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Asian Central Bank Deploys Banknote Disinfection System

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An undisclosed Asian central bank is implementing Spectra Systems Corporation’s banknote disinfection technology.

This is Spectra’s first disinfection unit sale. The company claims that its proprietary technique employs an oxygen-free vacuum and heat to remove bacterias ranging from mold to SARS-2 on both paper and polymer banknotes.

The device requires no external gasses since it absorbs oxygen from the air and pumps pure nitrogen into the heating unit, and it can disinfect banknotes of different sizes in one hour, even when strapped or in sealed bags.

At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, banknote cleaning became a crucial topic. Although, as the epidemic progressed, central banks concluded that the risk of transmission was low, China and Korea still began isolating and sanitizing notes that had been used. Moreover, according to Spectra, notes continue to pose the risk of spreading additional infections.

“While the first sale is not expected to have a material impact on our performance this year, we are confident that the deal will open the door to new sales as central banks perceive increased demand for currency due to growing inflation while processing employees continue to battle diseases ranging from regular E. coli to SARS-2 and now monkeypox.” says Nabil Lawandy, CEO of Spectra.

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