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SHIBA INU to debut in the crypto top-10

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The time for jokes is over, as the meme coin, SHIBA INU, sets one record after another. The cryptocurrency is celebrating its debut into the top-10 of the crypto ranking, according to market capitalization.

On October 27, SHIB hit another all-time record at $0.00008841, and the token’s market capitalization reached $52.13 billion. SHIBA INU has become the second meme-coin in the market’s top-10 following Dogecoin’s path.

According to trading volumes, SHIB is placed at the 3rd position, next to USDT and Bitcoin, with average volumes of $40.68 billion within 24 hours. At the moment of writing, this meme coin is the second digital asset with trading volumes higher than market capitalization.

Since the beginning of the year, SHIB’s price has exploded by 880000%, making crowds of crypto investors regret one more missed opportunity to become a crypto billionaire.

Beginners understand the currency as a meme, but the SHIBA INU’s ecosystem is worth diving in. Developers are going to run a decentralized exchange and launch more tokens pegged to SHIB. Furthermore, the principal goal of the community is to overrun Dogecoin by capitalization – the top-rated meme coin’s cap is $41.5 billion.

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