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Fidelity Plans to Launch Metaverse Services and NFT Marketplace

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Boston-based finance company Fidelity Investments has filed trademark applications indicating plans to provide financial services in a crypto-powered metaverse.

The filings by Fidelity describe metaverse services for crypto trading, mutual funds and retirement investment, money management, charitable fundraising services, life insurance underwriting, life insurance and annuity underwriting, employer stock purchase plans, and more.

A new potential NFT marketplace was also mentioned in one of the patents, though no detailed information was provided. The investment firm also plans to offer classes, seminars, and conference sessions in the metaverse related to investments.

The company did not specify which metaverse it is targeting or whether it plans to create its own virtual reality.

Not so long ago, Fidelity made a significant push into the crypto space, launching an Ethereum index fund in October and introducing retail crypto trading accounts for Bitcoin and Ethereum one month later.

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