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Equities CFDs

A diverse liquidity pool for the Equity CFDs market
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    Equities CFDs

    The ability to offer CFD liquidity is an important differentiator and there are few solid CFD liquidity providers in the market. We have spent the last few years developing a sophisticated liquidity network in order to provide ultra-competitive pricing and great execution on a wide selection of markets.
    Our single stock CFD offering covers equity markets from all over the world on one single account with low financing costs. Benefit from Direct Market Access (DMA) with short selling availability and access to a wide range of diverse global equities.
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    Margin Requirements
    Trading Session
    Liquidity Venues
    Technical Support
    and many more
    Liquidity ready made for all market participants

    Prime Brokerage Pricing

    Get competitive Tier 1 pricing for blue chips from all over the world: US, Asian, EU and Russian regions.

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    What is Prime of Prime?

    Prime of Prime (PoP) refers to a firm that has an account with leading global Prime Brokers that offers their services to other market participants such as Forex Brokers, LPs, ECNs, etc. PoPs bridge the gap between the institutional and retail Forex markets and through a variety of mechanisms, enable brokerages to finance their trades with the backing necessary to support trading at big volumes.
    We have been providing our PoP services to brokerages, hedge and crypto funds, investment managers, professional traders and other financial institutions since 2014. We deliver our renowned PoP solutions using cutting edge technology coupled with outstanding customer service from our team of experts.
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    Technical Support

    Prime of Prime Flow

    Our team is in regular contact with tier 1 banks and non-bank liquidity providers to discuss all elements of the flow directed towards us. This ensures we receive the best aggregated pricing available for our clients that is uniquely tailored for their business.
    Institutional spreads and commissions
    Single margin account
    Fast STP execution
    Multiple API and institutional GUIs
    24/7 technical support
    Agency model (No conflict of interest)
    Large range of instruments
    Multiple venue distribution

    Compare Prime of Prime Liquidity with others

    We have solid experience of working with Tier-1 liquidity providers and our effectiveness has stood the test of time, proven by multi-billion dollar turnovers.
    Features Single LP Prime of Prime Several LPs
    Single margin account model
    Simple risk management system
    Multiple types of liquidity
    Aggregated liquidity in one stream
    Full netting system
    Single margin requirements
    Single commission structure payments
    Competitive spreads and volumes
    Reliable liquidity stream with multiple backups
    Protection against changes in trading conditions
    Risk counterparty HIGH LOW MEDIUM

    Aggregation & Distribution

    Access the best technology from aggregated liquidity and multiple distribution venues to cater for your traders needs. B2Broker continues to expand its liquidity distribution, aggregating liquidity via several distribution systems. Brokers and white label partners can be connected to our liquidity pool via FIX API in just 5 minutes and gain access to the deepest institutional liquidity pools in the industry, super-tight spreads and more.


    Wire transfers in USD, EUR, GBP are available via SWIFT, SEPA and Faster Payments together with settlements in major cryptos and stable coins.

    Reduce your risk

    Denominate a margin account according to your needs in any crypto or fiat based currency
    Multicurrency denominated
    B2Broker Liquidity (MarksMan Hub)
    Margin Account Management System
    Prime XM Xcore
    One Zero Hub
    Margin Accounts
    Trading Platforms

    USD based
    client accounts

    USDT based
    client accounts

    JPY based
    client accounts

    EUR based
    client accounts

    ETH based
    client accounts

    XRP based
    client accounts

    BTC based
    client accounts

    BNB based
    client accounts

    A multicurrency denominated margin account

    Multicurrency based margin accounts allow brokers to minimize volatile risks between clients’ equity and brokers’ equity. Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from B2Broker’s liquidity, including cryptocurrencies. Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with a BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between the two currencies, for example.

    Without taking a risk

    The example above contains a complete diversification for the base currencies of customer groups, according to margin accounts based on the same base currencies. In this case, brokers will work with the same amount of capital as their clients, without risking volatility for each currency.

    Extended risk management

    In a multicurrency nominated margin account model the broker needs to control the equity on all his margin accounts in order to provide execution for all his clients. This means the broker has to keep more funds – close to 100% of client funds, on his margin accounts to avoid rejections for client orders due to insufficient funds.

    700 trading products 7 asset classes

    700+ financial instruments and 7 asset classes including indices, shares, precious metals, energy and cryptocurrencies. With a strong reputation, solid financial markets expertise and access to the best solutions, B2Broker is one of the most sought-after liquidity providers in the industry.
    Crypto CFDs
    Equity CFDs
    ETF CFDs

    Wide connectivity

    We offer multi-connectivity cross connection to 7 different trading platforms and can connect via Fix API to any system. Liquidity can be delivered to any trading system and any trader including cash liquidity, cash trading and OTC deals.
    use another trading platform?
    FIX API for trading and integrations
    Receive tailored multi-asset liquidity via an industry-standard API. It allows you to integrate any proprietary trading platform to our liquidity.

    Get your Prime Liquidity

    We are here to provide you with the best liquidity solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us now.

