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We are continually updating and improving our products and services. Keep up with all our latest news as it happens.
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B2Core Releases the Android Application...
The B2Core team has released the first version of its Android app, which includes several valuable features for users. The application is already available on Google Play and, at the moment, allows you to create new accounts, manage your wallets, and view your balance from your Android mobile device. Additionally, the app supports two-factor authentication (2FA) via Google Authentication and SMS authorization code to provide an extra layer of security for users' accounts. We at B2Broker are excited about the new B2Core initiative and hope it will make life easier for our clients.
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B2Broker Announces Latest B2Core Update Including New Features and Integrations ...
B2Broker is delighted to announce the latest release of the B2Core platform. The update includes several new features that will make trading easier and more convenient for everyone involved.
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B2Broker Adds New Trading Platform to B2Core Client Cabinet...
Like other platforms, cTrader will work the same way in the B2Core ecosystem. It means brokers can offer their users the same seamless experience, with the ability to open/manage trading accounts (demo and live) right in the trader’s room and connect to the platform quickly and easily.
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B2Core to Integrate With KYC Provider Shufti Pro...
Shufti Pro, the leading KYC provider, provides premier and fast verification. All the customer needs to do is open the verification tab inside the profile settings and send the ID document like passport and selfie. Shufti Pro will then within seconds verify the customer's identity in real-time using its proprietary technology. This will help to reduce fraudulent activity and improve customer experience.
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150 Cryptocurrency CFD Pairs Are Now Available on B2Broker Platform...
B2Broker is excited to announce that we have expanded our cryptocurrency offering to include new symbols. This brings the total number of cryptocurrency CFD pairs available on the platform to 150. The new coins include FTT, MANA, AAVE, COMP, SNX, APE, QTUM, THETA, KSM, YFI. They are all paired with USD. With this expansion, B2Broker continues to lead the way in terms of providing a wide range of services and instruments for our institutional clients.
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How the Latest B2Trader & B2Core Update Will Benefit Brokers...
The B2Broker team is pleased to announce our latest B2Trader & B2Core update, including several recently implemented features. We’ve always been striving to develop the world's most accessible, safest, and most efficient platforms for the fintech industry, and these latest updates are a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. Some of the critical features of this release include:
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B2Broker Announces Annual Payments for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader Products...
We at B2Broker are happy to announce that we now offer an annual payment option for our three flagship products: B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader. We believe this change will benefit both the company and our clients. For the company, it will simplify finances and improve cash flow.
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B2Core Releases New Update With Currency Configuration, Payment Providers, and E...
Have you ever wished you could just schedule your life? Well, now you can do it with the Event Calendar! This fantastic tool allows you to create and manage events for yourself or other users who have access to your B2Core Back Office.
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B2Broker Offers 10 New Crypto Pairs...
We are pleased to announce that the B2Broker team has expanded the cryptocurrency offer with 10 new symbols. The newly added coins are 1INCH, SUSHI, NEAR, CRV, ONE, LRC, XTZ, ATOM, and AXS. This expansion is in response to the increased demand for additional cryptocurrencies.
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B2BinPay Launches New Centralized Wallet with Quick Verification and 36 Cryptocu...
B2BinPay has launched a new Centralized Wallet for individuals with 36 cryptocurrencies available and the ability to exchange stablecoins for other stablecoins.
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B2Core Releases Update for iOS Mobile Application (or B2Core iOS 1.9.0 Update)...
The B2Core team is pleased to announce a fresh update for the iOS mobile application, version 1.9.0. This release includes bug fixes and improvements to the user interface, as well as some added features such as Apple widgets and 4-digit pin code functionality. The update is already available on the App Store.
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