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Prop trading

Prop trading firms are trending in financial markets. They can operate independently or add trading challenges to an existing brokerage's portfolio.

Clients enjoy unique, risk-free career opportunities, while companies benefit from high returns on marketing investments.

Sergey Ryzhavin
Sergey RyzhavinHead of B2Copy

What is Prop trading company

A prop trading company is a firm that provides traders with access to its capital, allowing them to earn a share of the profits generated from financial market trading. To find disciplined traders with effective trading strategies, prop trading companies conduct challenges.

Company creates challenges

Administrators design challenges with different plans, steps, profit targets, and risk limits to evaluate traders


Traders buy and pass challenge

Traders buy challenges, and if succeed, they gain access to funded accounts with favourable profit shares and attractive scaling plan


Successful traders get funded

Disciplined traders that meet challenge requirements get funded accounts, where they keep 70-80% of their earnings


Company scales returns

To maximise returns, the company can replicate positions in their own accounts without the need to share profits with the trader

Revenue streams of a prop trading firm

Copying successful strategy

While limiting funds to a trader’s account is optional, the company can copy successful strategies to its own account, allowing it to retain additional profits without making payouts to the trader.

Copying successful strategy

Fees from trading challenges

The company earns income from fees for trading challenges. Traders who pass get funded accounts, while those who fail can repurchase challenges, boosting the company's revenue further.

Fees from trading challenges

Profit sharing with successful traders

Only the top traders who pass the challenges receive funded accounts. The company provides them with capital and takes a share of the profits generated from their trading activities.

Profit sharing with successful traders

Revenue from customised trading conditions

The company benefits from the difference between institutional and actual commissions. Higher commissions lead to lower profits on funded accounts, resulting in lower payouts.

Customisation of the trading conditions

Launch a prop trading company from scratch with B2Prop turnkey solution

Explore the benefits of our turnkey prop trading solution


Fast setup

Establishing a prop trading company involves fewer regulatory hurdles and operational complexities than a traditional brokerage, making it easier and quicker to set up and start operations.

Attracting new users

Attracting new users

Prop trading companies typically offer a lower barrier to entry for new users by providing traders with access to capital and resources, making it more attractive for individuals to join.


Lower marketing costs

Prop trading company experiences lower customer acquisition costs compared to traditional brokerage firms, largely due to reduced expenses for various advertising channels.

Cost-free lifetime boost

Cost-free lifetime boost

Traders often return to participate in more challenges, leading to improved client lifetime without additional costs for the broker.

Broaden audience

Broaden audience

Prop trading allows you to target a diverse audience, including both professional traders and beginners.


Low regulatory requirements

Starting a prop trading company is faster and cheaper since it’s less heavily regulated than a standard brokerage firm.

Advanced front-end

Advanced front-end

Superior risk management

Cash loss risk limit

The maximum amount of money a trader can lose on their account. This limit is compared to the sum of floating and realized P&L to help protect initial investments.

Cash loss risk limit

Daily risk limit

Set as a percentage of equity at the beginning of the trading session. This limit helps protect traders from tilt and prevents significant losses during a single trading session.

Daily risk limit

Max drawdown risk limit

A global risk limit for an account, calculated based on a statistical parameter: Maximum Drawdown (equity-based). This risk limit safeguards not only the initial balance but also the account's profits.

Cash daily risk limit

The maximum daily loss permitted on a trader's account (Sum of Floating P/L + Realised P/L). When applied, it caps losses for the day, preventing disastrous outcomes and allowing potential recovery.

High-level admin panel

Prop trading turnkey package

White label cTrader for prop trading with new pricing for challenges

Take advantage of our new offer for the cTrader trading platform, designed specifically for prop-trading companies. Enjoy the best of both worlds: an advanced, popular trading platform for your clients and maximum cost efficiency for your business.

White label cTrader for prop trading with new pricing for challenges

Accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Create a trading challenge and accept crypto payments, including 20 stablecoins across 8 blockchains, with B2BinPay.

accepted currencies

CRM and Client area with interface for Trading Challenges

B2Core is where clients sign up, buy challenges, view their statistics, and make payments. It offers extensive integrations with third-party services and platforms such as PSPs, KYC providers, and IB platforms, helping you grow your business.

CRM and Client area with interface for Trading Challenges

Revenue scaling with zero payouts by copying funded accounts

Increase your revenue by copying the successful strategies of funded traders directly to the company’s account without needing to make profit payouts to traders.

Revenue scaling with zero payouts by copying funded accounts

Integrated with industry-leading trading platforms

Stability comes first

On-call systems

With customized support levels, a comprehensive collection of metrics and parameters, and automated escalation processes, we ensure the fastest problem resolution.

On-call systems

Multi-center reservations

The Kubernetes cluster operates simultaneously on several data centers in the region, which eliminates the impact if a specific data center fails.

Multi-center reservations

High quality

Experience unmatched speed, reliability, and efficiency with our cutting-edge system that harnesses the latest technologies.

High quality


Our system, powered by AWS hosting and microservices, ensures uninterrupted operations with proactive notifications and dedicated support.



We offer 24/7 multilingual technical support and assign a personal account manager to every client for comprehensive assistance.


Reliable technology stack


ArgoCD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. It allows for the automated deployment of applications to Kubernetes clusters by leveraging Git repositories as the source of truth for defining the desired application state.


Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool created by HashiCorp. It allows users to define and provision data center infrastructure using a declarative configuration language.

Kubernetes_logo 1.svg

Kubernetes, docker containers and AWS provide possibility of fast start for a new B2Copy setups, makes it easy to scale applications by adding containers as needed.


Docker is a popular open-source platform that simplifies the process of building, shipping, and running applications using containerization technology.


B2Copy solution is hosted on Amazon cloud infrastructure. It is scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, that minimizes risks related to hardware.


B2Copy uses CloudFlare to protect from DDoS attacks and is responsible for load balancing. It helps to keep B2Copy setups secure, fast, and reliable.


HashiCorp provides a suite of infrastructure automation tools, such as Terraform, Vault, and Consul, enabling efficient management, security, and automation of modern IT infrastructure.


PostgreSQL is an advanced, enterprise-class open-source relational database, offering robust feature sets including tablespaces, asynchronous replication, nested transactions, online/hot backups, and a refined query planner/optimizer.


Grafana, an open-source monitoring and observability platform, enables querying, visualizing, alerting, and understanding metrics from any storage location. It facilitates dashboard creation, exploration, and sharing, fostering a data-centric ethos.


NATS is an open-source messaging system tailored for cloud-native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures. Renowned for its simplicity, security, and high performance, it's widely utilized in modern distributed systems.


Angular, a widely-used open-source framework, facilitates scalable web app development with its component-based approach. It offers integrated libraries for routing, forms, client-server communication, and more.


Go, or Golang, is an open-source programming language known for simplicity, efficiency, and concurrency support. It offers strong typing, garbage collection, and extensive standard libraries, ideal for scalable software development.

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