      Advanced trading platforms and APIs

      Our access to liquidity allows us to ensure that trades can be executed quickly and efficiently. Connect to the markets via our trading platforms and APIs for web, mobile and tablet trading

      Standard protocol that allows communication between a client, trader, investment fund, or broker and our platforms.
      FIX API is used by numerous banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds to operate in real-time mode.

      REST API

      Traders, investors and brokers can create custom trading applications, integrate into our platforms and build algo trading systems. Calls can be made in any language that supports a standard HTTP REST API on request.

      WebSocket API

      Includes live streaming and historical prices for live trade operations. It is scalable, light and robust and is compatible with any Java-compliant operating system.

      Free bridges for MT4/5
      We offer the most competitive aggregated liquidity and provide full flexibility in connecting to liquidity pools. We guarantee seamless connectivity to multiple liquidity providers with the use of our MT4/MT5 Bridges absolutely free of charge. No set-up fee. No volume fee.
      Customized Streams
      We work closely with its clients offering ready-made or customised streams of liquidity to facilitate trading. This enables brokers to benefit from best execution and competitive spreads, together with raw, small, medium and big mark-ups and get rebates.

      Execution with ease

      B2Broker offers incomparable levels of technology and speed of execution facilitated by a single liquidity contract and single margin account. No need to enter into a separate agreement with an exchange, bank, prime broker or liquidity provider.
      Single Margin Account

      Simply sign a single agreement with B2Brоkеr who will take care of all your needs by acting as both your liquiditу and technology provider.

      Advanced Reports

      Take control of your business with our advanced reporting capabilities. Create numerous comprehensive reports such as detailed account statements and scheduled reports by email with parameters configured to your own personal specifications. Utilise real-time and historical data to plan ahead and maximise your business potential.

      Professional Institutional GUI

      Cutting-edge trading UIs that allow you to take full control of the market

      NET open positions

      Netting is a method of reducing risks in financial contracts by combining or aggregating multiple financial obligations to arrive at a net obligation amount.

      Range of order of types

      Market, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit are all available.

      Cutting-edge infrastructure

      The infrastructure upon which trades are executed is crucially important in getting the fastest trade execution possible. Gain access to our global network coverage from the world's largest finаnciаl ecosystem within all Equinix centers worldwide.
      Execution Speed from
      Execution-Speed 12ms

      Time for IT infrastructure setup

      Other LP
      B2Broker LP
      Faster than other LPs
      Presence in major financial centers for low latency execution

      Physical proximity to all central trade servers of major exchanges, liquidity providers, banks and other financial institutions, allows us to minimize trade request up to a hundredth of a millisecond.

      Connectivity to major technology, bridge and platform providers
      Our operational setup ensures swift API implementation. We offer FX prime of prime brokerage and liquidity services via FIX API and multiple technology providers. T-1 hosting in LD4.

      For large brokers, it is recommended to deploy anti-DDOS high-defense servers to effectively target targeted DDOS attacks.


      All servers use strict security policies to protect against malicious attacks, intrusions, and cyber attacks.

      Hot backups

      A backup solution for multi-user systems with no downtime required to perform the backup.


      Data centre facilities providing housing for servers with managed services to support our clients.

      Failover system

      A standby mode is ready to take over the load from a failing system or scheduled down time.

      Get connected in 5 minutes

      Gain access to the deepest institutional liquidity pools in the industry in just a few minutes! We're already integrated with multiple trading platforms and bridge providers.

      The most popular platform for FX trading


      A financial technology provider with cutting-edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions.


      A multi-functional trading platform for traders, hedge fund managers and social traders offering FX, Indices, Commodities, Bond, Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds.


      A provider of technology for multi-asset class execution, connectivity, aggregation, distribution and hub.


      A multi-asset trading platform developed by DevExperts supporting trading Equities, ETFs, Futures, FOREX, Commodities, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies.


      A platform combining the features of margin and spot trading in one system powered by B2Broker.


      A matching engine platform for exchanges developed by B2Broker that powers up the world’s best-known exchanges


      A complete trading platform solution packed with a full range of features to cater to each and every investment preference imaginable.


      and any other trading platforms via FIX API

      integration in just 14 days

      Get your Prime Liquidity

      We are here to provide you with the best liquidity solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us now.

        Market Depth and Liquidity pool

        Market liquidity impacts everything from the bid-offer spread to trade execution and is important since it affects how quickly you can open and close positions. As a broker, you need to have access to the deepest liquidity pool available to handle all the needs of your traders.
        Get benefits from greater depth
        Advanced bridge technologies - fastest exe-cution even during high activity on the market
        Direct access to both exchanges and OTC liquidity pools
        Benefit from competitive spreads and margin requirements
        Colocation DCs across the world to ensure the lowest latenc

        Liquidity tailored for all business models

        Our liquidity solutions provide you with access and connectivity to the deepest liquidity pool customized to your exact needs. Whatever your business model, B2Broker provides highly developed liquidity access to take care of all your clients' requirements, including those working with HFT, automated, algorithmic and API trading systems.

