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B2Broker can be your trustworthy partner in legal support services when obtaining brokerage licences as a part of the FX turnkey solutions. You can also order these services independently.

The legal system of each jurisdiction imposes different requirements on companies seeking to obtain a licence for financial activities as well as special requirements for its corporate structure, minimal share capital, staff and officers background, IT systems, AML / KYC legal documents and finance reporting. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand all the specific requirements before choosing a particular jurisdiction.

Our professional team can assist you with choosing your jurisdiction, understanding how to obtain a licence and the renewal processes, the cost of obtaining a licence and legal requirements for applicants, together with important legal key points so that you can start your work safely and professionally.

Our legal team works directly with local partners in each jurisdiction which make it possible to provide high level services and get an insider's perspective on the regulation's important points and legislative changes. Therefore, it helps our clients ensure they receive reliable legal support for the company after obtaining a licence.

Based on our experience, there are a few jurisdictions which propose various competitive opportunities to establish Forex brokerage regulated entities.

For those clients who are not sure which licence to choose or do not yet have the resources to obtain a brokerage licence in one of the proposed jurisdictions, our specialists may provide personal advice on alternative options that will help to start a business on conditions that are appropriate to your particular case. We may also assist with the registration of the company without the Forex or Crypto Licence and for the clients who already have the company, we may offer some additional services which you can find listed on our website.
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