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All our latest news in one place. From corporate events and employee announcements to company meetings and new office openings, read about it here.
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B2Broker Scores Another Win Leaping to Group No.1 Position in the Football Busin...

B2Broker has once again excelled in its latest football match in the Football Champions tournament with another win! After recently joining Moscow’s League of Business Champions (Football League), the B2Broker team has since participated in three matches against other member companies. Participating in the league is a favourite pastime with all members of the B2Broker team who always look forward to competing against other companies with their fellow teammates, as well as building the team spirit.

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B2Broker Company News | 01.11.2021...

B2Broker is pleased to provide an extensive roundup of news, articles and videos in one of our busiest times of the year both on and offline. To follow is a summary featuring all our latest goings-on:

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B2Broker Plays Its First Match In The Business Champions League...

The B2Broker professional football team played its first match in the Business Champions League on Tuesday. The opponents were office building neighbours – Panorama360. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

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B2Broker Company News | 24.09.2021...

The B2Broker team regularly delivers an ongoing stream of news and video publications via selected online media channels. To follow is a summary of the latest happenings:

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B2Broker Joins League of Business Champions: Plays in Company Friendship Footbal...

Employees at B2Broker are always excited to say the least when it comes to taking part in corporate events, with football matches being a firm favourite. Last weekend, another “friendly” took place, with the team heading off to a nearby football pitch for the kick-off. B2Broker regularly plays around the Moscow area over most weekends and the matches have proven a great way for staff members to build team camaraderie. This time around, however, B2Broker ramped up its game to the next level by joining a local league!

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B2Broker CEO Advises Clients to Beware of Social Media Scams...

In the current day and age, and prevalence of the world wide web, there have been numerous online scams of which many of us have been at the receiving end.

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B2Broker Company News | 03.09.2021...

The B2Broker team has wrapped up another busy recent work schedule focused on a variety of product updates, including B2Trader, which we have informed our clients about separately. In the meantime, we have shared a variety of articles and videos onto various online media channels and released 4 exciting and informative new webpages. To follow is a summary of the last 2 weeks happenings:

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B2Broker Launches $5M USD Venture Capital Fund...

B2Broker Group has announced the launch of its venture fund, B2Broker VC. The initiative will enable the investment in, and nurture of external projects that are of interest to the group, including new fintech startups and payment systems, thereby creating synergies for the group.

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B2Broker Company News | 16.08.2021...

This week’s edition of our weekly company news features the latest news highlights and videos shared by B2Broker. Here’s a summary…

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B2Broker Company News | 9.08.2021...

This week’s edition of our weekly company news features the latest news highlights and videos shared by B2Broker. Here’s a summary…

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B2Broker Company News | 2.08.2021...

In this week’s edition of our weekly company news, we have a range of exciting news highlights, product updates and events to report. Here’s a brief summary…

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