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Leading Prime of Prime Multi-Asset Liquidity & Advanced White Label Solutions Provider.

Established in 2014.
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Core products
Our core products are spearheaded by our dedicated team of engineers delivering ground-breaking solutions to FX/Crypto/Securities brokers and Spot/Margin exchanges.
We deliver one of the deepest liquidity pools for FX, Metals, Crypto and CFDs. Leading Crypto CFD liquidity provider based on market research with 100+ trading pairs.
Turnkey Solutions
Choose from our wide range of bespoke solutions designed for whatever type of financial business structure is required including brokerage, exchange and wallets.
Crypto Processing
We are experts in blockchain payments including white label crypto processing solutions and are recognised as one of the go-to providers in the industry.
Money Management
We offer a range of products enabling you to offer your clients a choice of proven money management solutions for investment or trading purposes.

Enterprise Wallets Solution

Our highly secure, reliable and scalable wallets solution for Enterprises enables you to engage your customers with an outstanding crypto payment experience.

No need to develop blockchain wallets. Just plug in and use Cryptocurrency Wallets and reduce costs with cutting-edge blockchain technology that is trusted throughout the industry.
We make crypto payments simple!


    What is an Enterprise Blockchain Wallets Solution?

    Our Enterprise Wallets Solution allows businesses to Receive, Store and Send virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple's XRP, Tether and many more as a payment option.
    A highly Secure, Reliable and Scalable Blockchain Wallets Solution that supports all kinds of business models from an industry-leading cryptocurrency payments provider.
    Our cutting-edge blockchain technology is trusted throughout the industry.
    Technical Support


    Crypto payments offer many benefits over traditional Fiat paymentmethods. Check out the facts and see for yourself!
    Cryptocurrency Payments
    Fiat Payments
    Rolling Reserve
    Peer to Peer
    Low Cost
    Easy Account Opening

    How does it work?

    Our cryptocurrency wallets solution is your gateway to the crypto-world in 3 simple steps!
    StableCoins and Tokens
    Our aim is to simplify crypto payments to everyone, everywhere.
    Accept USDT(ETH) Tokens Flow
    1. User Sent USDT(ETH) tokens
    1. ETH Wallet used to send base currency
    1. Bot sends Base Currency (ETH) to a deposit address
    2. Extracting USDT Tokens - ETH used for Blockchain Fee transfer
    3. USDT Tokens Transfered to a wallet
    4. USDT Tokens ready to be used for Withdrawals
    Accept USDT (ETH and omni) Tokens Flow
    1. User Sent USDT (ETH) & USDT (omni) tokens
    1. ETH and BTC Wallet used to send base currency
    1. Bot sends Base Currency ETH & BTC to a deposit addresses
    2. Extracting USDT Tokens - ETH & BTC used for Blockchain Fee transfers
    3. Both, based on ETH & BTC, USDT Tokens Transfered to a wallet
    4. USDT Tokens ready to be used for Withdrawals
    Accept Any ERC-20 Tokens Flow
    1. User Sent Any ERC-20 tokens
    1. ETH Wallet used to send base currency
    1. Bot sends Base Currency (ETH) to a deposit address
    2. Extracting Any ERC-20 Tokens - ETH used for Blockchain Fee transfer
    3. Any ERC-20 Tokens Transfered to a wallet
    4. Any ERC-20 Tokens ready to be used for Withdrawals

    Start accepting Crypto Now

    Offer your clients an exciting new payment method and watch your business grow!

      No Need to Reinvent the wheel!

      There are many reasons why it does not make sense to create a wallets solution on your own. Entrust the process to the experts and benefit from much more than just cost-savings!
      Node Patches and Updates
      No need to take care of node patches and necessary updates. This is all taken care of as part of our enterprise solution.
      Development Team
      Development costs can be substantial and difficult to manage. Bypass the hassle by entrusting our industry experts.
      Security is not only of major importance but requires expert know-how to maintain. Reduce your risks and costs by allowing us to handle it.
      IT Infrastructure
      Developing an IT infrastructure is expensive and time consuming. Many organisations buy-in the expertise and that's our specialisation.
      Back Ups and Maintenance
      Take the headache out of back ups and systems maintenance. We handle all the technical aspects on an ongoing basis.
      Risk Management
      Get rid of risk control and management and leave it to the experts. Focus on your core business and we will take care of all the complexities so you don't have to.
      API, tracking, notifications...
      Benefit from our technical know-how and get an extra level of development of API, tracking and notifications in line with your business requirements.
      Staging & Production
      Integration is first made in a staging environment for client testing. As experts, only we have the capacity to carry out this process.
      Technical Support
      We offer 24/7 technical support, education and more. Everything is designed with your comfort in mind to maximise your experience with us.
      Expense vs Income
      Expense/Income ratios suggest it is better not to attempt time-consuming development on your own. Opt for a proven cost-saving solution.

