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–°operation based on an agency agreement whereby the agent brings clients to the company and the company pays a set fee to the agent by way of a percentage of the cost of products or commissions.

The parties should adhere to the conditions stipulated in the Introducer agreement. In case the agent commits a material breach of the agreement, the company is entitled to terminate the agreement.

The agent will be remunerated with sharing commission as soon as the company receives payment for the services from the introduced client. The agent may have one-off remuneration or regularly on monthly basis depending on services.

Any extra terms in regards to each particular client should be agreed with the company. The agent bears sole responsibility for all extra conditions which were not agreed with the company.

The future agent can be either individual or legal entity with enough knowledge and experience to introduce potential clients to us. The future agent should get familiar with the products of the company and be able to cover the initial questions of potential clients.

It goes through the KYC procedure and sends us the basic documents of a legal entity (registration certificate, a document which shows the structure of the company, passports of directors/shareholders) or if he is an individual (passport, second ID, bank reference, passport selfie).

Becoming an Agent
KYC Check
The future agent can be either individual or legal entity. It goes through the KYC procedure after sending us the basic documents of a legal entity or personal documents if he is an individual.
Introducer Agreement
We prepare an Introducer Agreement for our future agent with specified terms.
Agent brings client to company
An agent brings a client to the company and is paid a fee according to the terms of the agreement.
Conclusion of Contracts
We conclude and sign contracts with the referred client and seal the final agreement.
B2Broker already partnered with a number of third parties, together with whom we deliver outstanding solutions for our clients. We are ready to cooperate with other parties in our sphere who can complement our products and services in any way, and bring synergies to our business.
Example of integration
If you think your service could be included in our ecosystem of products and create additional value for our customers, we will be able to give you access to our customer base of all our projects and products after completing an analysis of your product.
KYC / AML Provider
We didn't have a product for KYC check and we have successfully partnered with
Matching Engine for Spot Crypto Exchanges
Prime of Prime Multi-Asset Liquidity Provider Regulated in Certrain Jurisdictions
Crypto Payment Provider for Merchants & Enterprise Clients
Trader's Room, Back Office CRM, Client's Portal
Integration steps
Product Assessment
Your product is studied and assessed for integration suitability. Our team conducts enhanced research on pros and cons of the product, collecting information to make a decision.
KYC Check
This involves checking the associated website and service provider information. We ask the developer company to provide us with basic documents of the legal entity, namely registration certificate, document which shows the structure of the company, passports of directors/shareholders.
Contractual Process
The cost and other terms are negotiated by both parties. When everything is arranged, all the terms of cooperation should be stipulated in the mutual written agreement signed by both parties.
Development team is programming according to the agreed Scope of Work. After the development, the intregration is passed to the Quality & Assurance team to make sure there is no issues with the integration. Having successfully tested the integration, it is deployed with all the documentation attached.

Cooperation based on an Investment Agreement whereby B2Broker Venture Capital and the potential prospect enter into an Investment Agreement (B2Broker VC becomes a shareholder of the potential prospect) or into a Convertible Loan Agreement (B2Broker VC lends money to the potential prospect with several covenants. If such a covenant triggers, the prospect's debt is converted into shares).

Following a request from the potential prospect, the B2Broker VC team conducts due diligence and an evaluation of the potential prospect's capitalisation at a fair price. We assess all aspects of the potential prospect's business and make our decision based on objective and verifiable criteria.

We prepare an Investment Agreement or Loan Agreement, together with a Cooperation Agreement which includes all terms, prices and several other items from time to time. After the agreement is signed, the prospect gains our investments and access to our infrastructure.

Typically after the Investment or Loan Agreement is made, B2Broker holds a place in the Prospect's Board. In addition, the prospect gains access to B2Broker Group business and technical expertise, distribution channels, infrastructure and resources i.e. IT/legal/offices and our client base.

1. Share Purchasing

This is the usual share purchasing agreement where B2Broker VC buys a specified number of shares at a specified price.

2. Convertible Loan
A convertible loan is a medium or short-term debt that converts into equity. Usually it converts at the next investment round or as the result of any covenants being triggered. All covenants are specified in our agreements and may include for example maintaining a certain debt to equity ratio, a certain interest coverage ratio and a certain level of cash flow.
How the process goes
Receipt of your application and documents
Performance of project evaluation
(financial analysis and expert analysis)
Submitting follow-up questions to you
Video interview
Face-to-face meeting
During the meeting we will discuss the investment amount, funding milestones, KPI, goals and objectives, covenants, business plan and other terms of our involvement.
Performance of due diligence
Including assessment of directors, owners, partners, key management personnel and company developers
The NDA is signed by the parties
Requesting more information following the interview
(if necessary)
Document drafting
Including agreements and memoranda
Final meeting, signing of documents
The first tranche of investment and the beginning of the partnership
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