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White Label MetaTrader 5

White Label MetaTrader 5 is a complete brokerage infrastructure used by multiple brokerages across the globe. Our white label solutions enable brokerages to launch quickly, incorporating a variety of options, complete with own-branding, to create a highly customized environment for their clients.
Turnkey solution
We offer a complete setup that requires no further development. 100% tested features.

    What is White Label MetaTrader 5?

    White Label MetaTrader 5 is a ready-made solution which enables you to launch a FOREX broker, Crypto broker or Multi-Asset broker as quickly as possible.
    With a White Label, there is no need to purchase a Metatrader server license or get involved with other aspects such as hosting servers, organizing and maintaining a reliable backup system, building a network of access servers around the world or staff to configure and maintain the server structure 24/7. All this and much more is already included as part of the White Label Metatrader 5 solution.
    The most popular platform
    MetaTrader is one of the world's most popular trading platforms. It is stable and simple to use with many features for trading and technical analysis.
    100% tested features
    All features of the WL product environment are tested and ready to go.

    White Label vs Full License MT5

    There is no intention to discourage you from ordering Main Label of MetaQuotes.
    The purpose is to show main benefits of White Label solution since this solution is faster and
    more cost-effective in maintenance.
    Features White Label MetaTrader 5 Own Server MetaTrader 5
    Low purchase cost
    Ready-made server infrastructure
    No server maintenance costs
    24/7 technical support
    Reliable failover system
    Ready-made deep liquidity pool
    Ready-made server extensions
    Ready-made integration solutions
    Highly cost-effective
    Fast set-up
    Construction of broker package solution
    Purchasing a ready-made White Label solution saves at least $250,000

    As well as buying a trading server, you will need to hire at least 10 specialists to service them and handle other aspects including hosting, plug-ins, infrastructure, liquidity providers and round-the-clock technical support in several languages. All this requires substantial time as well as human and technical resources, which can prove expensive. The savings are clear to see.

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    Bespoke IT Infrastructure

    Proxy-Servers all around the world

    Stable connectivity with minimal latency from every point of the world.


    Our MetaTrader 5 White Label has a long list of benefits.
    Legal aspects

    We take care of all the legal aspects involved during setup to ensure your brokerage operations are completely legitimate.

    No additional costs for the MT platform

    Prices for MT platform components come directly from MetaQuotes.

    Various balance and credit operations

    Allows for the separation of different types of financial transactions.

    Hedging and Netting models support on MT5

    Both models of position management are available.

    Full environment integration

    The WL MT as a part of the complex solution includes Liquidity, Trading platform, Trader’s Room, Payment System, IB Program and PAMM/MAM/Copy trading solutions.

    Third-Party integrations

    B2Core TR, Payment systems, IB Software Solution and PAMM/MAM/Copy Trading Solutions are available.

    Training sessions for WL staff

    Comprehensive education for MT Manager and Trading Platform interfaces and functionalities.

    Technical support

    We provide 24/7 fast and reliable multilingual technical support through multiple channels.

    Demo environment

    A demo environment is available for training and testing purposes.

    Fast changes on request

    All necessary changes for the completed WL in 24 hours.

    Get your White Label

    Buying a complete White Label solution saves at least $250,000!

      White Label Branding

      MetaTrader 5 White Label allows you to get a highly customized solution to suit your own branding and trading conditions.
      Fully branded and customized platform
      Сustom platform name
      Сustom logos, banners and icons
      Label owner contact details
      Customized UI settings
      Сustom name trading servers
      Technical analysis indicators, trading experts and scripts.


      Flexible trading conditions customization
      The possibility to create your own trading conditions with commissions, markups, swaps, margin and risk settings.
      Various denominations for accounts
      Accounts based on any currency from the liquidity list with up to 8 decimals precision.
      Predefined markup plans
      Well balanced, tested by businesses and ready-to-use price streams for markups.
      Extra precision for pricing
      Account details on MT5. Up to 8 digits decimal for account details and trading instrument pricing. Suitable for Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-denominated accounts and Crypto Brokers.
      Branding customization
      A fully branded and customized platform, with custom logos, banners, icons, names, profiles, statements, instruments, color schemes, etc.
      Management rights
      Customized management rights from "full access" to "view only" as per requirements.
      Risk management
      The simplest and most effective risk manage-ment, using A/B-book strategies, NOP controls, Report DataBase and WebAPI/ManAPI solutions.
      Various leverage settings
      Leverage from 1:1 to 1:10000 is available to use. Changes can be applied immediately.
      Group settings
      Swaps, commissions and Margin requirements can be changed on the fly.
      Denominated accounts
      Trading accounts can be denominated in any of the currencies presented in the liquidity list, metals (41 names), including cryptocurrencies, with an expanded accuracy of up to 8 decimal places.

      WL MT5 Structure

      What is included

      Organization and maintenance of a reliable backup system
      Organization and maintenance of trading servers while ensuring a reliable backup system is implemented.
      Configuration and support of the server structure 24/7
      We configure all systems and offer round-the-clock support for the entire server structure.
      Building a network of access servers around the world
      Access our global network coverage from the world's largest financial ecosystem within all Equinix centers worldwide.
      PAMM/MAM and copy trading
      PAMM/MAM and copy trading. All 3 systems are integrated with MT and are available for the WL.
      Server licenses Metatrader
      B2Broker takes care of all server licensing issues so there's no need to get involved in all the legalities.
      Server hosting
      Physical proximity to all trade servers of major exchanges, liquidity providers, banks and other financial institutions.
      Account statements
      Daily based account statements can be sent from the WL SMTP server with custom signature.
      Strong failover system
      MT has a strong backup system which is used to build a stable failover service.
      WebAPI Wrapper
      A fully-functional API is available for TR/CRM/Backoffice integrations.

      Get your White Label

      Buying a complete White Label solution saves at least $250,000!

        Liquidity Connectivity

        Our White Label MT5 is connected through reliable gateways that provide the fastest, highest quality processing, execution of trade orders and uninterrupted price flow.
        Margin accounts that provide liquidity for trading groups of White Label clients and can be located either in OneZero Hub Liquidity Aggregator, PrimeXM XCore or directly to our MetaTrader 5 Prime Trading accounts. B2Broker can provide White Label clients with all types of liquidity. Our aggregators of liquidity are connected to MetaTrader 5 through ServerAPI which allows you to get the fastest and highest quality processing and execution of trade orders.

        Reduce your risk

        Denominate a margin account according to your needs in any crypto or fiat based currency
        Multicurrency denominated
        B2Broker Liquidity (MarksMan Hub)
        Margin Account Management System
        Prime XM XCore
        One Zero Hub
        Margin Accounts
        Trading Platforms

        USD based
        client accounts

        USDT based
        client accounts

        JPY based
        client accounts

        EUR based
        client accounts

        ETH based
        client accounts

        XRP based
        client accounts

        BTC based
        client accounts

        BNB based
        client accounts

        Multicurrency denominated margin account

        Multicurrency based margin accounts allow brokers to minimize volatile risks between clients’ equity and brokers’ equity. Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from the B2Broker liquidity, including cryptocurrencies. Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to the one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between these two currencies, as an example.

        Without taking a risk

        The example above contains a complete diversification for the base currencies of customer groups, according to margin accounts based on the same base currencies. In this case, brokers will work with the same amount of capital as their clients, without risking volatility for each currency.

        Extended risk management

        In a multicurrency nominated margin account model the broker needs to control the equity on all his margin accounts in order to provide execution for all his clients. This means the broker has to keep more funds – close to 100% of client funds, on his margin accounts to avoid rejections for client orders due to insufficient funds.

        Prime of Prime Liquidity Pool

        7 asset classes with the most popular instruments from Tier 1 Liquidity. More than 600 trading instruments are available for FOREX, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Equities and ETFs.
        Crypto CFDs
        With a strong reputation, solid financial markets expertise and access to the best solutions, B2Broker is one of the most sought-after liquidity providers in the industry.

        Live Currency Widget

        Live currency widget available FREE OF CHARGE for our White Labels

        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)

        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)

        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)

        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)
        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)

        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)
        Vol (Bid)
        Vol (Ask)
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        Get your White Label

        We will provide you with the best industry WL solution so you can start your brokerage quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us now!

