraw, deposit and store your assets in your personal secure wallet. All assets are securely held in our offline storage system to protect users against any possible risks and threats.
    Add your favourite instruments to the list and keep an eye on their current prices and 24 hour changes. Place orders straight from the Watchlist.
    Order Book
    The list of buy and sell orders organized by price. Updated in real time, it's an important indicator of market depth and reflects the trading instrument's likely price trend.
    Market Depth
    An overview of the total cumulative number of opened buy and sell orders in one place where the supply and demand balance can be visualized.
    Positions and Orders
    Where open positions, working orders, orders and trades history can be seen. Options to close positions, modify positions and orders parameters can also be found here.

    Custom Leverage


    Options for order placement
    Trade from the Manager application with the ability to place pending orders and market orders at the current market rates or fill orders at a specific price.
    Customizable price streams
    Well balanced, tested by business and ready-to-use price streams with customizable markups. Multiple markup profiles on instrument / group / account levels.
    Extended account precision
    Up to 8 decimal digits for account precision and for trading instrument pricing. Suitable for Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-denominated accounts and Crypto-Brokers.
    Flexible trading conditions
    Create special conditions for any set of trading instruments to any set of clients, including setting commissions, swaps, leverage and markups for swaps and prices.
    Customizable management rights
    From "full access" to "view only", management rights are fully customizable as per your needs enabling you to manage and modify the entire workflow at your discretion.
    Various denominations for accounts
    With different account denominations available, you can receive profit in any fiat or cryptocurrencies of your choice.
    Integration friendly
    With B2Core integration B2Margin becomes a complete brokerage solution. Alternatively, build your own Trading UI and integrate B2Margin with your Trader's Room.
    Exposure monitor
    Monitor A/B book and hedged exposure in real-time. Hedge directly from the exposure monitor while maintaining an up to date view on your Risk and P/L.
    Various leverage settings
    Leverage from 1:1 to 1:10000 leverage is available to use. Changes can be applied immediately.
    Risk management
    The simplest and most effective risk management, using A-/B-/C-book strategies, NOP controls, Report DataBase.
    Transparent pricing
    Prices come straight from liquidity aggregators without any Market Maker interference.
    Fast setup
    Full setup, with liquidity, trading UI, report system, and all other components for a new B2Margin Platform.
    C-book management
    C-book allows brokers to manage risks more precisely. It can be set so that small orders are executed on B-book (risk on Broker's side) and large orders will go to A-Book (no risk but potentially less profit for broker).
    Extensive filtering
    The ability to break down by group, instrument and asset levels to view exposures and P/L and analyze results according to your specific requirements.
    Fast and reliable STP execution with ultra-low latency for A-book trades. The ultimate way to ensure the quickest and best filling of client orders.

    Front-end Customization

    Choose your own colour, provide a logo and get your own unique product.
    Your own logo and corporate colors will provide you with the ultimate brand experience.
    Easy Navigation
    A highly responsive and scalable menu that allows the user to quickly and efficiently perform different actions in their personal cabinet.
    Friendly UI
    The front end is optimally designed and animated to avoid any confusion on the clients' side.
    Create an unlimited number of workspaces with a different set of widgets to maximise your trading experience.
    Default Layout
    Brokers can request a default layout for the Trading UI so that end-users are taken there after opening the Trading UI for the first time. It can then be rearranged in the way they wish.
    Double-click Trading
    A useful aspect that enables you to place Market Orders on double-click which is important when every second counts.
    An unlimited number of languages and translations can be added instantly via an easy to use form-based web interface.
    Plenty of feature-rich widgets are available to create professional trading interfaces for various trading styles.
    Night Mode
    An option to switch theTrading UI to a darker theme at night in order to increase usability is available.

