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Crypto Market Cap Pushes Past $2T as Major Cryptos Surge

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According to CoinGecko statistics, a wide surge in the digital asset market, powered by Bitcoin exceeding $45K, has pushed the overall market valuation for crypto beyond $2 trillion. Bitcoin has increased by over 14% in the previous week, while Ether has increased by 12%.

Terra’s LUNA token has soared to new heights, gaining over 70% in the previous week to trade at around $94.

SOL by Solana and other layer 1 tokens like AVAX by Avalanche and DOT by Polkadot also performed well in the market. This week, SOL gained 18.5 percent, AVAX gained almost 16 percent, and DOT gained nearly 13 percent.

With the recent increases, Bitcoin has surpassed the quickly weakening Russian ruble in terms of market capitalization. Bitcoin’s stock price is around $835 billion, meanwhile the ruble’s is approximately $626 billion.

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