B2Broker VC

A venture capital fund that enables us to make investments in and nurture external projects that are of interest to B2Broker such as new fintech startups and payment systems.

About B2Broker VC

Since 2017, the capitalisation of our fund has grown steadily which includes the number of projects we have invested in.
B2Broker Group has launched an internal venture capital fund to finance our own projects and ideas.

Since then, we've invested in the development of new products and services.
To be successful each product requires significant investment both financially and resource-related, including the engagement of a team of developers, Product and Project Managers.

We endeavour to conduct the best practices in assessing projects and development opportunities.
In market realities, not all products and services have been unconditionally successful.

Some were closed down, some were absorbed by other products and services, but thanks to the joint efforts of our team, a significant number of them survived the first and most difficult stage and are now in the development phase.
A service that is virtually unique in terms of technology with more than 400 clients worldwide.

B2BinPay has already passed the seed round of investment, having raised $3 million. The investments are aimed at product development, creation of additional services and obtaining licenses.
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A licensed digital asset trading platform based on a proprietary matchmaking engine.

Investments in B2BX are aimed at improving the performance of various exchange components, introducing new functionality and expanding the list of counterparties.
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Within this project, we are implementing the strategy of a licensed liquidity provider in different jurisdictions, such as Belarus, Europe, England and Asia.

We are investing in new platforms, infrastructure, opening new offices, securing new licences, partnering with global systemically important banking groups, Prime Brokers, etc.
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Ecosystem Projects

Our investments create a range of products and services that satisfy market demand. We have launched the range of projects to create a perfect ecosystem.

We are investing in the development of our global presence.
Our goal is to open offices in all significant locations around the world.

Our Portfolio

Prime Brokerage Service (Soon)
Prime of Prime Liquidity and Technology White Label solutions provider for Brokerages and Exchanges.
About projects
Coinsbuy is an instant cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, hold, sell and exchange Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.
Current results
B2Broker Studio developed the website from the ground up, providing all the technical and creative know-how, along with content, to create what has evolved into one of the most highly-visited sites for those looking to get involved in crypto.
Online Banking for your business
About projects
Eqwire is a digital banking solution that gives you a modern alternative to a traditional bank account. You get all the banking basics you need, with added value features and benefits that will adapt with the changing lifestyles of your customers.
Current results
Specially designed to support your international lifestyle! With easy access to your account via online banking, you can manage your finances whenever you want and wherever you happen to be in the world.
Innovative securities broker
About projects
PBS is to be innovative securities broker, which will be provider of financial services to professional clients in the next spheres: securities (equity and fixed-income), commodities and derivatives.
Current results
PBS is on the stage of acquiring license from Central Bank of Russian Federation for broker-dealer activities and investment advising.

Our Interests

We are looking for projects that match our
goals and suit our business model.
Fintech development
Products and services for Forex, Securities, Derivatives, CFD and Crypto markets
IT development
IT development (payment systems, trading and brokerage platforms, risk management systems, analytical systems)
Products in the field of automation of external systems and process automation services.
Products/services suitable for B2Broker's ecosystem
These includes KYC solutions, marketing services, products and services for the brokerage market.

Stages of StartUps

Seed Stage
StartUp Stage
Early Growth
Revenue 5/5
Risks 5/5
Preparation to the project launch, no income and no expenses
Funding from own funds, or accelerators, especially university-based
Revenue 4/5
Risks 4/5
Little expense, no income
Funding from own funds, grants, business angel investors ($300,000)
Revenue 3/5
Risks 3/5
Increased spending, small income is possible
Funding from business angel investors, seed funds, grants ($2 million)
Revenue 3/5
Risks 3/5
Breakeven point
Funding from venture capital funds ($10 million)
Revenue 2/5
Risks 2/5
Profit growth
Funding from venture capital funds, private equity funds, loans
Revenue 1/5
Risks 1/5
Fixing investors' profit
Funding from institutional investors

Compare the options of investment

B2Broker VC
Convertible loan of B2Broker VC Issue of bonds Bank credit
Load on capital of the company No Average High High
Business expertise Yes Yes Yes No
Development assistance (access to infrastructure and resources) Yes Yes No No
Opportunity to obtain at the initial stage of company development Yes Yes No No
in the management of the company
Yes Yes No Possibly
Reporting to the investor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Potential risks No Conversion Bankruptcy Bankruptcy
Cost of maintenance of investments No No High High
Impact on further development Positive Positive Negative ? Negative ?