      Cutting-edge technology for blockchains

      We enable businesses to integrate digital assets into their operations securely and at scale. Our multi-functional solution is the perfect fit for your business!
      Coins, StableCoins and Tokens
      Automatic withdrawals
      Reach API
      Multilingual Interface
      24/7 technical support
      Advanced security
      Notification System
      Secure fund storage
      Alerts system
      Authorisation logging
      DDoS protection
      Address book
      Suspicious activity monitor
      Full white-label integration
      Detailed statistics

      Crypto Payments Flow

      We handle the whole crypto payments flow from checkout to settlement, enabling businesses to benefit from this payment method without the need for any technical expertise.
      Total: 0.700 BTC
      Copy address:
      Invoice for your customer
      0.700 BTC
      0.983 BTC
      0.013785 BTC
      0.000352 BTC
      0.7000 BTC
      Successful operation
      Your customer pays the invoice
      0.6965 BTC
      Total: 7.6965 BTC
      Crypto / Crypto
      Payment reflected on your balance

      Feature-rich Invoices

      A super-responsive payment page with real-time data provides you with everything you need to generate and send detailed invoices to your customers.
      Payment Statuses
      Check your transaction status in real-time. Use your transaction ID to check for confirmations.
      Detailed information on your transactions are just one click away with blockchain explorer.
      Transaction History
      A full cryptocurrency report with detailed transactions history is available at your fingertips.
      QR Code & Address
      A QR code is available to enable fast and hassle-free transfers with ease.

      Payments Page Available in 20+ Languages


      Getting Started

      Offer your clients an exciting new payment method and watch your business grow!

        Tokens Supported

        ETH, NEO, NEM and Omni Based
        Automatic Token Collection
        An automatic token collection bot gathers tokens from multiple addresses and accumulates them into one single address.
        Automatic Withdrawals
        Automatic withdrawals can be made by using secure API or manually. A fast and simple procedure at the touch of a button.
        Liquid and Non-Liquid Tokens
        All types of tokens are supported, both liquid tokens that are listed on top exchanges as well as only issued tokens.
        Stable Crypto Gateway
        A highly secure, reliable and scalable wallets solution from a reputable, industry-leading cryptocurrency payments provider.
        Custom Addresses
        A scalable and secure solution for processing tokens with the possibility to customise addresses for deposits and withdrawals.
        Custom Token Integration
        A quick and straightforward process for integrating your own NEO, NEM, ETH and Omni-based tokens.

        Transaction speed under your Control

        You decide on the speed of transactions needed for your type of business. The bigger the fee - the faster the transaction!

        Empower your business with cutting-edge technology today!

        Sign up for our Enterprise Solution and watch your business grow!

        Crypto Wallets tailored for all Businesses

        Easy set up, configuration and use of cryptocurrency wallets for your business. Our crypto wallets can be easily tailored for all kinds of businesses. From FOREX and Crypto brokers to Exchanges and Token issuers, we have it all covered!
        FOREX and Crypto Brokers
        The crypto market is booming. Offer your clients the possibility to trade and deposit funds in different kinds of crypto.
        OTC Desks
        Crypto exchanges who run OTC desks need their own digital wallet to receive cryptocurrencies. We can offer you that solution.
        The core mechanism behind every exchange. Our gateway provides the technology to handle all your crypto transactions.
        Mobile Wallet Apps
        We provide the technology for mobile wallet apps, enabling users to make in-store payments and with listed merchants.
        Payment Processors
        Payment processors are seeing an increase in demand for crypto services. Our wallets solution will help you onboard more clients.
        Token Issuers
        Token issuers generate and manage tokens and need to have wallet solutions for their users. We can fulfill that requirement.
        Hedge Funds
        Hedge funds can generate hundreds of millions of dollars in management and performance fees. Crypto payments are an obvious choice.
        Margin Exchanges
        Our gateway provides the technology to handle all your crypto transactions associated with margin trading.

