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An Overview of B2Broker Group’s Presence at ICE London Expo 2024


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Hosted in the iconic ExCel exhibition centre, the ICE London Expo gathered thousands of digital gaming enthusiasts, professionals, industry leaders and innovators under one roof. 

All three days, from the 6th to the 8th of February, participants presented new ideas, disruptive trends and problem-oriented solutions to bring the iGaming industry forward. Experts across the globe shared their unique takes on how to raise the user experience through smartly crafted digital systems. 

The B2Broker group, along with B2BinPay and Eqwire teams, was at the centre of engaging discussions, lively Q&A sessions and value-driven presentations. 

What B2Broker Offered at ICE London Expo 2024

ICE London Expo’s mission in 2024 was to introduce new disruptions and achievements in the digital gaming space, allowing enthusiasts, businesses, and experts to learn from each other’s latest insights. 

ICE London Expo devised an interactive format of presentations and workshops to achieve this goal, letting attendees voice their questions and engage in unfiltered discussions about the most relevant challenges in this field. 

As a result, this year’s expo perfectly summarised the latest advancements in iGaming and digital gambling fields, allowing attendees to imagine where the industry is going in the near future. 

B2Broker & B2BinPay booth at ICE London Expo

B2Broker attended this global gathering alongside B2BinPay and Eqwire, two industry leaders in advanced payment processing tools and services. As a team, we prepared a comprehensive presentation about providing payment solutions in the digital gaming field and solving the numerous challenges of this complex process. 

Mina Louka, the CEO of Eqwire and B2BinPay UK, led our distinguished team, which showcased our latest platform upgrades, including the brand-new crypto swap tool and the innovative VWAP system that aggregates the best available prices on the market.  

B2BinPay team at ICE London Expo

Looking into the Future of Digital Payments! 

ICE London Expo 2024 was a marked success in highlighting the strengths and possibilities of the newly formed digital gaming sector. With numerous speakers, presenters, and panel participants leading the charge, the expo thoroughly covered the nuances and latest trends in the iGaming sector. 

B2Broker, B2BinPay, and Eqwire teams were delighted to participate in this event, showcasing the potential of integrating payment processing solutions into digital gaming infrastructure. 

But this was just the beginning, as our group does not intend to miss future expos that strive to advance digital technologies! So, stay tuned for more!

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