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Bitcoin Paradise? Briton Creates ‘Crypto Utopia’ In South Pacific

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Anthony Welch, a British housing investor, attempts to attract crypto investors to a regulatory-free island in Vanuatu’s archipelago, renamed after Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Welch’s concept is for the 3 million square meter island to be turned from an untouched natural paradise into a “smart and sustainable city” packed with multi-story housing towers and workplaces for digital currency investors from across the globe.

Welch, who rebranded the island from its natural name Lataro, has teamed up with Bitcoin enthusiasts to establish a “blockchain democracy.”

Anthony Welch formed a complicated alliance with architect James HoLaw from Hong Kong, cryptocurrency businessman Denys Troyak from Australia, and Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau chief operating officer Daniel Agius.

The trio promises 21,000 investors that the Satoshi Island “will be a haven for cryptocurrency experts and fans, with the objective of becoming the planet’s cryptocurrency center.”

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