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Vitaliy Shtyrkin
Product Manager B2BinPay
29 February   4:00 PM GMT+4

Vitaliy Shtyrkin, the product manager of B2BinPay, is presenting a live webinar, “Streamlining Crypto: Next Generation Platform for Business,” that will address many crucial subjects in the crypto payment space. Vitaliy will examine the causes of the current stablecoin uprising, which has confidently reached a $5 trillion valuation in 2023 and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The webinar will cover the unrivalled importance of stablecoins in the context of cryptocurrency payments, as well as the need for stablecoin adoption across different blockchain networks.

The webinar will also showcase the advances that B2BinPay has brought to cryptocurrency processing, such as expanded blockchain support, providing clients with greater options and flexibility, and cutting-edge swaps function, which enables customers to reduce processing delays and transaction fees. We will also go over how the recently implemented VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) mechanism will elevate the efficiency of swaps through instantly aggregated market price quotes.

Lastly, we’ll conclude the webinar by outlining B2BinPay's future goals and roadmap, emphasising potential roadblocks and improvement opportunities. The discussion will feature increasing cybersecurity defences, expanding core platform features, and bolstering B2BinPay’s regulatory compliance.

After concluding the informative webinar presentation, Vitaliy will yield the floor to hear questions from the audience and engage in meaningful discussions.

Here’s a rundown of the topics and activities in the upcoming webinar:

  • Cryptocurrency market evolution and the rise of stablecoins

  • How to maximise your business potential with expanded blockchain support and instant swaps

  • B2BinPay roadmap and future plans

  • Q&A session

Our webinar is designed to answer the challenging questions in the crypto payment processing industry, and we welcome everyone passionate about this innovative technology!

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Scaling Your Business Using Advanced Payment Methods – B2BinPay Webinar play
Scaling Your Business Using Advanced Payment Methods – B2BinPay Webinar
Catch up with our product manager, Vitaliy Shtyrkin, who conducted an informative webinar on the growth of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as payment methods. The webinar titled “Streamlining Crypto: Next Generation Platform for Business” included crucial updates and figures from the crypto space, highlighting the importance of stablecoins, the growing role of Bitcoin transactions for merchants, and how you can use B2BinPay’s advanced payment processing to grow your business
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