        Fully Compliant with your regulator!

        Track the legitimacy of crypto funds and stay compliant. Crypto analytics enhance due diligence and AML compliance procedures for all businesses involved with cryptocurrency.
        Comply with AML/CTF regulations
        In-depth case by case investigations
        Identify any criminal activity on the blockchain
        Monitor and control over risky transactions
        Automatically identify high-risk activities
        Tracking ransomware payments

        AML/Compliance check for your transactions

        KYT compliance technology ensures your business measures up in terms of anti-money laundering requirements. Complete data-centric information about transactions helps crypto businesses comply with local and global regulations.

        What can you do with your Crypto?

        Receive a variety of coins including Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple's XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and lots more as a payment option!
        Many customers hold onto their Bitcoin in the hope its value will rise. Store your Bitcoin in your B2BinPay account or transfer it to a private wallet.
        Unlike sending money abroad, you can send Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to anyone, virtually anywhere in the world.
        Exchanging your Bitcoin is simple. Exchange any portion of your Bitcoin balance to another crypto whenever you
        need to.

        Exchange whenever you need it

        No Slippage - More than 100 BTC on the top 20 levels
        Deep orderbook
        Fast execution
        High limits
        Real-time rates
        Lowest spreads
        Institutional grade volume

        Getting Started

        Offer your clients an exciting new payment method and watch
        your business grow!

          Cryptocurrency wallets solution

          We enable businesses to integrate digital assets into their operations with ease. Watch the video and find out how our multi-functional solution is the perfect fit for your business!
          Accept Bitcoin Payments with B2BinPay
          B2BinPay is a global cryptocurrency payment provider for Merchants and Enterprise clients. It allows businesses to Send, Receive, Store, Exchange and Accept cryptocurrency payments online, safely, securely and cost-effectively across the world in a matter of minutes.
          Easy to set up. Easy to use.
          Our aim is to ensure that all our customers have access to the most advanced, transparent and reliable crypto payment services in the industry.

          Available Crypto currencies

          A vast range of major coins and StableCoins are available with over 800 ERC20 tokens including ETH, NEM, NEO and Omni-based tokens.
          Major Coins
          Bitcoin Cash
          Binance Coin
          StableCoins and Tokens
          (USDT (ETH))
          (USDT (BTC))
          USD Coin
          Binance USD
          Basic Attention token
          PAX Gold
          888+ Tokens Supported

          A Back Office for your team

          Wallets Statuses
          Confirmed & Pending Balances
          Custom Labels
          Wallets Settings
          Wallets & Addresses
          Easy Tracking
          Status: Pending/Approved
          Creation, Expiration time
          Wallets & Custom Labels
          Statuses & Tracking
          Receiver Addresses
          Transfer Types
          Transfer Statuses
          Transaction hash
          Amount, Currency and Tracking
          New Payout
          Address Book
          Amount, Currency, Date and more
          Transaction Speed Settings

          Getting Started

          Offer your clients an exciting new payment method and watch your business grow!

            Role-Based System Access

            Supports 95% of all available tokens on the market today! Provide access to your team based on their job roles.
            API access for deposits, withdrawals and statistics.
            Fully featured access for all types of information required.
            View Only
            Read-only access for the system with ability to withhold sensitive customer data.
            Staff / Support
            Read-only access for customer support team for easy management.
            Administration access for technical support team.
            Reports, transfers and transactions data for the finance department.

            Crypto Wallets benefits

            Easy, hassle free integration
            Integrating cryptocurrency payments into your system is easy and hassle-free. Let the experts handle the technology aspects while you get ready to start accepting crypto!
            Premium support from our team
            Our team of experts is on hand 24/7 to assist with any technical queries and offer practical assistance and guidance whenever you need
            Become a part of a growing community
            The world of crypto is booming and its presence is greater than ever. Join the growing community and enjoy the instant benefits!
            Security and reliability
            Security is always of paramount importance with no room for compromise. We are experts in our field and offer our clients a safe, secure and reliable environment at all times.
            Access to a growing crypto market
            Get access to a growing market and see your revenue-levels rise. The potential is too big to ignore. Integrate a lucrative new payment method today!
            Integrate as part of your solution
            If your business is online, accepting cryptocurrencies is the best way to secure a new set of customers and boost your business.

