現在7つの取引所からの6つの暗号通貨と暗号通貨の流動性がMetatrader 5にて使用可能 – B2Broker


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“Cryptocurrencies is the perfect opportunity to kick start your business now. We developed the product in order to help companies to launch it in the shortest period and to start getting profit from commissions and trade volumes right away. What’s important it suits either those already in the market — in this case we offer crypto liquidity through FIXAPI 4.4 protocol – and those who just thinking of entering it – and in this case we work through WhiteLabel on standard terms and conditions”, says Arthur Azizov, B2Broker Director General. B2Broker aggregates the liquidity of the mentioned cryptocurrencies from 7 largest crypto exchanges by capitalization, providing with the opportunity to trade digital currency any time and by any volume. The solution is available in two forms: it is offered through White Label on standard terms to the companies without terminal, and to those already working with MetaTrader 5 – via crypto liquidity through FIXAPI 4.4 protocol. Crypto liquidity from B2Broker is usually implemented within 1 to 5 days depending on the selected services package. “Nowadays, cryptocurrencies is one of the most popular assets for both speculation and investment. We see huge interest from traders to this segment of the market, and that’s why we developed the solution that allows brokers to add cryptocurrencies to their terminals within the shortest term getting the liquidity from seven largest crypto exchanges at once. Besides, brokers have the opportunity to become the leaders of the market, as there are just few companies offering cryptocurrencies to traders, and in standard terminal”, comments Arthur Azizov, B2Broker Director General. B2Broker offers all-in-one solutions for brokers helping both to open turnkey brokers, and to develop individual investment products and solutions driving profitability of the existing companies.