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How Crypto Payment Processing Operates
Get ready for an educational session on crypto payments presented by B2Broker’s Head of Business Development Department, Andrew Matushkin, during the PAY360 London Expo. Andrew discussed the role of blockchain payments and stablecoins for companies, highlighting the benefits of saving costs, fast transactions, and flexibility of crypto payment gateways. Check out how B2BinPay crypto payment methods allow you to streamline transactions with your clients and partners with high transparency and security.
Tendencias en Cripto, Forex y Liquidez
Con la revolución a la alza de la tecnología blockchain, la economía, en específico el sector en línea de los mercados mundiales de divisas, ha experimentado una importante transformación, lo que ha dado lugar a un sinfín de nuevas tendencias que están impulsando el uso de soluciones y conceptos innovadores y avanzados dentro de los ámbitos de las criptomonedas y las divisas, permitiendo a los brókeres, fondos y otras instituciones financieras poner en marcha sus negocios de forma fácil y rápida para adaptarse a las preferencias individuales de sus clientes y a las condiciones del mercado.
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Challenges of In-House Software Development
Check out the speech of our CEO and Founder, Arthur Azizov, as he concluded B2Broker’s participation in the prestigious FMLS with valuable nuggets about software development challenges. Arthur started his speech by showcasing the changes in the software landscape, from having full-stack developers to dedicated front-end and back-end developers, as a response to the vast updates in the industry. Arthur discussed 8 challenges software development companies face today, including product design, testing, cloud infrastructure, team synchronisation practices, and many more
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Navigating the Bitcoin Derivatives Space
B2Broker’s Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, was part of the highly anticipated summit BTC Amsterdam and delivered an interesting presentation about the Bitcoin derivatives space. The speech was attended by industry key players and like-minded crypto enthusiasts who believed in the future of crypto derivatives. John highlighted the difference between derivative and spot trading, emphasising the wide choices for trading crypto contracts like short selling and using leverage compared to the limited choices with spot trading. The presentation was completed with the perfe...
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Next Era of Payments: Crypto Processing
At the recent Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai, Leon Abuissa, our esteemed Business Development Manager, delivered a compelling presentation on the "Next Era of Payments: Crypto Processing." He talked about the game-changing nature of cryptocurrency payments and highlighted the urgency for enterprises to evolve with the changing financial landscape. How prepared is your business for the crypto revolution?
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Multi-Asset CFD Liquidity at Institutional Scale: What is an NDF as CFD
At the recent @theforexexpo Dubai, John Murillo, Chief Dealing Officer at B2Broker, took the stage to enlighten the audience on an emerging topic in the finance world: NDFs as CFDs. Traditional NDFs have long been used as a hedging tool, but John discussed the transformative approach of offering them as CFDs. This shift presents brokers with a host of benefits, from reaching new audiences to quicker settlements. And the idea of offering local currency? It's not just a passing trend; it's making real waves in the industry. If you're keen to understa...
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Reshaping the Future of Payments with Crypto Processing
At the prestigious @theforexexpo Dubai, Andrew Matushkin, B2Broker Group's Head of Global Business Development, delivered a keynote speech about crypto's game-changing role in how we handle payments. Highlighting the rapid adoption rates and the increasing trust in digital assets, he presented a comprehensive overview of how crypto...
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All You Need to Know About Crypto CFD Liquidity
At iFX Cyprus, John Murillo, CDO of B2Broker, presented a detailed analysis of Crypto CFD Liquidity. The speech covered the formation of this liquidity type, its distinction from perpetual futures, and its variance from crypto spot liquidity. This presentation offers valuable insights for those keen on understanding the nuances of crypto finance.
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Critical Role of a Liquidity Provider
At Money Expo Mumbai, B2Broker's Business Development Manager, Kuldeep Mahindrakar, highlighted the significance of liquidity providers in the financial sector. He emphasised the benefits of Prime of Prime over single LPs and showcased B2Broker's top-tier services. Subscribe for more meaningful insights.
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Multi-Asset Brokerage House Technology
In his keynote speech, Ivan Navodnyy, Chief Product Officer of B2Broker Group, dives deep into the technology and components that brokerages need to run a successful multi-asset business. Ivan discusses how single-asset and multi-asset brokerages differ, as well as what brokers need to know about trading platforms, CRM, payment and KYC/AML systems, liquidity, and website development. He also explores the importance of liquidity aggregation and distribution for brokerages and talks about the various income scenarios that brokers can access by building an ecosystem approach.
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