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However our client, who launched a product based on Investment platform, changed the perception of this issue entirely.

Client’s problem

Copying of transactions in social trading is built around the rating of traders, as it is statistics influence the decision to connect to the trader and copy his actions. Beginner traders are expected to have a lower rating and less ability to compete with experienced traders.

What has been done?

It was decided to create some additional settings which can be enabled to support novice traders if necessary:
  • to impersonate the rating by removing a nickname and the data on the number of subscribers and their funds so as to hide the amount of funds the trader manages
  • remove from the statistics page all parameters related to absolute values: funds, balance, the most profitable-unprofitable days, etc.
  • remove difficult to understand statistical parameters, enter an alternative formula for calculating maximum drawdowns and simplified loss limit in numerical value, instead of relative percentage.

This is how the interface began to look without data on the number of subscribers: