Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is an annual event that takes the blockchain revolution to a global level. Now in its 7th edition, the summit brought together more than 3000 people from 80 countries, making it one of the biggest blockchain events in Eurasia.

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AIBC Eurasia Dubai

AIBC Eurasia 2023 was a large-scale event that brought together the brightest minds in fintech and blockchain from around the globe. The event featured a wide range of activities — panel discussions, workshops, and keynote presentations on regulations, frontier tech solutions, AI and blockchain.

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Blockchain Week Summit Paris

Paris Blockchain Week Summit was a remarkable event where the leading thinkers and innovators in the blockchain technology field convened. The two-day summit featured over 400 speakers, 10,000 attendees, and countless networking opportunities. Discussions during the event revolved around the latest advances in crypto payments, DeFi, Web 3.0, and more. Panels focused on many topics, such as business development, regulation, and innovation.

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Money Expo Mexico

Money Expo Mexico was a major financial event that gathered in one place financial services companies, startups and fintech providers. This year, the expo took place at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. More than 3000 attendees and 300 firms participated in the conference to network, learn, and develop their investment and business strategies.

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EU Blockchain Convention Barcelona

EU Blockchain Convention has been recognized as the most influential blockchain conference in Europe, and its 2023 edition gathered all the most influential voices in blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 sectors under one roof. The convention took place at the Hyatt Regency Barcelona and attracted over 2,500 attendees, not to mention an array of startups, developers, and well-established companies.

With more than 200 industry-leading speakers taking the stage, visitors were able to learn about market trends, new challenges, regulatory updates, and a host of other topics.

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Fintech & Crypto Summit Bahrain

Fintech & Crypto Summit Bahrain is a two-day event designed to bring together investors and entrepreneurs from the fields of finance, technology, and cryptography. The summit contributes to Bahrain's long-term goals for regional prominence in cryptocurrency and financial technology.

The event featured experts from 30 countries, with many interesting and informed speakers who shared their knowledge and experience on topics such as blockchain, digital wallets, alternate banking systems, investment opportunities in emerging markets, digital currencies, and more.

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ICE London

ICE London is the annual premier gambling convention. Its 2023 edition broke records by uniting more than 40,000 people from across the planet. The event was held in ExCeL London over three days and offered a platform for international business leaders to exchange knowledge, network, and discover new opportunities for growth.

With a focus on innovation, the show featured the latest cutting-edge technology, gaming solutions, and insights into industry trends. With 650 brands exhibiting, attendees could explore products — ranging from virtual reality and artificial intelligence to payment and blockchain solutions — through interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

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Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong

Wiki Finance Asia Expo is one of the largest financial expos in the world for businesses and end-users. The event brought together leading industry players, thought leaders, and government or regional trade organizations from Forex, banks, fintech companies, blockchain, and liquidity providers, and introducing brokers who gathered to exchange ideas and share industry updates. Founders and senior executives of well-known applications in Hong Kong and China attended the event and shared their predictions about how technology will shape our world in the future.

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Fazzaco Expo Dubai

Fazzaco Expo Dubai — одно из главных событий в мире трейдинга, объединяющее ведущих брокеров и бирж Forex, акций и криптовалют, а также поставщиков CRM и white label решений, провайдеров ликвидности и многих других финтех-компаний. Мероприятие предоставило делегатам отличную возможность узнать о последних событиях в секторе, а также выстроить продуктивный нетворкинг.

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Wiki Finance Expo Dubai

Wiki Finance Expo Dubai, проходившая в Festival Arena, была двухдневным мероприятием, посвященным миру форекс, криптовалют, финансовых технологий и блокчейну. Это мероприятие, занимающее более 5 тыс. квадратных метров выставочной площади, было одним из крупнейших в своем роде. Выставка включала в себя ряд панельных дискуссий, ключевые доклады от лидеров отрасли, а также широкий спектр выставочных стендов, демонстрирующих новейшие продукты и услуги. Мероприятие предоставило ценную возможность узнать максимум информации о последних достижениях и встретиться с ведущими специалистами-практиками.

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