B2Broker Q&A | Order Book and Market Depth
In this Q&A video, B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov and CDO John Murillo explain what order books and market depth are and how they differ between crypto exchanges, liquidity providers, and centralized security exchanges. Get all the answers to your questions here.
Get Ready for the Summer FinTech Events of 2023 with B2Broker!
B2Broker has a busy event schedule for the summer of 2023! We will be attending five fintech conferences and expos, and we invite you to join us and learn from industry leaders, connect with peers, and get the latest on B2Broker products.
Seamless Middle East 2023 | How Crypto Payment Processing Works
In this video, Arthur Azizov, CEO and Founder of the B2Broker Group, explains the basics of crypto payment processing and how businesses can benefit from using a crypto payment solution like B2BinPay. He dives into the details of the processing infrastructure, current trends in crypto payments, differences between USDT and USDC stablecoins, and more.
Forex Traders Summit 2023 | Copy Trading Business Models for MT4/5 and cTrader Brokers
In this video, B2Broker's Head of the B2Copy Project Sergey Ryzhavin provides an in-depth look at copy trading and how it can benefit both traders and brokers. He also explains the difference between social trading and copy trading and delves into popular business models used by major brokerage brands today.
Vision Forex Forum | Regulation in 2023: Payments, Crypto and the Forex Sector
With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Join John Murillo, B2Broker's Chief Dealing Officer, and other experts as they discuss the impact of new regulations on payments, crypto and Forex markets in 2023. Learn how businesses adapt to different jurisdictions with different regulatory frameworks and how to best prepare for new challenges.
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit | Brokerage Business Scaling Strategies
Learn how to establish a successful FX & crypto brokerage business with Pamela Linaldi, B2Broker's Business Development Manager! Hear her insights on the main challenges and risks for brokers, why having an ecosystem approach is essential for scalability, and how B2Broker's liquidity and technology solutions can help you succeed.
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