    Customizable Settings

    Trading Conditions Customization
    The possibility to create your own trading conditions with commissions, markups, swaps, margin and risk settings.
    Various Denominations for Accounts
    Accounts based on any currency from the liquidity list with up to 8 decimal digits precision.
    Predefined Markup Plans
    Well balanced, tested by businesses and ready-to-use price streams for markups.
    Extra Precision for Pricing
    Up to 8 decimal digits for account precision and trading instrument pricing. Suitable for Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-denominated accounts and Crypto Brokers.
    Risk Management
    The simplest and most effective risk management, using A/B/C-book strategies and NOP controls.
    Management Rights
    From "full access" to "view only", management rights are fully customizable as per your needs enabling you to manage and modify the entire workflow at your discretion.
    Various Leverage Settings
    Leverage from 1:1 to 1:10000 leverage is available to use. Changes can be applied immediately.
    Group Settings
    Swaps, commissions and margin requirements can be changed instantly.
    Custom Leverage
    Set any leverage range for any trading instrument.
    Denominated accounts
    Trading accounts can be denominated in any of the currencies presented in the liquidity list (41 assets) including cryptocurrencies with an expanded accuracy of up to 8 decimal places.

    Admin Panel

    From detailed account statements to volume trade reports, get complete control over your operations and maximise your business potential.
    The spread type can be defined as a variable spread, fixed spread, and as an STP spread without any modifiers.
    Brokers can decide to add markups in a percentage of the current price or value in pips on any symbol, and for each account differently.
    Tiered markups are available to use depending on the volume of each trade.
    Execution rules based on volume for flexible execution settings.
    A/B/C Book execution mode. Can be performed on accounts level and changed instantly.
    Additional execution settings protect brokers from all types of risk.
    Volume parameters contain maximum and minimum order sizes and price increments.
    Exposure limits can be set per any symbol on account level.
    Classic Limit-and-Stop level settings are available in B2Margin.
    Custom leverage settings: maximum, minimum, increments and default leverage values.
    Custom or broker defined leverage options can be set per any symbol
    Dynamic leverage: Tiered margin settings are available with the "Broker selected" scenario.
    Brokers can allow sell operations per single position or per net open position.
    "Full trading", "close only" and "no trading" modes are available to use on any symbol and for any account.
    Brokers can disable short positions for specific symbols and for any account.
    Brokers can set different types and different amounts on commission settings for any symbol in the account level.
    Brokers can set different markups on swap settings for any symbol or account level.
    "Swap free" settings are available on the B2Margin platform.
    External execution
    Brokers can set a multiplier for clients volume to control external exposure more accurately.
    Variable settings are available for external sending volume. Brokers can decide a minimal order size and its increment on each symbol for each account.
    Brokers can decide which margin account to use for specific clients or symbols.

    Different order types

    Time in Force
    An Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) is a time in force instruction for an order that executes all or part immediately and cancels any unfilled portion of the order.
    Fill or Kill (FOK) the time in force instruction causes the entire order to execute immediately or be canceled.
    An order that uses the Good-Till-Canceled (GTC) time in force will continue to work until the order fills or is canceled by trader.
    Good-Till-Date (GTD) - the time in force instruction that allows traders to specify a date and time at which the order will expire when they place trading orders.
    An order that uses the Good-For-Day or DAY time in force and will continue to work until the end of the current trading day if it is not completed.
    Protection Orders
    Stop Loss
    There are two kinds of stop-loss orders: buy and sell. Sell-stop orders offer protection for long positions by triggering a market sell order in the event the price drops below a certain level.

    Buy-stop orders protect short positions. They are above the current market price and will trigger in the event that the price rises above this level.
    Take Profit
    A take-profit order is a kind of limit order which indicates the exact price at which to close out an open position to make a profit.

    The advantage of using a take-profit order means the trader need not worry about manually executing or second-guessing a trade.
    Pending Orders
    A limit order is a type of order to purchase or sell an asset at a specified price or better.

    While the price is guaranteed, the filling of the order is not, and limit orders will not be executed unless the security price meets the order qualifications.
    Stop orders are orders that are triggered when an asset moves past a specific price point.

    Beyond that price point, stop orders are converted into market orders that are executed at the best available price.
    One Cancels the Other (OCO) is a pair of orders that are linked together and placed simultaneously.

    When market movements cause either order to be filled, the unfilled order is automatically canceled.
    Close-By orders
    The Close-By facility allows two hedged orders to be closed by cancelling each other out. The benefit of doing this is that only one spread is paid for two orders.

