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We are continually updating and improving our products and services. Keep up with all our latest news as it happens.
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B2Core Releases New Update With Currency Configuration, Payment Providers, and E...

Have you ever wished you could just schedule your life? Well, now you can do it with the Event Calendar! This fantastic tool allows you to create and manage events for yourself or other users who have access to your B2Core Back Office.

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B2Broker Offers 10 New Crypto Pairs...

We are pleased to announce that the B2Broker team has expanded the cryptocurrency offer with 10 new symbols. The newly added coins are 1INCH, SUSHI, NEAR, CRV, ONE, LRC, XTZ, ATOM, and AXS. This expansion is in response to the increased demand for additional cryptocurrencies.

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B2BinPay Launches New Centralized Wallet with Quick Verification and 36 Cryptocu...

B2BinPay has launched a new Centralized Wallet for individuals with 36 cryptocurrencies available and the ability to exchange stablecoins for other stablecoins.

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B2Core Releases Update for iOS Mobile Application (or B2Core iOS 1.9.0 Update)...

The B2Core team is pleased to announce a fresh update for the iOS mobile application, version 1.9.0. This release includes bug fixes and improvements to the user interface, as well as some added features such as Apple widgets and 4-digit pin code functionality. The update is already available on the App Store.

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B2Broker Website Update: New Pages, Tools, and More!...

We are excited to announce the launch of our new webpage about crypto processing solution for merchants. We designed this page to provide merchants with information about the benefits of crypto processing and how it can help their business.

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MarksMan Update: New Capabilities of Connectivity & Other Features...

The MarksMan Liquidity Hub team is pleased to present its latest update. This fresh connectivity-focused release includes many new features that will make it easier for clients to attain and govern crypto liquidity.

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B2Core Releases a New Version Of the IB Room With Improved Design and Powerful F...

The B2Core team has released a new version of the IB Room, including powerful features and an improved design. This release is the culmination of months of hard work by the development team and provides users with a more efficient and intuitive experience.

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B2BinPay: The #1 Client’s Payment System for Maximum Security and Comfort...

B2BinPay has released HelpDesk to make things easier, more accessible and more comfortable for their users. The HelpDesk will be available to tackle system and user concerns and provide technical assistance through the B2BinPay software.

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Award-Winning B2Core Client Cabinet Solution Now Comes With No Setup Fee...

B2Broker is pleased to announce that B2Core, its award-winning pack-based client cabinet solution is now available with no setup fee! This is great news for potential users who can now implement the industry’s leading CRM solution and slash their costs by paying only for the package required!

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B2BinPay: The Industry’s Cutting-Edge Crypto Payment Solution Gets Major Upgrade...

B2BinPay is a leading crypto processing provider that has amassed a large client base and secured multiple industry awards since its inception in 2017. From the offset, B2BinPay proved highly popular as the demand for crypto payments exploded.

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B2Core Updates 17/11/2021 – Launch of New Features...

The B2Core team has announced some exciting new updates to deliver an even more outstanding service to its users while ensuring they have continued access to the most technologically advanced and innovative CRM and brokerage infrastructure solution in the market. The latest additions to the B2Core system includes mobile app news and new B2Trader functionality within the app itself:

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