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We have developed an outstanding tool that allows your clients to establish investment funds, supported by dependable algorithms that consistently deliver reliable results.

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All you need from PAMM accounts

How it works

Investors allocate funds to a manager who trades on their behalf, with trades executed proportionally based on each investor's capital share.

  • Investors set adjustable loss limits
  • Master adjusts visibility of positions for investors to protect trading strategy
  • PAMM offers two logic options: one reallocates on transactions, while the other corrects withdrawals without reallocating
  • Positions stay open during client transactions
  • Scheduled and manual rollovers are supported
All you need from PAMM accounts

Powerful tool to boost your revenue

Integral in every broker's toolkit

Maximize your customer base using B2Core IB & B2Copy

  • Trading fees are shared between Masters and IBs, fostering mutual benefits and enhanced earnings.
  • As money managers assume IB roles, their increased recruitment activities lead to more customers and higher revenues for your platform.
  • With a growing client base, your profit margins as a Broker will see significant growth.

Enhance profitability by extending traders lifetime

  • PAMM accounts boost trading activity and broker turnover while offering clients expert fund management, longer trading lifespans, and higher returns, enhancing brokerage revenue.
  • By combining all the funds from investors in a master account, fund managers have the opportunity to trade strategies with high capital requirements, which would be impossible for them to trade on their own funds.

Features adored by experienced traders and investors

Advanced and easy to use interface

Despite all investors get their P&L proportionally to share of their investments you as a broker has access to two different logic of PAMM accounts (with reallocation or with auto-correction) and PAMM Master has multiple options and access to functionality as:

  • Change rollover type
  • Change rollover schedule
  • Set a freeze period for deposit/withdrawal requests
  • Execute all or individual pending Deposit / Withdrawal request
  • Set a Fee plan
Advanced and easy to use interface
Promo сodes

Promo сodes

Promo codes for master accounts can encourage investors to link their accounts more quickly or benefit from reduced fees due to existing subscriptions outside of the brokerage firm.

Advanced privacy settings

Advanced privacy settings

Masters can toggle visibility on leaderboard and add password protection for private access, ensuring only investors with a unique code can discover and track signals.


Minimum deposit

Specify the minimum balance required for investors to subscribe to your master account on their investment accounts.

Widgets for your website

Widgets for your website

The leaderboard and statistics pages are available as a widget that can be embedded on your website. Masters can also share a direct link to this widget with statistics on their social media accounts.

Customizable payment options for money managers

B2Copy allows you to support any business model desired by your clients or partners. You can customize visibility, combine models, and set preferences individually for each account.

Performance fee

Performance fee is calculated as a percentage of net profits on an investment account and follows the High Water Mark principle.

Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly

Volume fee

Volume fee charged per lot in USD, correlates with trading activity and enables MMs to assess charges based on transactions

Paid immediately after closing a position

Profit fee

Profit fee is charged on profits generated from only those positions that were closed at a gain on the investment account.

Can be paid as a percentage of equity or as a percentage of balance

Joining fee

Joining fee, integrated with IB module, ensures partners get paid when investors subscribe.

Paid once after a subscription

Subscription fee

Subscription fee is a flat fee charged in USD per period, regardless of trading frequency, profit, or account size, providing predictable costs for investors.

Can be paid daily / weekly / monthly

Management fee

Management fee, commonly found in the hedge fund industry, covers operational costs by charging a percentage of assets under management annually.

Can be paid as a per cent of equity or balance

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Display your traders' successes

Your ultimate weapon
B2Copy delivers an eye-catching design that effortlessly attracts and holds user attention with its intuitive, compelling layout
Display your traders' successes


On-call systems

On-call systems

With customized support levels, a comprehensive collection of metrics and parameters, and automated escalation processes, we ensure the fastest problem resolution

Multi-center reservations

Multi-center reservations

The Kubernetes cluster operates simultaneously on several data centers in the region, which eliminates the impact if a specific data center fails

High quality

High quality

Experience unmatched speed, reliability, and efficiency with our cutting-edge system that harnesses the latest technologies

Advanced privacy settings


Our system, powered by AWS hosting and microservices, ensures uninterrupted operations with proactive notifications and dedicated support



We offer 24/7 multilingual technical support and assign a personal account manager to every client for comprehensive assistance

Reliable technology stack


ArgoCD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. It allows for the automated deployment of applications to Kubernetes clusters by leveraging Git repositories as the source of truth for defining the desired application state.


Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool created by HashiCorp. It allows users to define and provision data center infrastructure using a declarative configuration language.

Kubernetes_logo 1.svg

Kubernetes, docker containers and AWS provide possibility of fast start for a new B2Copy setups, makes it easy to scale applications by adding containers as needed.


Docker is a popular open-source platform that simplifies the process of building, shipping, and running applications using containerization technology.


B2Copy solution is hosted on Amazon cloud infrastructure. It is scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, that minimizes risks related to hardware.


B2Copy uses CloudFlare to protect from DDoS attacks and is responsible for load balancing. It helps to keep B2Copy setups secure, fast, and reliable.


HashiCorp provides a suite of infrastructure automation tools, such as Terraform, Vault, and Consul, enabling efficient management, security, and automation of modern IT infrastructure.


PostgreSQL is an advanced, enterprise-class open-source relational database, offering robust feature sets including tablespaces, asynchronous replication, nested transactions, online/hot backups, and a refined query planner/optimizer.


Grafana, an open-source monitoring and observability platform, enables querying, visualizing, alerting, and understanding metrics from any storage location. It facilitates dashboard creation, exploration, and sharing, fostering a data-centric ethos.


NATS is an open-source messaging system tailored for cloud-native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures. Renowned for its simplicity, security, and high performance, it's widely utilized in modern distributed systems.


Angular, a widely-used open-source framework, facilitates scalable web app development with its component-based approach. It offers integrated libraries for routing, forms, client-server communication, and more.


Go, or Golang, is an open-source programming language known for simplicity, efficiency, and concurrency support. It offers strong typing, garbage collection, and extensive standard libraries, ideal for scalable software development.

Secure investments & expanded deposits

Risk Limits for master and investment accounts

Secure investments

Investors can control potential losses by applying a risk limit to each subscription. Exceeding this limit will automatically cancel the subscription.

Secure investments

Daily Risk Limit for masters

Losses will not exceed set daily or total limits, encouraging clients to stay disciplined and maintain their investments even if a strategy reaches its risk threshold.

Daily Risk Limit for masters

Boost your success within 3 days

With our streamlined processes and dedicated team, we've perfected the setup, ensuring that you're operational in record time

Advanced admin panel

A feature-rich back office

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Ready-to-go solution

Leverage the most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4/5 and cTrader

affiliate program

Launch your own partnership program

Launch your own partnership program
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Discover the seamless copy trading and CRM integration

Discover the seamless copy trading and CRM integration
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Connect with custom CRM using provided components

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Boost your success within 3 days

With our streamlined processes and dedicated team, we've perfected the setup, ensuring that you're operational in record time