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American Express Upgrades Blue Cash Everyday Card

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American Express, a major player in banking, has updated its Blue Cash Everyday Card with new features that reward customers for making purchases online.

The improvements go beyond a fresh look by offering US consumers 3% cash back for purchases made at supermarkets, gas stations, and online for up to $6,000 in each category and 1% cash back for all other purchases.

When it comes to card benefits, American Express is an industry veteran. In 2021, the company revealed that it had created limited edition cards in collaboration with Delta Airlines utilizing recycled materials from a Delta Boeing 747 aircraft.

Customers who take advantage of the Home Chef, a home cooking program, can get up to $180 in credit when they buy online food kits. The program is designed to address the rising cost of living.

In addition, American Express is giving $200 cash back to new cardholders who make $2,000 worth of purchases within the first six months of opening an account.

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