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What is B2Trader?

A Matching Engine is the core mechanic of a digital exchange which matches up bids and offers to execute trades. The ME algorithm keeps a record of all open orders in a market and generates new trades if the two orders can be fulfilled by each other.
Fulfill Requests Up To
15,000/ sec
Trade Processing
Technical Support

Matching Engine vs Brokerage Platform

Get an overview of the differences between a matching engine for spot and margin brokerage platforms.
Matching Engine
Brokerage Platform
Order Book
Market Making
Cash Assets Exchange
Spot FX
Margin Requirements
Real Trades History
Market Depth
Partial Order Fills


Web UI
Mobile App
Trading API
Admin Panel
Load Balancer
DDoS protection
Throttling & spoofing protection
Order Matching
3rd Party Integrations
Back Office
Market Data
Market Data Server
Wallet cloud storage
Master HCB
Public WS
Time Scale DB
AWS Cloud
User DB
Arbitrage protection
User initiates request to load balancer.
Load balancer delivers information to frontend server.
Front-office validates request and sends it to order matcher server.
Order matcher receives request and executes it immediately or inputs order into order book for execution.
Front-office receives updates from order matcher and updates the information for user back-office services.
The trade Market data services then publishes public updates to public web sockets.
This information includes order book updates, charts updates, trade history updates and mini-tiker updates.
Market data service aggregates information into charts bars and writes it to the market database.

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A feature-rich back office to maintain matching engine functionality
User Details
Viewing user’s role, status, current balance, payed commission in one place
Ability to analysis of user activity & marketing by checkin user login & registration date
Color visualization of user status
Viewing user’s balance in the context of all assets on the users wallet
Detailed information about locked & available funds
Bringing balance value to a readable asset (conversion to the root asset type)
All user’s transfers in one place including amount, rate to the root asset at the transfer time, ID, status, date
Chain to the external system ID’s
Status Analysis
Asset Commission & PnL
Total payed commission in the context of all historical executions
Commission volume in the traded assets & root asset
Realised & Unrealised PnL
Order History
Average execution price calculation
Detailed order data in one place
Commission volume
Login info
Login info - Information about users activity
IP records
Assets & Balances
Bringing balance value to a readable asset (conversion to the root asset type)
Viewing overall user’s balances in the context of all assets
Browsing overall transfer history at the trading platform
Fixed calculated value of any asset at the transfer time
Chain to the external system ID’s
Status Analysis
Detailed overall order data in one page
Average execution price calculation
Commission volume
All trade data related to order execution are collected on one page
Detailed trade info
Counterparty data
Commissions & PnL
Additional information about the PnL according to the asset type
Commission volume in the traded assets & root asset
Detailed commission data
Brief information about the amount of user commission
Additional information about the PnL according to the users
Commission volume in the readable format
Any amount of TIER’s, volumes, fee’s
Maker/Taker splitting
Special TIER commission volume
Special Custom commission volume
Any amount of custom groups
Maker/Flexible user management
Online trade monitoring
Showing side, order type and role in one place
Various filter options
Ability to track a certain user
Real-time arbitrage monitoring
Displaying arbitrage details
Showing market and trade counts in one place
Filter by time interval and user ID
Analyzing of trading activity
Filter by date and time
Ability to revert the trade
Showing trade details in one string
Displaying assets in the context of currencies
Calculation of total volume & PnL
Displaying PnL in USD
History of all reports downloaded
General report data
Flexible report managing
Template settings
Filter settings
Scheduled Reports
The ability to configure the sending of reports on a schedule
Fix date & floating window data collecting
Sending the reports on the email

Professional GUI

An advanced interface that meets any requirements from beginners up to pro-traders.
Web-based and iOS platforms supported
in B2Core ?
A true turnkey solution with the deep integration of B2Core. Includes payment integrations, instant transfers and customisable Advanced UI.
Standalone ver. ?
A perfect solution for clients with their own cabinet. We provide an easy to integrate Advanced UI along with the matching engine.
Public ver. ?
An additional component for all enterprise exchanges. Shows functions they have in terms of trading with no need for end-user login.
Differences Trading Ability
Multiple Workspaces
Instant Transfers
Dynamic UI
B2Core Integrations
Light/Dark Theme
Matching API
Widgets Trading View
Trade History
Order Book
Favorite Markets
Open Orders
Filled Orders
Inactive Orders
Market Depth
Market Limit

Dynamic interface

Colour & font customization
Default widgets cutomization
Default workspaces arrangement

