Copy trading platform

Fully compliant for regulated brokers
A platform that gives beginner traders the opportunity to copy positions from professionals. We produce all the materials to help you to launch this platform in just 7 days


Types of fees


Statistical parameters for each account


Allocation methods


Number of masters and investors


Customizable functions

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What is a Copy Trading Platform?

Offering copy trading as a product can significantly increase a broker's turnover as it offers new opportunities to everyone interested in the financial markets. Successful traders can continue trading on their usual account but at the end of the week or month, get paid for their success. Those who don't want to trade, or are unable to make a profit on their own can copy the positions of professional traders.
New client segment
Attract money managers with a feature-rich Copy Trading platform.
No plugins
Hassle-free integration. We handle all the technical aspects.
Improves lifetime value
Traders are more motivated to trade. Others have an alternative to trading.
Setup in 7 days
Launch the platformwithin a week.

The best investment product for the retail market

All Fiat and Cryptocurrencies are supported

Your clients can use an account nominated in any currency. The platform supports any combination imaginable. All fees will be calculated and paid respectively.

Accounts can be opened in fiat and cryptos: USD, JPY, BTC, USDT, EUR, etc.

Master in BTC and Investor in ETH
Master in USD and investor in Ripple
Master in USDT and investor in GBP
Copy Trading without limitations

Our platform provides all the basic and advanced functions for these type of products:

4 types of automated fee payments
Investors can close copied orders in web UI
Detailed statistics for all accounts
Reverse copy
Unlimited number of subscribers for one master
Automated risk limits
Followers retain full control over their accounts
Open positions
Positions can be opened whenever there is an opportunity.
Close positions
Followers can see and close any positions that were copied from masters.
Stop following immediately
Copied positions will be closed automatically if the follower unsubscribes.
Manual and automatic mapping of symbols

Your clients can be placed in different groups with different symbol names for one instrument where you can set different price streams and other symbol settings.

Manual mapping for other symbols
Auto-mapping of symbols for FX and Metals
Different price streams for Master and Investors

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State-of-art architecture of the platform

The investment platform is stand-alone from MT4/5 server software and installed on a separate server connected via manager's API. No plugins need be installed. No calculations are made on the MetaTrader server. No additional load to MT or risk of a crash.

Hosting Options
The platform can be hosted both on a server provided by a client or B2Broker.
FeaturesOwn ServerB2Broker's Server
Updates / maitenance of a VPSClientB2Broker
Who has access to serverOptionally for client: starting from no access to B2Broker's Support team up to RDP access for full maitenance of services and fast supportB2Broker Team. Client has access only to database (optional) and to admin panel
Database accessFull accessBy default B2broker. Read-only access can be provided to client on request
Approximate cost~120 USD for one server. No discount on monthly support priceIncluded in montly price
Can Work With Any Client's CRM. No Integration Required.
Investment Platform is a standalone software and supports several ways of integration with a broker's infrastructure with different levels of time and development costs - no integration, seamless sign-on and deep integration.
No integration
Fast integration
Deep integration
Fast launch with no integration

The basic setup can be done without integration with client area at all:

1) Users will login in web interfaces with login and password to their MT4/5 account that is opened

in Client area of broker or in MetaTrader Manager.

2) Broker can use the platform via admin panel even without web interfaces.

Seamless Sign-On (approx. 2 days of development)

With JSON REST API you can make a seamless authorization from the client area to web

interfaces, so investors and money managers will not need to authorize them separately.

Deep integration (from 1 week up to 6 months)
Suitable for companies which have resources and time for development. With the API you can integrate every single function inside of your client area and allow users to create accounts, subscribe and see statistics without going to any other interface or app. As the API is not going to be changed deep integration can be made after launch with SSO or even no integration and release new functions step-by-step to clients.
Full White Label Support
The investment platform supports a white label in two ways:
A main label owner can use one server to provide the investment platform to his own white labels.
A white label owner of any main white label MetaTrader server provider can also use it as it does not require plugin installations, just MT manager credentials without administrator rights.
For Whitelabel owners
For Mainlabel owners

The investment platform supports white labels. If you have clients that are using a white label based on your MT server, you can create one for them in your admin panel with a separate web-UI and give them a manager's application with access to their accounts only.

White label architecture is the same as for WLs in the MetaTrader server. Each white label will have access to their account only from manager's applications, and leaderboards and will also be separated. This means that there will be no interference between accounts.

