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The New York Mayor-elect plans to make the city the US center of digital currencies

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Despite the attempts to tighten control over digital currencies, the US political squad welcomes more and more crypto-supporters. Eric Adams, the newly elected Mayor of New York is among the brightest representatives.

Since he got the post, Eric revealed his plans to transform the largest US city into the country’s center of the crypto industry. And Mr. Adams is on the way to making his first steps.

On November 2, Antoni Pompliano, one of the most powerful world-known crypto influencers, posted on his Twitter account: “It’s time. Who is going to become the first American politician to accept their salary in Bitcoin?”

F. Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, responded first. Francis was always a big fan of digital currencies, and he highlighted that his next Mayor’s paycheck is going to consist of Bitcoins only. Adams decided to offer a higher price, stating that his first three paychecks are about to be paid in BTC. The decision was followed by a sarcastic comment: “In New York we always go big.”

Eric Adams is a representative of the Democratic party who was primarily elected as the 18th President of Brooklyn Borough, being the first African American on this post. In July 2021, Adams won the election for the NYC Mayor. The democrat is going to take up his duties from January 1, 2022.

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