Multiple customizable workspaces

Easy addition of widgets
Arrangement of widgets by height and width
Ultimate widgets positioning

Workspaces for various trading styles

Several order books on one screen
Suitable for placing several orders at a time
Real-time activity monitoring
Intraday trading
Analyzing the real-time activity in market depth and time and sales
Monitoring instruments in the watchlist for opportunities
Solid chart size to view the overall picture
Long term trading
Monitoring the whole market
Searching for opportunities on several instruments
Monitoring the correlation between instruments
Add your favorite instruments in the list to monitor Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Percentage changes for the last 24 hours in one place
Order Widget
Place your orders using the intuitive order widget with the ability to set desired amount in base currency, total in quote currency and percentage for fast volume selection.
Market Depth
Overview of the total cumulative number of opened buy and sell orders in one place to visualize the supply and demand balance.
Order Book
All limit orders are aggregated in the order book which has ability to create an order with desired price with just one click.All limit orders are aggregated in the order book which has ability to create an order with desired price with just one click.

White/Night mode

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Commission types

A wide range of commission types to meet multiple financial and operational goals.
Group Commissions
Commissions that can be set up for a certain group of clients such as VIPs, Market Makers, Corporates, etc.
Maker Commissions
Commissions that are set up for orders which add liquidity for a certain asset.
Commissions by Markets
Commissions that are calculated for certain trading instruments like BTC/USD, ETH/EUR, USD/USDT, etc.
Taker Commissions
Commissions set up for orders that take out liquidity from the market, i.e. market orders.
Commissions by Volume
Commissions that are calculated according to the predefined traded volume tiers.
Commissions Ladder Example
Maker fee
Taker fee
Volume (30 days)
< $200,000
< $400,000
< $1,000,000
< $2,000,000
< $4,000,000
< $20,000,000

IB Module

Construct and manage affiliate campaigns efficiently and get an outstanding tool to attract customers.
IB Module Example
Send money to User 1
User 1
User 2.1
User 2.2
User 3.1
User 3.2
User 3.3
User 3.4
User 4.1
User 4.2
User 4.3
User 4.4
User 4.5
User 4.6
User 4.7
User 4.8
Adjustable commissions percentage
Additional bonuses available
Feature-rich IB commissions ladder


Multiple sources available for connection with B2Trader to offer the best liquidity solution.
Market Making
Through powerful REST and WebSocket API you will be able to attract reliable market makers in order to create a strong liquidity pool on your exchange.
External Liquidity Provider
Use FIX API to connect your exchange to aggregated liquidity pool or some external sources just for feeds.
Internal Organic Liquidity
B2Trader Matching Engine aggregates orders of users in the order books on a specific platform on all available assets that don't incur extra fees for routing outside sources.
Bridge to Another Exchange
We offer connection through Marksman Hub to the majority of trusted and well-known spot exchanges with the highest liquidity and best reliability in the market, including B2BX Exchange and others.

Different order types

Limit orders
A limit order is a type of order to purchase or sell a security at a specified price or better. While the price is guaranteed, the filling of the order is not, and limit orders will not be executed unless the security price meets the order qualifications.
Stop orders
Stop orders are orders that are triggered when a stock moves past a specific price point. Beyond that price point, stop orders are converted into market orders that are executed at the best available price.
Market orders
FOK (Fill or Kill) order as the time in force causes the entire order to execute immediately and fully or be cancelled.
An immediate or cancel order (IOC) is an order to buy or sell that executes all or part immediately and cancels any unfilled portion of the order.

How it works

Powerful API

A new high-capacity API for robotic trading and public data access which will handle trading and public requests much faster, while positively affecting the overall system performance.
Platform status
Instrument OHLCV
Instrument trades history
Instrument order book
Active orders
Submit order
Cancel order
Orders history
Trades history
Platform status
Instrument OHLCV
Instrument trades history
Instrument order book
Active orders
Submit order
Cancel order
Orders history
Trades history
Representational state transfer is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for crea- ting web services. Web services that conform to the REST architectural style, called RESTful Web services, provide interoperability between computer systems on the internet.
WebSocket is a computer communications protocol, pro- viding full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. The WebSocket protocol was standarti- zed by the IETF as RFC 6455 in 2011, and the WebSocket API in Web IDL is being standardized by the W3C. WebSocket is distinct from HTTP.
We provide 5 required endpoints for listing at Coinmarketcap
Trades history
Order books


B2Trader uses hosting solutions that dynamically scale resources and support the most demanding and highly loaded projects. Our AWS hosting offers high levels of availability, scalability and performance, requiring higher amounts of management and administration that we organize fully on our side.
Front office
Balancing router
Back office
Market API
Order matcher
Market Services
Read replica
Timescale DB
Monitoring & Statistics
Metrics DB
Binary protocol
A protocol which is intended to be read by a machine that has the advantage of terseness, which translates into speed of transmission and interpretation
A set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency.

