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Crypto YouTubers Fall Victim to Hacking And Scamming Attempt

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During the afternoon of Jan. 23, hackers targeted several notable crypto YouTuber accounts. Unauthorized videos with messages asking users to transfer money to the hacker’s wallet were posted on the accounts.

The following accounts appear to have been targeted by the attack: ‘BitBoy Crypto,’ ‘Altcoin Buzz,’ ‘Box Mining,’ ‘Floyd Mayweather,’ ‘Ivan on Tech,’ and ‘The Moon.’

At the time of writing, the Binance Smart Chain wallet address indicated in the deceptive videos had just 9 BNB transactions with a total value of roughly $850.

Michael Gu claimed that a video on his YouTube channel Boxmining was released without his authorization. He stated, “Fortunately, we noticed it within two minutes of the video becoming live and were able to erase it.” “By that point, my community had already expressed their opinions and criticisms.”

Shash Gupta, the founder and CEO of the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel, said they realized something was wrong at 1 a.m. Singapore time on Sunday night when an unapproved video was uploaded to their channel.

“It’s hard to say what happened. I’m speaking with Youtube to have a better understanding of the situation and to prevent new breaches.”

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