          MetaTrader 5 Trading Platforms

          The trading platform can be installed on Windows, iOS, Android and Linux based systems.
          For personal computers
          For smartphones

          Comparison MT5 vs MT4

          Metatrader 5
          Metatrader 4
          Partial Order Filling Policies
          Order Fill Policy
          Fill or KillImmediate or Cancel Return
          Fill or Kill
          Pending Order Types
          Depth of Market
          Time & Sales (Exchange data)
          Technical Indicators
          Graphical Objects
          Economic Calendar
          Email System
          with attachments
          no attachments
          Transfer funds between accounts
          Embedded MQL5.community chat
          Strategy Tester
          Multi-threaded+ Multi-currency+ Real ticks
          Single thread
          Multilingual Unicode
          Supported Markets
          FOREX / Futures /Options / Stocks / Bonds
          Exchange Trading


          Extended pricing
          Extra precision for pricing and account details on MT5. Up to 8 decimal digits for account details and trading instrument pricing. Suitable for Cryptocurrencies, Crypto denomi-nated accounts and Crypto Brokers.
          Predefined customized streams
          Well balanced, tested by businesses and ready-to-use price streams with predefined markups.
          Account Types
          Hedging and netting models supported on MT5. Both models of position management are available.
          Transparent pricing
          Prices come straight from liquidity aggregators, without any Market Maker interference.
          Fast and reliable STP execution with ultra-low latency for A-book trades.
          Trading conditions
          Flexible trading conditions by account groups.

          Different order types

          Fill policy
          Used only for market (Buy and Sell), limit and stop limit orders and in the Exchange Execution mode. For limit and stop limit ones, it is applied in the Market Execution and Exchange Execution modes.
          An immediate or cancel order (IOC) is an order to buy or sell that executes all or part immediately and cancels any unfilled portion of the order.
          FOK (Fill or Kill) order as the time in force causes the entire order to execute immediately or be cancelled.
          Protection orders
          Stop Loss
          There are two kinds of stop-loss orders: buy and sell. Sell-stop orders offer protection to long positions by triggering a market sell order in the event the price drops below a certain level. Buy-stop orders protect short positions. They will be above the current market price and will trigger in the event that the price rises above this level.
          Take Profit
          A take-profit order is a kind of limit order which indicates the exact price at which to close out an open position to make a profit. The advantage of using a take-profit order means the trader need not worry about manually executing or second-guessing a trade.
          Pending orders
          A limit order is a type of order to purchase or sell asset at a specified price or better. While the price is guaranteed, the filling of the order is not, and limit orders will not be executed unless the security price meets the order qualifications.
          Stop orders are orders that are triggered when an asset moves past a specific price point. Beyond that price point, stop orders are converted into market orders that are executed at the best available price.
          Stop Limit
          Stop-limit orders have a price limit at which they will execute. Two prices are indicated in a stop-limit order: the stop price which converts the order to a sell order, and the limit price. Rather than the order becoming a market order to sell, the sell order becomes a limit order that only executes at the limit price or better.
          Close-By orders
          The Close-By facility allows two hedged orders to be closed by cancelling each other out. The benefit of doing this is that only one spread is paid for two orders. In contrast, if two hedged orders are closed independently then two spreads will be paid, hence the trade cost is paid twice.
          Market orders
          A Market order is an order placed without a price for the purpose of hitting the Best Bid or taking the Best Offer presently available in the market. The order fills at the current best price and may partially fill at multiple price levels.

          Multiple Languages

          40+ languages are supported by Trading Platform and Manager applications.

          Technical trading features

          Technical trading features including Market, Limit, Stop, Protection, Trailing Stop orders are available with chart analysis, indicators and scripts applicable to any trading strategy.
          MT Cloud Solution
          Can help economize on MT4 and MT5 server costs, integration and administration expenses through MT Cloud Solution. The cloud can be used for a Strategy Backtest, for example.
          MQL Sources
          Expert Advisors, Indicators & Scripts - The many available solutions for automated trading, chart analyzing and automated actions from the MQL4/MQL5 community.
          Trading Signals
          "Signals" is a convenient service for automatic copying of trading operations of professional traders directly to your account. All accounts registered in the service are provided with detailed statistics and full trading history.
          Strategy Tester
          Strategy Tester - Special utility for testing and optimization of Expert Advisors. Backtest strategies are available on all market assets and intervals.