Staging Environment

B2Trader updates are first deployed to the staging environment for client testing and proceed to production deployment only after approval. This is done to minimize the risk of bugs on production and is a scheme that will make your product the most stable on the market.
Separate Entity for Internal Testing
Absolute Recreation of the Production Server
Pre-Release of the Features on Staging

Mobile App

Create your own developer account in Apple Store or use our ready-made account and your users will be able to find an iOS application for your exchange.
Crypto deposits
Trading history
Google 2FA/Face ID
Wallets access
Profile & Settings
Placing orders
Order books
Transactions history


A wide-range, high-capacity security system is implemented to protect B2Trader from various technical and fraud threats.
Anti-throttling system
Prevent intentional slowing or speeding of the limits of bandwidth.
Order throttling protection
Preventing too many orders coming in at once that will overload the matching engine.
Arbitrage protection
Blocks taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets.
Back-end security
2FA, malware and phishing protection, etc.
Anti-spoofing protection
Preventing manipulation on markets by placing and cancelling fake orders.
A set of techniques and tools for resisting or mitigating the impact of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on networks.

Third-party integrations

Enterprise blockchain wallets
A highly secure, reliable and scalable wallets solution from a reputable, industry-leading cryptocurrency payments provider B2BinPay.
B2Core (Trader's Room)
A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place.
A wide range of tools to arrange the Know Your Customer (Sumsub, IdentityMind) and Know Your Transaction (Crystal) verification processes of your exchange.
Marksman Hub solution aggregating cryptocurrency exchanges including B2BX, non-bank liquidity providers and thousands of orders from institutional clients to create the deepest liquidity pool in the industry.

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Extra features

Instruments assembling
B2Trader offers the ability to add, remove and temporarily disable traded instruments easily.
Anti-fraud monitoring
Real-time checking of various fraudulent activities to prevent technical and financial damage.
Assets allocation
Adding option for assets that allows control of financial operations in terms of limitation of deposit and withdrawal right from the admin panel.
Loyalty token
A feature enabling the addition of a token that can be used to get a commissions discount, e.g. will be paid in token equivalent.

B2Trader Presentation

B2Broker Industry-Leading Technology: Top Solutions at your Fingertips


Have a question? A source of useful information about our products and services.
What is a technology stack?
C#/ASP.NET Core, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, NATS
Is there any limit of trading pairs?
No, matching supports any amount of trading pairs.
What is the capacity of Matching Engine?
B2Trader Matching engine can fulfill up to 10,000 requests per second.
Can I host the matching engine on my servers?
No, you can choose only hosting location. We use AWS solution and provide full support and maintenance of the servers.
Which order types are supported by your matching engine?
B2Trader allows to execute Limit orders, Fill-or-Kill & Immediate-or-Cancel Market orders and Stop orders as well.
Do you provide endpoints for CoinMarketCap listing?
Yes, we do. We have created particular endpoints for CMC according to their requirements documentation.
Is B2Trader suitable only for cryptocurrencies?
No, it’s suitable as well for MTF Brokers, Security Exchanges, Market Makers, Spot FX Brokers and EMIs.
What is the setup period for B2Trader?
Average setup period is 1 month.
Can we adjust the trading platform in terms of colors, fonts and used widgets?
Yes, you can. It is fully customizable.
Which types of API can we provide our end-users with?
In B2Trader there are available RESTful and WebSocket API with various endpoints to fulfill the requests of both novice and professional traders.
What is a Matching Engine?
Matching engines are the heart of any exchange, responsible for matching orders and ensuring that buyers and sellers can complete transactions. A well-functioning matching engine is critical for maintaining the liquidity of an exchange. Matching engines use algorithms to match orders, and they must be able to process large amounts of data quickly to keep up with the pace of the market. In order to do this, they must have high-performance hardware and software. The design of a matching engine is fundamental, as it can significantly impact the performance of an exchange. The most important factors of a matching engine are latency, throughput, and resilience.
Any others questions?
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Feature-rich trading API
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