Hence, the logic of the back-office infrastructure is the same as for MetaTrader server in that there is only one admin panel, but several manager's accounts for each white label.

No Need To Create A New Group For Each New Money Manager
The platform is connected to the MT server with a Manager's API. All master and investment accounts can be placed in either one or a few groups. Your existing groups can be used for placing master and investors there. No need to create a separate group for every money manager and his investors.
Connected via manager's API without administrator rights
Automated monitoring system and auto-recovery scripts
All data is stored in MySQL database with backups
No calculations are made on the MetaTrader server. No additional load to MT
MetaTrader server will work at the same speed as without Investment Platform
No risk of conflict of MetaTrader server with plugins
All functions of the platform are available via JSON REST API. No limit in further integration in website or client area
Manager's apps are available for back office staff. Rights can be customized for each user.
Admin rights are not required. Can be used by white labels of any main label MT provider
Charts & statistics

Successful strategies deserve to be presented in the best possible way

Collect, share and present your trading history with minimal effort.
All the best traders in one place
All master accounts opened in your company are visible in the leaderboard and sorted by return. Investors use filters and compare them all on one page and choosing several for deeper analysis.
A statistics page for every account
Each account in copy trading has its own statistics page featuring a big chart and a multitude of other parameters to help investors better analyze the strategy of a trader before investing.
Statistical parameters for each account and counting...
History uploader

History uploader allows you to create, save and edit public statistics performance. With this tool you have full control over your leaderboard and can launch sales and marketing to investors straight after launch.

Create your own statistics
Upload history from existing accounts
Onboard experienced money managers

The chance of a lifetime for investors and amateur traders

Under a quarter of traders earn money on the markets and even less than this do so regularly. Copy trading helps everyone follow successful traders and earn money with them while still remaining in full control over their account.
Create an investment portfolio with several traders

Why invest in one strategy from one money manager when you can invest in five, ten or even 15 traders and diversify your risk?

One or more may lose money, whereas successful ones will profit and compensate for the losses. It's the same risk control approach that applies with stock trading.

Make money on all traders

It is always difficult to find a handful of profitable traders. Now you don't have to! You can earn money when traders make a profit - and when they don't!

Simply use reverse copy for making money on losing traders. Buy when they sell and vice versa.

Analyze the trading of professionals

Copy trading can be used as more than just an investments instrument. Beginners can copy positions and analyze when, where and why the master made a trade.

A far more practical approach to learning than a trading bootcamp tutorial!

Offer your clients investments, not a hobby

Risk control is what makes the difference between active and passive investments.

With our platform, your clients can set a risk limit for their investments and feel safe and calm. A less stressful experience will earn the trust of your clients.

Less stress, more trust
Private and public accounts

Our platform by default has a leaderboard of master accounts. However, your money managers have the option to show or hide accounts from the leaderboard.

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Make traders an offer they can't refuse

Present your clients with a service that's a cut above a standard broker's offer for traders. Differentiate yourself by offering them a valuable proposition of a bright future as a money manager with real career opportunities and attractive fee-based revenues.
Commissions Earned
Commission Follower 1
+ 23.65$
Commission Follower 2
+ 334.28$
Commission Follower 3
+ 143.15$
Commission Follower 4
+ 8.66$
Commission Follower 225
+ 19.43$
Total earnings:
+ 5644.15$
Career opportunities for traders

Offer your clients the chance to earn money by starting a career as a professional, self-employed full-time trader.

Earning money with personal savings is not easy but as part of an investment pool, income potential is unlimited.

No marketing effort required

The best part of the offer for traders is that no marketing is required as the broker does it for them.

If a trader continues to make a profit, he will move up in the leaderboard and become visible to every single client within the brokerage.

A personal risk manager for every trader

Bad days can happen with every trader. The aim is to avoid leaving all money on the table due to a single mistake. Offer your clients a daily risk limit - a tool widely used by all investment funds.

It's simple - all the trader needs to do is set the percentage to equity at the beginning of the day. If the trader reaches it, the platform blocks all trading until the next day.

Do the same thing but earn more
No need to change trading style

Offer your clients the opportunity to do what they did before but earn more. Trade in the same way on the same account but get paid in fees at the end of the month.

Subscriptions, unsubscriptions and deposits/withdrawals do not affect traders' accounts.