Our terms

Starting with pre-seedIt is a requirement that the project must have its own team and in-house development, as well as its first clients. A relevant financial market license is desirable (if the company is a fintech).We do not invest in the idea stage.
Option 1.
Equity participation
We become members (shareholders) with the right to appoint individual board members and the right to block decisions of the shareholders.
Option 2.
Convertible loans
We conclude a loan agreement that can subsequently be converted into equity
The specific conditions and covenants are determined individually on a project-by-project basis

Our values

B2Broker VC is led by the B2Broker Group team that is one of the most successful and fast-growing financial technology groups. We have in-depth expertise in sectors ranging from IT development to capital management.
Strong foundations
Our aim is to create a complete ecosystem. We target companies with the greatest potential to become global leaders. We support them on their way to a new technological revolution.
Staircase planning
We help to build your business growth map and highlight key milestones.
Creating new partnerships
We have a network of experts and advisers who help our companies grow and add value to their products.
Risk Tolerance
We understand all the risks of developing new projects and help you create working models for their optimization.

B2Broker VC Presentation

B2Broker VC venture capital fund
Become a global leader with B2BrokerVC venture capital fund! With extensive experience in investing in various projects, we are considering applications in the areas of fintech, IT development and automation, as well as startups offering products for the brokerage market. Watch the video to the end and apply now - let's grow together!


No debt and no capital burden on the recipient company
Gaining access to our business and technical expertise
Gaining access to our distribution channels
Opportunity to participate in the creation of a modern technological and financial ecosystem
Access to our infrastructure and resources (IT, Legal, offices) and client base
Opportunity to diversify target markets

How we work

We are partners
B2Broker VC is not just about investing in, and releasing the company. We help you build a successful business
We are councillors
We provide strategic advice and help with all activity formats, from financial planning through to design.
We are friends
We believe that honesty and reputation are key points in business. We perform a thorough due-diligence so that we do not waste our time or that of our partners
We divide our investments into two large classes:
Strategic investment
We offer to develop together
System investment
We propose to develop within our group.
To arrive at a positive decision on cooperation, we will assess both the planned product and the market in which it will be marketed together. We need a clearly formulated business plan from you with a comprehensive description of your product, its competitive advantages and analysis of expected target markets.

How the process proceeds

Receipt of your application and documents
Performance of project evaluation
(financial analysis and expert analysis)
Submitting follow-up questions to you
Video interview
Face-to-face meeting
During the face-to-face meeting the investment amount, funding milestones, KPI, goals and objectives, covenants, business plan and other terms of our involvement will be discussed.
Performance of due-diligence
Including assessment of directors, owners, partners, key management personnel and company developers
The NDA is signed by the parties
Requesting more information following the interview
(if necessary)
Document drafting
Including agreements and memoranda
Final meeting, signing of documents
The first tranche of investment and the beginning of the partnership
On average, it takes from two to six months to complete all the stages.
At any stage prior to signing legally binding documents, each party has the right to unilaterally withdraw from further cooperation.
The NDA is signed once all the information and documents requested have been received, before requesting the information for the due-diligence.
There may be several rounds of mutual approval, video calls, meetings, follow-up questions, etc. at any of the stages.

Let's work together

Just e-mail us at
[email protected]
We are looking forward to information about your project including all product-related documentation, a description of your team, your objectives, the process in which you will achieve them and a complete step-by-step plan for your project.
*The documentation should be in a simple and comprehensible format and contain financial conditions of the project and a development forecast.


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