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Wiki FX | Evolution of Copy Trading | Wiki FX
People have been looking for ways to make money with little risk since the early days of investing. In recent years, PAMM/MAM and Social Trading systems have become popular among investors around world who want more control over their investments than ever before - whether they're experienced or not so much!
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Matching Engine Technology and OMS for Crypto Spot Exchanges | Crypto Expo 2022
In this video, B2Broker's CPO Ivan Navodnyy explains the concept of matching engine technology and how it works. He also covers the different components of a matching engine and shows how they interact with each other to enable a fast, secure and reliable cryptocurrency spot exchange.
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Technology for Your Affiliate Programs & Introducing Brokers | Wiki FX 2022
In this video, our Chief Product Officer Ivan Navodnyy will explain how affiliate programs work. He'll describe the affiliate business as a concept, outline one of the affiliate business models, and show every affiliate component and key functionality. It's a must-watch if you're a Forex, stock, or crypto broker!
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Building FX and Crypto Ecosystem | iFX Asia 2022
Two prominent B2Broker experts from Hong Kong, Steve Chow and David Chan, recently gave a keynote speech on building a Forex and crypto ecosystem at iFX Asia 2022. They discussed how to create an infrastructure that would be attractive to both retail and institutional investors and shared their thoughts on the current state of the market. They also discussed some of the challenges that need to be overcome in order to make this vision a reality. Be sure to check it out!
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Trading Platforms White Labels | iFX Asia 2022
Do you want to know more about white-label trading platforms? Watch this keynote speech by a B2Broker expert and learn everything you need to know. This video is essential viewing for anyone looking to get into the Forex or crypto market, so don't miss out!
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Building Forex and Crypto Ecosystem | Money Expo India 2022
Kuldeep Mahindrakar, Global Business Development Manager at B2Broker, shares his vision for building a powerful Forex and Crypto ecosystem from the stage of Money Expo India 2022. He explains how to erect such an ecosystem and where you can find all the necessary solutions.
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Insights into Crypto Payments | DIFC Fintech Week 2022
What are the prospects for crypto payments? How do they compare to traditional fiat payments? Find out what Andrew Matushkin, Global Business Development Manager at B2Broker, had to say about this topic at DIFC Fintech Week 2022. He also offers an insightful analysis of the crypto market and its potential for growth.
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Components You Need to Launch Crypto Exchange | iFX Cyprus 2022
Arthur Azizov on the stage of iFX Cyprus 2022 shares his insights on what's needed to create a successful crypto exchange.
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Present and Future of Digital Financing | PAY 360 London
In this informative video, CEO of B2BinPay and Eqwire UK Mina Louka speaks about the present and future of digital financing. He explains what DeFi is and how it works and discusses the impact of crypto on the industry.
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DeFi Business Models | Crypto Expo Dubai 2022
B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov shares his thoughts on the current state of decentralized finance business models in the world today.
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