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B2Broker and B2BinPay Win Multiple Awards at Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 — Event Report


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B2Broker and B2BinPay rocked the Crypto Expo Dubai stage! From March 8th to 9th, our teams took part in the event and shared their vision of the future of financial services. We made invaluable contacts and heavy-hitting partnerships that will surely help us to reach new heights in the industry!

About Crypto Expo Dubai 2023

Crypto Expo is the biggest cryptocurrency event of such scale in Dubai. Every year, the expo brings together world-renowned experts and top-tier investors to the Festival Arena, an iconic venue of the city, to discuss the current challenges in the market and network on promising projects and ideas.

In 2023, Crypto Expo Dubai gathered over 10,000 traders and investors from around the world, along with 100 crypto companies. The event also hosted 60 speakers who shared their insights on crypto payments, blockchain technology, Web 3, regulations, and more.

Our Speakers

The summit featured several of our experts as keynote speakers:

Edward Eremeev, Streamline Business Manager at B2BinPay

Edward had a keynote speech on “How Crypto Processing Works.” He dived into the inner workings of crypto processing, discussed its challenges, and outlined why businesses could find it beneficial to use B2BinPay’s crypto payment solution.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 | How Crypto Processing Works
Crypto is revolutionizing the way businesses handle payments, but how does the process actually work? Join Edward Eremeev, Stream Business Line Manager for B2BinPay, as he dives into the inner workings of crypto processing, discusses its challenges and explains how B2BinPay can give your business the competitive edge you need. This keynote presentation by Edward Eremeev, Stream Business Line Manager for B2BinPay, will provide an inside look at how crypto payment processors work. He’ll also discuss the challenges that come with using crypto processing systems and what advantages the B2BinPay solution can offer businesses. Get ready to learn more about the world of crypto payment processing!

Edward was also part of a panel discussion on “How Web3 Is Creating New Business Models.” In this session, experts addressed the history and future of Bitcoin, the challenges that blockchain businesses face, and how different countries and regions approach the regulation and adoption of blockchain technology.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 | How Web3 Is Creating New Business Models?
Edward Eremeev, B2BinPay’s Streamline Business Manager, joined an expert panel to discuss the history and future of Bitcoin, blockchain businesses’ challenges, and how different jurisdictions are regulating this growing industry. From creating new avenues for entrepreneurs to transforming existing businesses, tune in to find out how Web3 is revolutionizing the way we do business!

Andrew Matushkin, Head of Global Business Development at B2Broker

Andrew Matushkin presented a keynote on “Broker vs. Exchange: How to Run a Successful Crypto Brokerage House.” He explained the difference between brokers and exchanges, discussed essential elements of setting up a profitable crypto broker company, and revealed how B2Broker’s services could help any business to develop a competitive edge in the crypto space.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 | Broker vs. Exchange. How to Run a Successful Crypto Brokerage House
Join Andrew Matushkin, Head of Global Business Development at B2Broker, for his keynote speech where he explains the difference between Brokers and Exchanges, discusses essential elements of a crypto brokerage, explains liquidity aggregation, and reveals how B2Broker’s solutions can benefit your business. Learn what it takes to run a successful crypto brokerage house and get the most out of your operations!


At the Crypto Expo Dubai 2023, both our companies were honored with two prestigious awards: Most Trusted Liquidity Provider for B2Broker and Best Crypto Payment Service for B2BinPay. We are proud to receive such recognition from industry peers — it reflects our commitment to providing quality service to our customers and partners!

Thank You

The Crypto Expo Dubai 2023 was an amazing experience, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth, talk with us, and exchange ideas. We look forward to making new connections and working together for future success.

Don’t forget to add upcoming events to your calendar! Our team is looking forward to meeting you again!

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