Same strategy
Same account size
No additional stress
Same spreads/commissions as before

Four types of fees all paid automatically

Four types of fees are available within the investment platform. Each are designed to pay money managers for their efforts and are transferred from the investment account to a trader's wallet.
Subscription fee
The simplest type of fee. Just one flat fee regardless of account size, trading frequency or profit. USD only.
Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly
Performance fee
Industry-standard fee type. Calculated as X percent of net profit. Based on high watermark.
Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly
Management fee
Type of fee that is paid independently from trading activity or profit made. Set in a percentage per year of assets.
Can be paid as a percentage of equity or as a percentage of balance.
Volume fee
Second most popular fee type. Calculated as a USD/lot.
Paid immediately after closing a position.

How does copy trading work?

With Copy Trading platform good traders can become signal providers and show their trading statistics in leaderboard. Those who like it can subscribe to signals and copy every new position.
1 Trader opens a master account and it appears in leaderboard
2 He deposit his own money and start trading
3 Better he trade, the better positions his account has in leaderboard
4 Investors are looking at top accounts and if they like statistics - they subscribe to them.
5 Once investors are subscribed, they start getting all positions copied to their accounts
6 If they made profits they pay to strategy provider according to accepted fees schedule

Watch a video about our product

Money Management: Offer Your Clients Real Money-Making Opportunities
In this video, B2Broker Product Manager Investment Platform, Sergey Ryzhavin, discusses how the Investment Platform can help you launch copy trading, PAMM or MAM accounts in your company in as little as one week.

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Your money managers can work with IBs and gather in teams

All fees paid by our investment platform can be shared between a money manager and his partners.
Fees from one investor are shared between the money manager and IB.
Fees from all clients are shared between the trader and his team.

Make money from the first month

Tools that will allow you to onboard new clients on an investment product immediately after launch without having to wait several months, including website content for and knowledge base.
Public Leaderboard
Master 1
Investor Master
Investor 2
You can copy signals from all your retail clients without them knowing their accounts are being used somewhere.
Automate master accounts with trades from retail clients

It is always hard to attract good traders and managers until you have large number of investors and vice versa.

However, in our investment platform you can create a master account for the leaderboard and make it a investment to any other client privately in the admin panel.

Each master can be a signal receiver to other accounts
Unlimited source of signals from client base
Public Leaderboard
Master 1
Investor Master
Investor 2
Master 3
Investor 2
Reverse-copy masters

You can copy on master accounts positions from good traders as well as those from losing clients, but in reverse mode. Copy sell position when they trade, buy and vice versa.

Copy positions from good traders
Reverse copy from losing traders
Combine signals from many private-masters on one public master account
Free ready-to-use website content

We have created not only the technology but all the basic website content that is required for the launch of a product for retail clients.

It consists of several website pages and content for a support center. All you need to do is replace the screenshots and copy all the text as is.

Content for main page
Content for page for investors
Content for page for money managers
Content for support center
Free content for promo emails

Almost nothing can beat email marketing in terms of efficiency. It is the cheapest way to promote services and offers to your clients with instant impact.

We have created a set of emails which you can copy and send to your client base.

Available in 3 languages: EN, RU and CN.

E-mail about launch of Service
E-mail for investors and losing traders
E-mail for hunting money managers

See what we can do for you

Let us know who you are and what challenges we can help you solve or opportunities we can help you seize.

General comparison of account types

JSON REST API for further development

With built-in JSON REST API, our platform offers you many opportunities for the further development of widgets for your website's web interface which can be integrated into your client area. You also have the opportunity to create investment mobile apps.

