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B2Broker Becomes First Prime Broker to offer OneZero Platform Technology in Belarus After NFC Approval

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The news comes three months after the company became the first approved Forex and CFD Liquidity Provider in Belarus after securing the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) License. The License was issued under the name of Prime Brokerage Services Limited (B2Prime), part of B2Broker group of companies, allowing the company to operate in Belarus in accordance with the country’s local legislation. Under the auspices of the NFC, B2Broker becomes the first prime broker able to offer clients MT5 and OneZero platform technology in Belarus. In particular, B2Broker draws attention to the OneZero hub which is now recognised as an official distribution system. Currently all brokers in the register of Forex companies, of which there are currently 17, only have MT4/5. As a result of this additional technology offering, clients from this point forward will be able to reap the benefits of several product integrations with the OneZero hub. Firstly, B2Core (Trader’s room/CRM) has already been integrated. Over 70 brokers across the globe currently using B2Core can now connect to the OneZero hub. At present, users are able to see their accounts within B2Core with the ability to make automatic transfers, deposits or withdrawals and check real time balances, as well as other parameters such equity etc. In the near future, users will also be able to trade on OneZero via B2Core. Meanwhile, integration with 30+ different PSPs enables clients to easily connect direct deposits to the platform through B2Core. Detailed page of OneZero trading account showing ability to make a transfer to other accounts. Table with overview of trading accounts connected to the user. The next integration is with our advanced professional GUI. This means that brokers can connect the OneZero hub with B2Broker’s advanced UI. A fully customisable UI with dynamic widgets and multiple workspaces is also currently in progress.  Example of our advanced professional UI. In addition, B2Broker offers integration with its cryptocurrency payment gateway, B2BinPay, currently a world top 5 crypto payment provider, offering solutions for merchants and enterprise wallets solutions for Margin Exchanges, Spot Exchanges and Crypto Brokers. This provides brokers with a considerable advantage as they will be able to accept crypto payments. Finally, B2Broker’s leading Crypto CFD Liquidity with 100 Crypto CFD pairs will now be available to clients. The company is therefore able to offer its clients not only Main Label server MT4/5 liquidity, but also the OneZero hub which is now included in the liquidity package. B2Broker CEO and Founder Arthur Azizov commented, “We are delighted to have received approval from the NFC for our distribution liquidity venues and more specifically, to be the first prime broker to offer OneZero platform technology in Belarus. This is a first step towards expanding our list of approved technology with the inclusion of additional platforms in Belarus, as well as enhancing our global offering in terms of liquidity”.