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B2Core v13 and iOS v1.23 Updates Power Your Business with Enhanced Efficiency and UX

Product Updates

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As a renowned provider of premier CRM solutions, our team at B2Core prides itself on continuously improving your user experience. Every single day, over 50 engineers and specialists relentlessly work to polish and streamline the B2Core CRM, allowing you to get the most out of your business while using our solutions. Today, we introduce yet another big overhaul that marks a significant milestone for B2Core CRM – Version 13 release, a substantial update designed to streamline your business’s operations and elevate the user experience of your clients. 

Packed with valuable enhancements, the newest version of B2Core integrates ZenDesk and ShuftiPro, implements the travel rule, provides much-needed UI improvements, and introduces Savings Module v1.1, all designed to streamline the user experience and platform efficiency. 

Simultaneously, our latest iOS Release, v1.23, focuses on refining the user interface and visual design, providing iOS users with superior interaction and convenience.

Zendesk Integration for Exceptional Customer Service

Building strong client relationships is paramount for any successful brokerage. B2Core introduces a powerful integration with Zendesk, a leading customer service platform that uses AI to personalise and improve customer interactions. 

Zendesk is an excellent support tool in your toolbox, accommodating customer support through e-mails, phones, live chat, social media and self-service portals. Each of the available channels is powered with AI, giving customers more thorough and concentrated support to solve their unique problems. 

You can swiftly purchase the Zendesk package and integrate it into the B2Core CRM to elevate your customer support capabilities. With the power of Zendesk’s AI, you will be able to personalise customer interactions with chatbots, reducing the time you spend with clients and maximising user satisfaction. 

How can we vouch for the effectiveness of Zendesk? Because we use it ourselves! The B2Core team has utilised Zendesk to automate customer support processes with great success, minimising the time spent answering generic questions without sacrificing customer satisfaction! 

Advanced Compliance and Security with ShuftiPro KYC Integration Update

We’ve expanded the document submission options within the ShuftiPro KYC integration by introducing a new “ADDRESS” group. Clients can now submit documents related to address verification, such as utility bills, rent agreements, and other relevant documents. Furthermore, we’ve enhanced the flexibility of verification requests, allowing you to customise them according to your specific requirements. 

Travel Rule Compliance in Conjunction with B2BinPay 

B2Core has now integrated with a Travel Rule solution provider, Notabene, through B2BinPay. This regulation mandates the collection of specific user and transaction information for deposits and withdrawals to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The Notabene integration is vital for companies that adhere to the Crypto Travel Rule, as it requires the provision of company information on a regular basis. 

With Notabene, it becomes much simpler to stay transparent and adhere to the Travel Rule flawlessly. By complying with the Travel Rule, B2Core empowers your business to manage crypto operations without any compliance problems in key regions like the United States, European Union, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

Savings Module v1.1: Earning Passive Income on Digital Assets

Savings Module

First introduced in B2Core’s V2.1 update, the savings feature has received a much-anticipated boost in its functionality and profitability. The enhanced Savings Module v1.1 allows your clients to earn passive income on their digital assets. They can conveniently transfer their holdings into interest-bearing savings accounts, similar to traditional bank offerings. 

As a result, users will be able to earn passive income on their idle crypto funds instead of simply saving their assets without any benefits. This innovative feature caters to clients seeking to leverage their crypto holdings without actively trading, further expanding your brokerage’s value proposition.

A User Interface Designed for Clarity and Efficiency

The B2Core user interface has received a comprehensive refresh, prioritising both visual appeal and intuitive navigation. This translates to a more user-friendly experience for your clients, allowing them to access critical information and navigate functionalities with greater ease.

Introducing a Dedicated Bonuses Section

Dedicated Bonuses Section

The new UI has added a Bonuses section. Here, clients can readily access all available bonus programs offered by you. This empowers them to explore and participate in programs that align with their trading goals, ultimately enhancing their overall engagement with your platform. Furthermore, the ability to subscribe to and monitor active bonuses directly translates to a more informed and rewarding client experience.

