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How to Register Forex Brokerage?...

The Forex market is characterized by exceptionally high daily trading volumes of about $6.6 – 7 trillion, while the overall turnover is calculated in quadrillions. The market is still promising for newer brokers, as the number of traders steadily grows.

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George Soros to stake on cryptocurrency...

In January 2018 George Soros called Bitcoin a bubble, highlighting the first cryptocurrency brought no real value. That was a hard period for the crypto market, following a descending trend.

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Marathon to increase mining volumes by 91% in Q3 2021...

Marathon Digital Holdings has almost doubled its Bitcoin mining volumes in Q3 2021. The corporation has mined 1254.4 BTC from July to September and expects to augment its power even more.

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SEC has postponed four Bitcoin-based ETF applications...

The USA has still been waiting for the first Bitcoin-ETF to be approved, as the Securities and Exchanges Commission needs at least two more months to come up with the decision.

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Australia to create the regulation norms for cryptocurrencies in 2022...

The Australian government continues to work on the regulation of digital assets, making the industry safer and more available for investors.

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Sandeep Nailwal: Ethereum to become the leading crypto network...

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon COO, expects Ethereum to become the leading layer-1 network. He outlines the explosive growth of DeFi assets as the most important catalyst for the Ethereum network development.

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SEBA bank is the first Swiss-based custodian with a digital asset license...

Switzerland is among the most crypto-friendly European countries, and SEBA bank AG is about to become a pioneer in providing crypto-related services to institutional investors.

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JP Morgan Chase CEO: Bitcoin could increase 10x in a matter of five years...

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase CEO, stated that Bitcoin is overestimated; meanwhile, the head of the world’s largest bank accepts the fact the first cryptocurrency is going to increase more, hitting new records. Dimon sees it possible for BTC to skyrocket by 10x.

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Cardano is close to launching its own stablecoin...

The Cardano crypto project puts it among the priorities to enhance the opportunities of its blockchain to compete with top digital assets – i.e. Bitcoin and Ethereum. COTI announced the company is close to issuing a stablecoin based on the Cardano blockchain. Such news was primarily revealed by the Cardano CEO, Charles Hoskinson.

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Stablecoin market cap to exceed $120 billion...

The overall market capitalization of stablecoins has exceeded the mark of $120 billion. The Messari analyst, Ryan Watkins, highlights that “the explosive growth of stablecoins is explained by the fact these assets are the best means of storing and moving US dollars throughout the world.”

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Laos to legalize digital currencies after a 3-years ban...

The 3-year ban for cryptocurrencies is over in Laos, as the government greenlighted mining and crypto trading related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. According to Laotian Times, 6 companies have obtained access to these services. WDTL, PRBD, SCCL, Joint Development Bank, and two more companies are going to become pioneers of the crypto industry in Laos.

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