B2Broker به روزرسانی های B2Core را ارایه می دهد – بهترین راه حل CRM فارکس

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov

New Dashboard Functionality

New dashboard functionality has been introduced and is now available to all B2Core owners. End-users can now access the space where all key information about their activity is stored which includes quick links, banners, trading account information and recent transactions, etc. The dashboard layout is fully adaptive so you can delete, add, resize and move widgets in the way you prefer to construct the optimal space yourself. The widgets will be available depending on your set (Payment Accounts for example, will only be for clients with PAMM). The following video gives an indication of how the dashboard will look.

Light/Dark Theme

We have also introduced Light/Dark theme functionality. This will enable end-users to switch to an appropriate version for them depending on whether it is day or night time. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners.