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FMLS 2021: B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov Keynote Speech
B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov’s recent keynote speech at FMLS21 spans across a wide range of topics starting with an overview of the expanding range of instruments now available for trading such as CFDs and perpetual futures. Arthur follows on with a discussion on Stablecoins and new blockchains that he is deeply knowledgeable about.
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Основные тренды рынка цифровых финансовых активов
Хотите узнать о современных трендах на финансовых рынках? Смотрите запись выступления COO B2Broker Евгении Микуляк на выставке Tech Week 2021!
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Crypto Expo Dubai 2021: B2Broker COO Evgeniya Mykulyak Keynote Speech
Watch B2Broker COO Evgeniya Mykulyak deliver her recent Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 keynote speech and learn everything you need to know about Ecosystems! In this revealing video, Evgeniya shares her knowledge on Ecosystems, what they are and how they connect a range of services inside one infrastructure.
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Crypto Expo Dubai 2021: CEO Arthur Azizov Keynote Speech
In his recent Crypto Expo Dubai keynote speech, CEO Arthur Azizov covers a range of topics relating to questions frequently asked by prospective clients. Arthur discusses whether it is better to launch a centralised or decentralised exchange, then goes on to talk about different types of liquidity including Spot, Spot Margin, Organic Liquidity, Market Makers Services, Marksman Liquidity Hub & Ad-Hoc Connection.
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iFX Expo Cyprus 2021: CEO Arthur Azizov Keynote Speech
CEO Arthur Azizov delivers a riveting keynote speech. This is a must-watch session entitled, “New Trends in the FX & Crypto Industries”, where Arthur reveals 6 of the latest trends in the FX and Crypto world. These include all the hype surrounding Perpetual Futures and the logic behind them, Stablecoin growth (regulated, unregulated and decentralised), Blockchain Evolution (Solana, ETH 2.0 & Polkadot), Evolution of the Crypto market & CBDCs, and DeFi platforms. He concludes with an overview of new buzz-word, Ecosystems, citing B2Broker as an example.
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FX & Crypto Ecosystems: Challenges and Experiences
B2Broker COO Evgeniya Mykulyak shows how ecosystems work and how buying from one source saves time and creates synergistic effects. She explains how in this industry, an ecosystem is split into 3 components: Trading platform and technology B2B provider, FX/Crypto Brokerage and Crypto Exchange, citing examples from Etoro and Binance. Evgeniya then illustrates how to build your own ecosystem and the various ways in which to do it.
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Forex Expo Dubai 2021: CEO Arthur Azizov Keynote Speech
In this video, B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov presents his Forex Expo Dubai 2021 keynote speech. Entitled, “Major Changes in Payments for the FX Industry”, Arthur talks about cryptocurrencies and everything you need to consider to start accepting them in business. Focusing on their phenomenal growth and mass adoption over the last few years, Arthur references the current crypto market capitalisations, highlighting stablecoin growth and their regulation, before moving onto to discuss crypto vs card processing.
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How to launch a financial crypto business
A description of general aspects and different business models in the crypto industry. Study the required technology for major business types presented in the crypto industry with the examples of the market leaders to build your own successful crypto business.
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Perpetual Futures — How Does It Work?
In this video, B2Broker Dealing Specialist, Anatoly, tells you about Perpetual Futures and the reasons why they are so interesting. He explains their uniqueness in the way they are structured and elaborates more about how they work by combining the advantages of trading the spot and futures markets.
Perpetual Futures — Как это работает?
В этом видео мы расскажем вам о бессрочных контрактах на криптовалюту, Perpetual Futures, самом ликвидном производном инструменте на рынке цифровых активов.
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