当社の主な製品は、FX /暗号/証券ブローカーおよびスポット/マージン取引所に新世代のソリューションを提供するため、専任のエンジニアチームが主導しています。
FX、金属、暗号、CFD向けの最も深い流動性プールの1つを提供します。 100以上の取引ペアによる市場調査による、主要な暗号CFD流動性のプロバイダーです。
Liquidity Pools: an Alternative Way to Stimulate Trading
In this video, we talk about liquidity pools in the context of how they allow you to increase the frequency of trading in markets with low liquidity. Our expert will explain the difference between the beech order and liquidity pools, and the unique experience of Arab company, Al Khaleej Sugar, who applied the liquidity pool mechanism for trading purposes in th…
B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov Answers Clients’ FAQs
A series of questions in Q&A format received from current and potential clients posed by the B2Broker team to CEO Arthur Azizov with expert advice from the top for those looking to …
Still Processing: The Future of Payments for Brokers and Beyond
This video sees CEO Arthur Azizov take his seat on the Still Processing: The Future of Payments for Brokers and Beyond panel on behalf of B2BinPay, the company’s crypto processing s…
Q&A «B2Broker Webinar — Belarus»
Back in April, B2Broker hosted one of its most popular webinars to date: “Belarus: The Fastest Way to Start a Regulated Forex Brokerage” which focused on starting your brokerage in the quickest and most cost-effective way with a recognised Forex licence.…
Automate, Analyse, Achieve: Trading Technology Today
In this video, captured at iFX Expo Dubai 2021, Arthur was invited to take part in the Automate, Analyse, Achieve: Trading Technology Today panel. Five other key panel members from …
B2Broker Dubai Corporate Yacht Party
There’s only one way to ride the wave of a successful expo and that’s to splash out and throw a corporate yacht party! To celebrate the end of iFX Expo Dubai 2021, the B2Broker expo…
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