Why Choose Us? B2Broker’s Newest Series – Stay Tuned
The liquidity market is highly competitive, and brokers find it challenging to locate the right solution to power their brokerage platforms. At B2Broker, we believe that our liquidity and technology solutions are the best tools brokers require to launch their businesses effortlessly and successfully. So, we crafted a multilingual series of reasons that make B2Broker the ultimate liquidity solution for brokerage businesses and startups, available in English, Arabic, and Spanish. Stay tuned; we’ve got something special for you!
Wrapping Up a Succesful Participation at The iFX Cyprus Expo
Our time in Cyprus has come to an end after we joined the world’s most elite businesses and entrepreneurs in FinTech, online trading, liquidity providers and brokerage platforms. During these three eventful days, we participated in panel discussions and welcomed guests to our booth to discuss pressing issues on liquidity, online trading and brokerage software. As the event’s diamond sponsor, we were honoured to learn and share ideas with leading FX liquidity companies and online brokerage firms on public stages. Did you miss it? Here’s how everything went in Cyprus iFX.
Discussing The Latest AI and Technology for Brokerage Firms
Join this exciting discussion between financial brokerage leaders, including our business development manager, Andrew Matushkin. The panel of industry elites talked about “Looking Ahead: Next-Gen of Trade Tech”, sharing their vast experience in leading tech innovations and AI trends in the brokerage industry. Andrew shared a crucial insight about the best practices of utilising AI capabilities for brokerage platforms to maximise performance and customer satisfaction.
Liquidity Solutions, Trends, AI Implementations and More at iFX Cyprus
Get ready for a finance masterclass delivered by our chief dealing officer, John Murillo, alongside the most elite industry experts at the massive iFX Cyprus Expo. The exciting panel discussion talked about “What's Next for Liquidity Providers?” sharing crucial insights for liquidity providers and brokerage firms, especially with the latest AI advancements and data revolution. John shared an interesting point of view about utilising AI in liquidity provision, including ongoing and future trends
Building The Perfect Digital Asset Brokerage | B2Broker at FMAS 2024
Join our head of business development, Andrew Matushkin, as he takes over the main stage for a keynote speech at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024. Andrew presented a comprehensive perspective on launching a brokerage firm and the difference between FX and digital asset brokers. Andrew also discussed the importance of crypto liquidity and highlighted B2Broker’s broad crypto CFD liquidity solutions that benefit crypto brokerages, exchanges and crypto trading startups. Check out this video to take the right steps to building your own brokerage.
Discussing Blockchain and Adoption Challenges at The FMAS 2024
Join our head of business development, Andrew Matushkin, in an exciting discussion about “Blockchain's Role in Making Africa's Financial Systems Inclusive” at the Finance Magnates Africa Summit. Andrew shared the floor with industry experts from Match2Pay, FirstRand Bank and Mazars and talked about the adoption rate of blockchain among economies, brokers and individual users. Andrew shared his knowledge of the benefits of blockchain for centralised governments and the common challenges that brokerage firms face. This and more in this video of our exciting panel discussion at the FMAS 2024.
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