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B2Broker Launches New Video Series On Forex Business in China


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As we know, foreign exchange trading in China has been restricted by tight cross-border capital controls and a ban on currency margin trading. What forex operations that do exist are subject to strict regulations. With China’s FX market crackdown, conducting business there can often be unclear and fraught with obstacles, but with governmental and regulatory changes on the horizon, the future of Forex and doing business in China is looking a lot brighter.

Our videos give a brief introduction to B2Broker and the China market and are introduced by CEO Arthur Azizov in 3 parts.

The first is a short overview of B2Broker in which Arthur talks about how helping the company’s clients achieve success is a measure of the company’s success as well as sharing his company philosophy in 30 seconds.

In the second video of the series, Arthur talks about the differences involved in marketing a business in China and the challenges faced in terms of regulations. He explains the necessity for a different approach and how the way business is conducted should be adapted in accordance with specific market conditions.

Arthur rounds up by talking about the Chinese government, the future of digital RMB and the company’s plans to further expand into the Chinese market. He concludes by elaborating on government monetary policies and how plans for China as the first country to launch its own sovereign digital currency will play a big part in the mass adoption of crypto.

A real insight into the China market, the videos provide a quick and easy-to-understand introduction to the China market that are ideal for companies new to, or thinking about starting out in this prosperous region. 

Watch them here!

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