B2Brokerは、新しい支払い統合や不正防止の機能強化を含んだ多くの機能をB2Coreに追加します – B2Broker


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B2Core pack-based solution is an industry-first, delivering an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. Its newly added features are listed below:

Integration of withdrawals through Accentpay and Paytrust88

Accentpay is a payment service provider which allows withdrawals to credit cards and will enable B2Core owners to withdraw funds to client’s cards. Paytrust88 meanwhile, allows withdrawals through the local banks system, allowing B2Core owners to withdraw funds to client’s banks.

Integration of deposits through Obmenka

Obmenka is a payment service that allows clients to deposit through cards, crypto and Qiwi etc. B2Core owners can now accept funds through this processor.

Banned Clients module

A new module called Banned Clients, has been added in the Admin panel. This comprises IPs that have been blocked by the system for some reason, such as too many confirmations. The user is however, able to unblock the IP in order to allow them back into the system.

SumSubstance Verification

For B2Core owners with an active SumSubstance integration, we have upgraded the templates to pass the detailed rejection reason from SumSubstance into the email templates they are receiving. This will allow clients to clearly understand the issue with their document and will speed up the correct upload process.

Anti-Fraud System Update

Multiple Withdrawals with No Trading Activity event is now compatible with platforms B2Margin and MetaTrader 4/5. In the event the client is making multiple withdrawals with no trading activity on those platforms, the system will trigger an email to the risk officer and will create an event instance in the admin panel so that the admins can take care of the situation and pay special attention to this withdrawal.

Also added, is a new event called Identical Email Used By Multiple Accounts. This works in the following way:

  • 1. Client registers by email
  • 2. Admin changes his email as per his request
  • 3. Someone tries to register with an old email

In this scenario, the event will be triggered. Another section has also been added called Historical Info in the client card, where all of the email changes are recorded in the form Original Email Changed To.

This will help B2Core owners to keep track of the email changes and will alert the managers in case the old email comes back to the platform.

MT trading Account Cards

We have also rebranded MetaTrader trading account cards once again to better reflect the key data of the trading account.

Advanced UI

Also added is a quick percentage calculation of volume. By clicking 25% or 50% it will calculate the fields; Amount or Amount + Price in order to take only the clicked amount of balance percentage. This is done so that the user can have a quick variant of trading activity. There is no need to enter any values – the user simply clicks the percentage of what needs to be changed and it will pre-fill the fields.

The new features further enhance B2Core to deliver a cutting-edge financial business solution that remains unbeatable in the market. For further information, please email [email protected]