            Getting Started

            Get ready to offer cryptocurrencies today! Open a free account and prepare for your business to take off!

              The Ultimate API Solution

              Quick and easy integration is possible via Rest API. Our state-of-the art technology allows you to integrate invoicing and deal with acquiring and transfers exactly in the way you need it.
              Single Unified API for Multiple Blockchains

              Advanced Wallets Configuration

              Multi-functionality and flexible wallet settings at your fingertips. A cutting-edge solution that gives you the power to configure things your way.
              Custom labels
              Access rights for each wallet
              Flexible tracking
              Custom callbacks/webhooks
              Wallet activity monitoring

              Staging Environment

              Integration is firstly made in a staging environment for client testing. Production deployment only takes place after approval in order to minimize the risk of bugs at the production stage. This process ensures your product will be the most stable one on the market!
              Test your integration in a staging environment with confidence!
              Go live with fully tested integration and start accepting crypto payments immediately!
              Separate entity for internal testing
              Pre-release of the features on staging

              High-performance IT Infrastructure

              Our infrastructure runs on multiple servers across several data centres to ensure the fastest data delivery and the lowest latency possible. We have redundant hosting and load-balanced environments for maximum reliability.
              Anti-DDoS, IP whitelists
              Protect your business against malicious attacks with our anti-DDoS solutions. A whitelist function enables users to specify their chosen, trusted wallets for withdrawal.
              Security patches & updates
              We manage security patches and upgrades, server storage space saving whilst saving on development costs.
              24/7 server support and monitoring
              A 24/7 dedicated support line is available for your users with an average response time of 3 minutes for a support request. Technical support is also available for developers.
              Secure your merchant account with two-factor authentication granting the user access only after successfully presenting two pieces of evidence.
              Secure access
              Our API endpoints are encrypted through SSL so user traffic is secured when requesting data. For maximum security, we require that our clients sign the API callback requests.
              Scalable and secure servers
              Our infrastructure has different layers of security and scalability with loadbalancers across several data centres to ensure the stability of the entire system and the lowest latency possible.

              Advanced reporting

              In-depth reporting capabilities allow your accounting team to access transactions, transfers, bill reports and more on demand.
              CSV files
              Excel tables
              PDF documents

              Getting Started

              Offer your clients an exciting new payment method and watch your business grow!


                Lightning fast
                Benefit from faster, worldwide transactions, which are not possible with regular bank payments.
                Protection against DDoS attacks,full data encryption and blockchain transparency, together with secure checkout.
                Integration of KYT cryptocurrency compliance service to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities.
                There are no third parties involved in transactions so there is no need to depend on any bank or government.
                No rolling reserve
                With no rolling reserve, there is no need to freeze a percentage of your money as there is no central authority or chargebacks.
                No chargebacks
                Blockchain transactions are irreversible with no chargebacks. No recurring fees or hidden charges.

                Technical Support and Availability

                Our professional customer service team is available round the clock to assist you with any queries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


                Have a question? A source of useful information about our products and services.
                How do I accept cryptocurrencies?
                What cryptocurrencies are on offer?
                Are StableCoins and Tokens supported?
                Is a test account available?
                How do I integrate a crypto payment gateway?
                Is B2BinPay secure?
                Are automatic withdrawals supported?
                Do you have any restrictions for my country?
                Is B2BinPay regulated?
                Is it possible to add tokens?
                Can I add coins?
                Am I able to withdraw FIAT?
                Any other questions?
                Ask us now

                Start accepting Crypto Now

                Offer your customers an exciting new payment method and watch your business grow!

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                  Our liquidity is best combined with the leading industry trading platforms to provide the ultimate in performance and user satisfaction.
                  B2Core (Trader's Room)

                  A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place.

                  Flagship User Interface
                  Solution for Multiple Business Types
                  Deep Customizations and Adjustments
                  Widest Range of External Integrations
                  B2Trader (Matching Engine)

                  A feature-rich matching engine developed by B2Broker for high-loaded
                  exchanges with a large number of clients.

                  Fulfill up to 10000 requests per second
                  Commissions ladder
                  Order execution less than 5 microseconds
                  Loyalty token with commission discount for end-users
                  B2Margin (Margin Exchange)

                  A platform combining the features of margin and spot trading in one system. Powered by B2Broker.

                  Custom leverage for each order
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