B2Trader Yönetici Duyurusu: Performans İyileştirmeleri ve Yeni Komisyon Özellikleri

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov

B2Broker is pleased to announce that B2Trader now includes a new set of updates and fixes in the admin panel which have recently taken place. We regularly add improvements to ensure the ongoing high performance and functionality of B2Trader and the ultimate in user satisfaction.

B2Trader exchange matching engine is powered by B2Broker. With a large range of features, market participants are given the best execution possible, ensuring that client demands are met in the fastest possible time. B2Trader updates included leading up to 17th August are:

Genel İyileştirmeler

SSO Implementation

  • Single sign-on (SSO) authentication scheme has been implemented for front office and back office services.


  • Commission > Users page and report presentation were revised. The list previously contained many users with no commission applied. It is now possible to view users who performed trades during the specified period.
  • When adding a new VIP commission, Group Name dropdown list is displayed instead of Group ID.


  • Users can now cancel their limit orders on markets with the Paused status.
  • The min_amount field is now available when creating or editing a market. The field defines the minimum amount of an order in the base currency of the market.


  • The Price field is no longer used in API requests. ExecutionPrice and RequestedPrice fields are used instead.
  • The RateToRootAsset field is now available by API key for users.


  • Further performance increase. The maximum order book depth has been increased to 140 lvls (70 bids + 70 asks)


  • The Account field has been removed from filters.
  • New status Awaiting Confirmation has been added.


  • In Markets, the Status field has been added to the list of markets.

Other Improvements

  • The .NET Core has been upgraded to version 3.1
  • Invalid order book subscriptions are now disposed of, which has solved the problem with their unnecessary stockpiling.
  • OM memory limit has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DOGE rate to root asset calculation.
  • Fixed an error, which occurred when the VIP commission was added to a group for the first time.
  • Fixed some errors related to Roll-Back functionality.
  • Fixed Detail button in Balances > Users.
  • Fixed pop-up message informing about the necessity of user Frozen status when reverting a trade.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some fields to be missing in XLS reports

B2Trader Hakkında

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