At-a-Glance Insights: Trading Account Details

Trading Account Details

We’ve significantly expanded the level of detail and statistical data available for trading accounts. Clients can now delve deeper into their accounts, gaining valuable insights into essential trading parameters such as balance, equity, free funds, credit, and leverage. This comprehensive overview empowers them to make informed trading decisions and manage their portfolios strategically.

Beyond purely numerical data, we’ve also implemented visually engaging graphics to depict equity performance. These interactive charts, equipped with scaling and marker tracking functionalities, provide a clear and dynamic representation of account performance. Clients can readily track trends, identify key performance indicators, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Favourites Trading Accounts Widget: Streamlined Monitoring

Trading Accounts Widget

The new UI introduces a dedicated “Favourites Trading Accounts” widget within the Dashboard. This feature allows clients to conveniently compile their most frequently accessed accounts, enabling them to monitor key account parameters – such as balance, equity, and margin – at a glance. This streamlined approach simplifies account management and facilitates informed decision-making within the platform.

Simplified Deposits and Withdrawals

Simplified Deposits and Withdrawals

We understand the importance of seamless financial transactions for your clients. Keeping this in mind, we’ve significantly simplified the deposit and withdrawal process in V13. This includes the implementation of auto-substitution in selects, eliminating unnecessary steps and potential confusion. Additionally, we’ve removed group options within the workflow, further streamlining the navigation process.

Most importantly, QR codes for mobile transactions are now prominently displayed, ensuring an even faster and more convenient experience for clients on the go. This focus on user-friendliness minimises friction points and encourages more active participation in the crypto market through your platform.

B2Core Goes Further, Massively Upgrading the iOS App

B2Core Goes Further, Massively Upgrading the iOS App

The development of the B2Core application for iOS devices does not stand still, and in the latest 1.23 release, the team has worked on some major enhancements to optimise user experience with the app.

Integration with BBP iOS App

The mobile version of the B2Core CRM tightly integrates with the BBP iOS application, providing a streamlined user experience through single sign-on capabilities. Once users are logged into the B2Core mobile application, they can directly access the BBP iOS application without the need to re-enter their credentials. This seamless authentication process makes it convenient for users to access their accounts and start trading immediately.

New Dashboard

The new dashboard design has been developed with the ability to quickly and easily interact with the application elements broken down into sections, ultimately helping you to gain instant access to the data you need. The visual perception of the application interface elements and the level of ease of interaction with it has also been improved by adding customisable widgets, for even easier quick access to the attached data type.


The new version also introduces a convenient system of widgets that allows users to see the necessary information without opening the application itself.


A set of banner widgets provides access to visual information about major events, innovations or news related to the application development process and its implementation.

Total Balance

This widget allows you to quickly navigate to and view the total balance of all wallet accounts in USD, letting you assess the amount of capital available for use quickly.

Last Transactions

This widget allows users to track statistical data related to their latest transactions, be it deposit, withdrawal, exchange, or transfer between addresses, as well as their statuses — this tool is indispensable in cases when you need to quickly get comprehensive data related to the trading process.

Favourite Trading Accounts

Thanks to this widget, users have the possibility to rank all accounts by priority, selecting the most favourite ones. It also allows having in front of their eyes all comprehensive and important information related to them including total balance, actual capital available and leverage level.

IB Program

This widget facilitates access to IB programs by allowing the client to quickly check the data about the existing IB program and easily send a request to join a new IB program from the Dashboard.

Setting a New Standard of Functionality and Accessibility

In a relentless pursuit of excellence, B2Core’s feature-rich CRM platform is going through another phase of its evolution. As part of a new conceptual vision, significant enhancements are being brought by Release v13 and Release 1.23 for iOS devices.

In an effort to keep pace and meet the expectations of end users, B2Broker is continuously investing in the B2Core system to maintain the highest quality and high market standards of reliability and efficiency, giving our clients the best possible user experience.

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As a hard-working, goal-oriented, and well-rounded person, I always strive to do quality work for every job I do. Faced with challenging tasks in life, I have developed the habit of thinking rationally and creatively to solve problems, which not only helps me develop as a person, but also as a professional.

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