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Baidu Metaverse App Would Take 6 Years For a Full Launch, VP Says

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According to a senior official at Baidu, the Chinese internet giant does not intend to release its XiRang metaverse app anytime soon. However, the program’s initial launch was set for Monday.

According to CNBC, Baidu vice president Ma Jie predicts that the full rollout of XiRang will take another “negative six” years. He stated that the app’s development began in December 2020.

According to the executive, Baidu plans to offer an open-source platform for metaverse developers to build infrastructure in the virtual world.

Ma stated that Baidu’s metaverse app will not enable digital currency or trading assets associated with a virtual property despite its focus on digital infrastructure. He noted that this is despite XiRang’s use of underlying technologies comparable to the blockchain. The plan aligns with China’s renewed ban on cryptocurrencies, which CCP announced in September 2021.

Baidu, one of China’s largest internet search engine businesses, entered the metaverse market in October 2021 when it applied for the trademark “metapp.” The company then unveiled XiRang, which translates to “Land of Hope,” as its first metaverse app, with some of the first XiRang’s virtual features being available for users as early as November.

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