Interview with B2Broker’s Head of Business Development for Asian Region Steve Chow
In this interview at Fazzaco Expo 2022, The Head of Business Development for the Asia Region at B2Broker, Steve Chow talks about B2Broker and its solutions. He explains the B2Broker group of companies and why its ready-to-implement solutions will make you successful in the market. Steve also teased crypto industry trends and upcoming upgrades from B2Broker that are planned to release in the nearest future.
Magic During Dubai Expo Season
Lost in the desert, the weary wanderer leaped as he spotted a shimmering lamp amongst the sand. Curiously, he wiped away the dust and was shocked to find a Genie hidden within! Knowing this was his chance for a fresh start, he carefully made his wishes: riches, insight, and success. Suddenly, he found himself standing before an incredible business ecosystem – B2Broker. Within minutes of using B2Broker solutions, enabling everyone to become a successful broker or exchange in no time, the wanderer could feel his dreams turning into reality. With B2Broker, it only takes one wish to make your dreams come true – so what are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into a reality together with us!
Forex Expo 2022 | Key Components of the Forex Broker Turnkey
In this video, B2Broker's Head of Global Business Development, Andrew Matushkin, discusses the concept of a turnkey Forex brokerage solution and touches on all the critical components that a good turnkey brokerage should have. Andrew also explains why B2Broker is the best choice on the market and highlights B2Broker's unique products that can help set your business up for success.
B2Broker Q&A | How to Develop Your Own Brokerage?
In this video, the CEO and Founder of the B2Broker Group of Companies, Arthur Azizov, answers a frequently asked question about how to develop a brokerage and become successful in the brokerage industry. In particular, he outlines different aspects that make a successful broker, from accepting cryptocurrency payments, adding crypto CFDs, and improving customer support to the personal recipe of business growth. Arthur also explains why B2Broker’s ready-to-implement solutions can make you one of the most prosperous brokers on the market.
Fazzaco Expo 2022 | Brokerage Business. Regulation and Licensing Challenges
In this video, B2Broker's Chief Strategy Officer Alexey Tsepaev reviews regulation and licensing challenges in the brokerage business and describes the current legislation levels: international standards (IOSCO, IAIS, BASEL), supranational regulation (EU), local legislation. He also explains the classification of licenses depending on the type of market and business activity, as well as other criteria that brokers should consider to raise the level and reputation of the business.
Crypto Expo 2022 | Interview with B2Broker’s CEO Arthur Azizov
In this interview for Live3TV, Arthur Azizov, Founder and CEO of B2Broker Group of Companies, provides an overview of the organization's business model and product offering. He also discusses current crypto and FX industry trends and explains how B2Broker is helping its clients capitalize on these opportunities.
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