Ticker Widget

The ultimate marketing tool for monitoring market data with a wide range of instruments: FOREX, Metals, Indices , Energies, Crypto CFD & Shares CFD. Everyting is in one place and immediately accessible. Keep an eye on liqudity directly from the website, choose from a number of examples or create your own.
For our WL & Liquidity clients we provide a widget for free

    What is Ticker Widget?

    Ticker Widget is a powerful marketing tool with an adjustable list of instruments available.
    It can be used with MetaTrader, B2Trader, DXtrade, B2Margin and any other trading platform
    irrespective of whether if there is FIX API connection.
    Streaming speed up to
    Depth of market avilable up to
    SSE data streaming
    All browsers
    Types of widgets

    How it looks

    Integrated into B2Core

    Ticker Widget offers flexibility so can be used in many ways as illustrated in this dashboard example.
    Integrate Ticker Widget into B2Core and give your clients everything they need to trade effectively.

    External website

    Ticker Widget offers flexibility so can be used in many ways as illustrated in this
    dashboard example. Try an effective marketing tool fully customized for your website.

    You can even create your own widget - adjust the avalialbe options just by using our feed. There are no limitations.

    Widget Examples

    You can add a ready-made widget via API to your
    website which can be customised.
    Light & Dark themes
    A Day/Night mode enables users to switch to an
    appropriate version for them depending on whether
    it is day or night time.
    Fast & reliable
    financial widgets
    Access important real-time information with a
    variety of fast and reliable financial widgets.
    All-important instant access to data that matters.

    Widget Connection

    All companies start with an idea and business plan. Our Broker Turnkey solution breakdown
    illustrates the parts each brokerage company comprises of, the aspects of business you should
    pay close attention to and how B2Broker can assist with its products and services.
    You can even create your own widget - adjust the avalialbe options just by using our feed. There are no limitations.

    Smooth Integration

    Use one of the templates provided -
    Get the code to be pasted to your website
    Get it done in 5 min
    Create a customised widget the way you would
    like taking our feed - make all adjustment
    according to your preferences

    Ticker Widget


    Market information
    Access to the latest market activity across various sectors. Up-to-date information available at a glance.
    An adjustable list of instruments allows for the addition of more than 800+ trading instruments from 7 symbols groups as required.
    Create your own design as per your specifications or choose from available
    in our library.
    Compatible with all trading platforms including B2Margin, B2Trader, MetaTrader, DXtrade and more.
    A variety of different price streams are available. Choose what price stream will be displayed via a quick glance bar.
    Customise the appearance of the table, chart and ticker bar on your dashboard with no limitations.
    Multiple parameters can be adjusted in accordance with your requirements. A flexible solution at your fingertips.
    A responsive layout for different devices including desktop and mobile.
    Access a live price feed of the best liquidity offer on the market. Important up-to-the minute information when you need it.
    Use our fully developed cutting edge application in order to get the unique price feed upon your business needs (SaaS infrastructure).

    Watch the video

    Currency Rates Widget - ultimate marketing tool for your business
    The ultimate marketing tool for monitoring market data with a wide range of instruments available - FOREX, Metals, Indices , Energies, Crypto CFD & Shares CFD. Keep an eye on liquidity directly from the the Dashboard section in the B2Core or from your website. Everything is easily accessible in the one place.

    Get your Ticker Widget

    We are here to provide you with the best liquidity solutions
    tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us now.


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