Other features

Our platform capabilities reach way beyond simple copy trading. Most functionality is customizable for a broker's specific needs.
Support all types of trading instruments
Your clients can trade Forex, Metals, Indices, Stocks, Cryptos and all other groups of instruments on offer.
Sharing fees between master and partners
The money manager can share fees between himself and his agents for a specific investor, or all of them.
Over 100 customizable functions
Almost all functions are customizable in a few clicks from the admin panel.
Email for new accounts
Your clients will receive an email with login details and a password every time a new account is created.
White label support
White label architecture is the same as for WLs in the MetaTrader server. Each WL has access to their account via the manager's applications.
Support EA trading
Your clients can trade manually or with EAs with no limitations regarding trading style or instruments.
Different currencies for investor and master
A signal provider and his followers are able to have different account currencies, including cryptos.
Range for logins of new accounts
You can specify a range for new master and investor accounts which are opened by a platform individually, e.g. new investors will be opened in 100000-200000 and new masters in 400000-500000 ranges.
Logging of all events and actions
Each client action, data from the MT server or calculation is logged by a platform. When you have a query about why something may have happened, it can be found in the log files.
Full support of Crypto-Currencies
Trading Accounts can be nominated in any fiat or crypto-currency such as BTC, ETH, Ripple and others.
Limit for maximum amount of accounts
You can allow clients to open as many accounts as they want or just 5-7, for example.
Maximum number of subscriptions for investor
It is hard to manage risks between A- and B-books if the investor is subscribed to 3 or 5 masters. You can limit the number of active subscriptions for 1 investor.
Setting default groups for new accounts
There is a table in settings where you can specify in which group the account type that should be opened by default. Also, the platform can copy a group from a payment account.
Maximum number of active subscriptions for one master
You can limit the number of active subscriptions for 1 master and make his offer limited for new investors.
Auto-archiving of inactive accounts
The system can automatically archive inactive accounts after they are deleted or archived in the MT4/5 server.

Color scheme, text and logo customization

Two default color schemes are available by default: white and dark. You can add your logo, choose a main color and replace all text free of charge. Most functions and buttons are also customizable from the admin panel. Request a demo for more details.
A complete change of all colors is available on request subject to an additional charge.


Have a question? A source of useful information about our products and services.
How fast does risk limit work?
Risk limit stars closing positions in aprx 1 minute after reaching of signal level of equity. Please be careful with promises to your clients about speed of work and notify them that the slippage is possible and real losses can exceed a risk limit they set. Clients never should invest more than they are ready to lose.
Can I use a platform if i don't have my own MT4/5 server and i'm just a WhiteLabel?
Yes, platform is connected to a MetaTrader server via MT manager’s API and requires no admin rights. MainLabel owners allow our clients use the platform as it is safe and secure and not requires installation of plug-ins.
I don't need all types of fees and leaderboard, can I get a discount?
No, we don’t have packages based on feature use. Nobody uses all the features but every broker creates their own product from features and options like children do with brick constructors. We are constantly developing our platform and quantity of features is constantly growing, giving you an opportunity for making a tailor-made product for your clients according to your vision.
I have my own MT4/5 server and serveral whitelabels. If I buy a system for my company, will my whitelabels be able to launch this product?
A license is issued for one company brand on one MT4/5 server. If you are MetaTrader server main label owner and you want to buy several licenses for your whitelabels – contact us for volume discounts.
I have several MT4/5 server. Do I need to pay x2 or x3 for providing a service for my clients on other servers?
We offer a 75% discount for each new MT4/5 server for companies who have several servers. It means you pay just 500$ more to your minimum monthly payments for each additionally connected server.
Can I use a platform with cTrader, B2Margin, DxTrade, xStation or ProTrader?duct?
No, currently the platform works only with MetaTrader 4/5 servers and doesn’t support other platforms and has no integrations with crypto-exchanges. We have a plan in our long-term roadmap to integrate the platform with B2Margin and DxTrade.
We have a strict security policy, can we setup a platform on our server and provide you no access to it?
Yes, you can provide your own server that meets technical requirements and we will make a setup there. We will point all alerts from monitoring system to devices of your server administrators. You can limit access of support team to this server and provide it via TeamViewer or Anydesk when you need assitance.
Can we restrict access to personal data of clients?
You can restrict access to personal data for a platform by limiting number of rights for MT manager. But it will make user experience worse: – Platform can copy name, email, city and other data from user record from payment account. – Platform sends emails with credentials after creation of new accounts. That will not be possible without right of MT manager to personal details.
Who is responsible for maintenance of the platform?
If setup is made on a server provided by B2Broker – so system administrators + technical support team are responsible for maintenance of servers. If you request making setup on your server, so your staff is responsible for maintenance and updates of software. But you can request some help from tech support team when needed especially if you provide RDP access to a server. Please contact us for more discussing your case
Can I integrate a platform with my in-house made Trader's room and make a mobile app?
Yes, we have a API in our platform and you can easily integrate it with your trader’s room or create a mobile app.
Any another questions?
Ask us now

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