How to Boost Your Brokerage Firm with The Best Copy Trading Platforms
Catch up with Sergey Ryzhavin, product manager of B2Copy, as he talks about “Copy Trading: Must Have Tool For Every Broker” at the massive Forex Expo Dubai to the most elite investors, operators and entrepreneurs. Sergey discussed the importance of copy trading software for startups and how brokerage firms can boost their income by offering copy trading tools. Check out this video as Sergey unpacks our massively upgraded copy trading solution, B2Copy, offering an unmatched experience to masters, traders, and businesses.
AI Governance, Risk and Compliance: A Global Perspective | Crypto Expo Dubai
On May 21st, B2Broker chief strategy officer Alex Tsepaev joined a panel of industry elites who discussed “AI Governance, Risk and Compliance: A Global Perspective.” The panel talked about the ongoing regulations for AI adoption and the impact on recruitment and governance. Alex shared his point of view regarding AI adoptions and what companies must have in place before adopting these technologies. Check out this video to stay ahead of the recent market updates.
Overcoming Your Crypto Business Challenges Using B2Broker’s Solutions
Join us for an exciting masterclass by our CEO, Arthur Azizov, who delivered a keynote presentation at the massive Crypto Expo Dubai. Arthur discussed the differences between crypto brokerage and exchanges and how to launch each of them. Arthur also highlighted the challenges for new exchanges and how our comprehensive solutions provide you with the right ecosystem to overcome these challenges and thrive in the growing crypto brokerage industry. Check out this video before launching your crypto business.
Forex Masterclass by John Murillo | B2Broker at the Forex Traders Summit
Tune in for an informative session about “Inflation and Interest Rates Dynamics” and its influence on the Forex market and trading. Our Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, joined an exciting panel discussion at the recent Forex Traders Summit 2024 in Dubai, where he shared interesting market insights and highlighted crucial updates for Forex traders. John talked about the impact of Federal interest rates on global Forex trading and how investors’ sentiment changes with these factors. Check out this video and get on track with the latest market updates.
What Does the Future of Bitcoin in Hong Kong Look Like?
Join Steve Chow, our business development manager, as he shares some crucial knowledge about crypto trading and investments at the Bitcoin Asia Expo. Alongside industry experts, Steve discusses the rising trends for Bitcoin and digital coins in Hong Kong, highlighting the financial institutions as major crypto investors. In the end, Steve shares some updates on B2Broker’s future plans in the region and the ongoing licensing efforts. Check out this video and take some notes from elite market experts.
Our Third Office in Dubai is Ready to Host B2Brokers Clients and Partners
We’ve opened our third office in Dubai, a spacious working space in the Emirates Financial Towers, a massive hub of FinTech and Trade in the world. Our CEO, Arthur Azizov, will show you the environment inside the new 265 sq.m. space, filled with cutting-edge technology and inspirational designs. The new Dubai office brings us closer to our clients and partners, where serious meetings take place and innovative ideas are born. Enjoy this tour of our new office
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