B2Broker ، قابلیتهای بیشتری نظیر سیستم اعلان و لیست سفید IP را به B2Core اضافه کرده است.

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov

B2Core’s newly added features include:

Notification System

We have developed a Notification System enabling users to create fully customizable notifications in the admin panel. These can be either “required to read” or “optional to read” and can be seen by the end-user after logging into B2Core. Clients will be able to check the notifications via the “Bell” on the front-end in every page, including Adv UI.

This new feature simplifies the connection between the B2Core owner and B2Core end-users. Admins can now create a notification at any time, send it to a client they want to target and customize the notification content at any time.

This feature is applicable to all B2Core owners.