    In contrast, if two hedged orders are closed independently then two spreads will be paid, hence the trade cost is paid twice.
    Market orders
    A market order is an order placed without a price for the purpose of hitting the best Bid or taking the best Offer presently available in the market.

    The order fills at the current best price and may partially fill at multiple price levels.


    From detailed account statements to volume trade reports, get complete control over your operations and maximise your business potential.

    Risk Management

    STP 100%
    Full STP pre-execution with optional markups. Limit orders are sent to the broker's Margin account after being triggered by the market price.
    There is no risk to clients' profit and loss because broker positions execute first and earn the same P&L on the Margin account, taking into account the markup difference.
    A-Book / C-Book
    (Post Execution)
    A-book or Hybrid A/B book post-execution with optional markups. Allows for the protection of clients from slippages as client orders execute first.
    The broker executes client orders first and then sends his own order to the Margin account according to the settled percentage. Client orders execute by current market prices with optional markups.
    A-Book / C-Book
    (Pre Execution)
    A-book or Hybrid A/B book pre-execution with optional markups. Reduces risks from the Broker as their orders execute first and client orders execute respectively.
    The broker executes their orders first, according to the settled percentage, and then confirms client orders taking into account the broker's executed price and volume.
    Internal execution only. All trades get confirmations according to adjustable delay settings.
    The broker takes all risks and acts as a Market Maker for B-book clients.
    Manual Execution
    Manual execution only. Human dealer confirms all trades manually with dealing desk instruments.
    The dealer takes all responsibilities for client executions. An order will not be executed until the dealer confirms it manually.

    Reduce your risk

    Denominate a margin account according to your needs in any crypto or fiat based currency
    Multicurrency denominated
    B2Broker Liquidity (MarksMan Hub)
    Margin Account Management System
    Prime XM XCore
    One Zero Hub
    Margin Accounts
    Trading Platforms

    USD based
    client accounts

    USDT based
    client accounts

    JPY based
    client accounts

    EUR based
    client accounts

    ETH based
    client accounts

    XRP based
    client accounts

    BTC based
    client accounts

    BNB based
    client accounts

    A multicurrency denominated margin account

    Multicurrency based margin accounts allow brokers to minimize volatile risks between clients’ equity and brokers’ equity. Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from B2Broker liquidity, including cryptocurrencies. Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to the one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between these two currencies, as an example.

    Without taking a risk

    The example above contains a complete diversification for the base currencies of customer groups, according to margin accounts based on the same base currencies. In this case, brokers will work with the same amount of capital as their clients, without risking volatility for each currency.

    Extended risk management

    In a multicurrency denominated margin account model the broker needs to control the equity on all his margin accounts in order to provide execution for all his clients. This means the broker has to keep more funds – close to 100% of client funds, on his margin accounts to avoid rejections for client orders due to insufficient funds.

    Education and Training in your language

    We speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin & Traditional), Hindi, Urdu, Farci, Ukranian, Belarusian & Turkish.
    We provide a whole range of educational materials and documentation and are able to help with in-depth training for your team!

    Technical Support and Availability

    Our professional customer service team is available round the clock to assist you with any queries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Watch the video

    Get in touch with our sales department and ask about our FOREX Turnkey Brokerage proposal.
    B2Margin - Explore a New Unique Trading Capabilities
    B2Margin is a White Label Margin Exchange trading platform developed by B2Broker offering a wide range of functions including on-boarding, compliance, risk management, pricing and trading analytics.


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      Any other questions?
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        It works best with

        Crypto Derivatives / CFD Liquidity

        Get access to a pool of top cryptos available for trading any time.

        100 crypto pairs available
        Aggregated volumes and ultra low spreads
        Major cryptos to major fiat currencies
        24/7 availability
        FOREX Liquidity

        A deep pool of institutional liquidity will satisfy even the most sophisticated traders you serve.

        Access to 78 trading pairs
        Institutional volumes and spreads
        Aggregation of Tier-1 banks
        Leverage 1:100
        Enterprise Wallets Solutions

        Offer your customers Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple`s XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and more as a payment option!

        888+ Coins, StableCoins and Tokens supported
        NEO, NEM, ETH & Omni tokens supported
        Single Unified API for multiple blockchains
        KYT System