          MetaTrader 5 Manager

          MT Manager - A back-office application designed to handle trade enquiries and manage customer accounts.
          A Basic Product Management Tool
          The main tool for managing the Metatrader 5 White Label is Metatrader 5 Manager program. Metatrader 5 Manager allows you to:
          Customize display and export data
          Create, modify and delete accounts
          Manage internal mail systems
          Create reports and report profiles, export data
          Create, open, modify, close and delete trading orders
          Work with risk management
          Online Users
          Tools for analysis of online user connections. Detailed information is available with Ping and Tracert commands available via the MT Manager application.
          Mail System
          The internal mail system is available to send and receive mails between MT Manager and trading platform applications.
          Risk Management
          The simplest and effective risk management, using A-/B-/C-book strategies, NOP controls, Report DataBase, WebAPI/ManAPI solution.
          Security management
          Master, Read-only, API, OTP and Phone passwords are available to manage security access.
          MT Manager
          Back-office application designed to handle trade inquiries and manage customer accounts.
          Multi-account operations
          The possibility to make changes on multiple accounts simultaneously including balance and trade operations.
          Available report structure for customized reports on closed transactions.
          Data Export
          Data Export is available from Manager applications as HTML, CSV or buffer-copying variants.
          Online Trading Statistics
          Online data for all opened transactions.
          Trade operations
          MT Manager could make trade transactions for any of the accounts.
          Multiple reports on MT5 Manager
          Default reports are available to cover any needs regarding trading activities and account analysis.
          Any management operation can be automated by Manager API including trade operations.
          Business Target
          Give rebates based on trading, exchanges, spot trading, etc.
          IP whitelist
          A security option with up to 5 IP addresses in the whitelist for each MT5 Manager account.
          IB accounts can be denominated in any fiat/crypto currency.
          Reporting system on rewards and transactions.

          Get your White Label

          We will provide you with the best industry WL solution so you can start your brokerage quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us now!

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            B2Broker 📈 Employees Gather at Moscow Headquarters for Product Training
            Last week, we embarked on a 2-day intensive training course for our employees who all descended on the group’s hi-tech Moscow offices in the capital’s financial district for a series of educational, technical and practical sessions.

              Migration from another MT Server

              We offer a service for fast, high-quality migration of trading accounts, history of trading operations and open positions from any MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 server.
              Migration is fully automated
              Migration to the client's personal account is a straightforward process. All you need to do is...
              Alert your clients about the technical work and that the account and order numbers will be changed.
              Inform your clients that the server will be unavailable for a short time.
              Ask your clients to download the new trading platform structure from your website or inform them of the new IP address of the server.
              Ask your clients to change the password of their trading accounts via the platform.
              Migration Benefits
              Accounts Import
              Automated import of accounts and trading history from any MT server for migration purposes.
              Users Import
              Import of users and trade operations from MT servers.
              For migration, only a valid MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 manager account is required with access to the list of accounts and trading operations that need to be migrated. There is no need to access the server administrator, making it easy to migrate the White Label from third-party MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 servers.
              Migration takes up to
              Execution-Speed 1Day

              Time needed to migrate

              Competitors' Solutions
              B2Broker's Solution
              The time required for migration is proportional to the amount of data migrated.

              Migration will take no more than one day, with all associated preparatory and verification operations. The process can be carried out during weekends and the least active trading periods.


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              We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations. Check them out here...

                It works best with

                Our liquidity is best combined with the leading industry trading platforms to provide the ultimate in performance and user satisfaction.
                B2Core (Trader's Room)

                A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place.

                Flagship User Interface
                Solution for Multiple Business Types
                Deep Customizations & Adjustments
                Widest Range of External Integrations
                Crypto CFD Margin Broker

                A turnkey solution based on cryptocurrencies. Cashflow, trading accounts and instruments, and many more features are fully compliant with the new financial market.

                Trading account denominated in cryptocurrencies
                Crypto deposits and withdrawals
                100 crypto CFDs available fortrading
                Margin account denominated in crypto to exclude volatility risk
                Crypto Derivatives/CFD Liquidity

                Get access to a pool of top cryptos available for trading any time.

                100 crypto pairs available
                Aggregated volumes and ultra low spreads
                Major cryptos to major fiat currencies
                24/7 availability