        Brokerages provide traders with access to platforms enabling them to trade different asset classes. We support numerous brokers who approach us for our technology and liquidity know-how so they can service their clients in the most professional way

        The best prices from multiple global liquidity venues
        World leader in online trading
        Fast data and execution through FIX API
        Index, Commodity, FOREX and Equity CFDs
        Family Offices

        Wealthy individuals often take control of their finances through family offices. We provide access to cutting-edge trading and investment technology so your clients can trade and manage their portfolios with greater efficiency.

        Powerful range of platforms and reporting tools
        Personal account manager
        Fast data feeds and execution
        DMA on equities and FX, with for one-to-one service access to deep liquidity
        Financial Institutions

        Small to medium-sized banks need access to deep pools of liquidity and efficient global market access. An individual approach is required to provide a highly specialized solution that meets the needs of their many different clients.

        Customized approach
        B2Core back office solution
        Anonymous and fully transparent liquidity
        24/7/365 professional customer support
        Market Makers

        Market makers are required to continually quote prices and volumes they are willing to buy and sell at every second of the trading day at the market price to provide traders with the most professional service.

        Allow your traders to execute trades whenever they want
        Fulfill orders and execute transactions within seconds
        Powerful range of platforms and market depth
        Partner with a leading global prime of prime broker
        Hedge Funds

        Hedge funds invest in a variety of financial markets using pooled funds collected from investors and applying various trading strategies to boost their performance and returns for their investors.

        Invest in a variety of financial markets using pooled funds
        Choose from 7 asset classes and over 800 trading instruments
        Suitable for high-net-worth individuals and professional investors
        Personalised service with individual account manager
        HFT & Qantum Teams

        Quantum computing is the future of electronic trading, bringing about high-frequency trading (HFT) via the use of algorithms. To this end, our specialised HFT and Quantum teams continually work on the development of algorithms to automatically initiate trades according to predefined strategies.

        Expert technology-led solutions developed by our specialists
        Algorithmic trading for executing orders using automated trading instructions
        High speeds, high turnover rates and high order-to-trade ratios
        Analyze multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions
        Introducing Brokers

        Introducing Brokers (IBs) typically introduce new customers to a Forex brokerage and receive a commission in return for sending clients their way. IB programs can greatly reduce the costs involved in acquiring new customers for a brokerage.

        Multiple account management
        Full range of platforms and products
        Customisable reporting technology
        Revenue generation through introductions

        Whatever type of financial business you’re in, we’re here to help.

        Call me back

        Where vision becomes reality

        Watch how our liquidity and technology solutions are trusted throughout the industry
        Industry-Leading Liquidity Solutions play
        Industry-Leading Liquidity Solutions For Every Requirement
        In this video, John Murillo, Head of Dealing Division, discusses the company's institutional liquidity solutions which are used by financial entities on a global scale.

        Your benefits

        24/7 Technical Support

        Our professional and helpful technical support team is on hand 24/7 to deal with customer enquiries whenever the need arises.

        Tutorials and Materials

        B2Broker is committed to working alongside its clients to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. An extensive range of tutorials and materials is available to assist with all technical aspects.

        Major Languages Supported

        Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team can assist you in 8 languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu.

        Deposits and Withdrawals

        A wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods are available including bank wire transfer, a range of popular credit/debit cards, crypto payments and EMIs.


        Education is an all-important part of our service. We offer a variety of training materials including videos and demos to help our clients understand the business.

        Multiple Jurisdictions

        B2Prime project powered by B2Broker is multi-regulated. As a global liquidity provider we making steps towards having a presence in all significant jurisdictions.

        Account Manager
        All our clients are assigned a personal account manager who is always on hand to answer questions and deal with all their requirements.
        Product Manager
        Our product managers are deeply knowledgeable about our technical solutions and are there to assist our clients with any specific enquiries.

        Get your Prime Liquidity

        We are here to provide you with the best liquidity solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us now.

          Advanced reporting

          Create a multitude of comprehensive, highly detailed reports with parameters configured to personal specifications. From detailed account statements to volume trade reports, get complete control over your operations and maximise your business potential.
          Detailed account statements
          Positions state report
          Account state report
          Detailed trades report
          Scheduled reports by email
          Volume trade report

          Customer support

          Our professional Customer Service team is available round the clock to assist you with any queries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


          Have a question? A source of useful information about our products and services.
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          Are your WTI and BRENT based on futures?
          When my withdrawal/transfer request will be approved?
          How to add new symbols to my MT group/fix connection?
          Any other questions?
          Ask us now

          It works best with

          Our liquidity is best combined with the leading industry trading platforms to provide the ultimate in performance and user satisfaction.
          Crypto CFD Margin Broker

          Turnkey solution based on crypto currencies. Cashflow, trading accounts and instruments and much more features are fully compliant with new financial market.

          Trading account denominated in cryptocurrencies
          Crypto deposits and withdrawals
          100 crypto CFDs available for trading
          Margin account nominated incrypto to exclude volatility risk
          Forex Broker Turnkey

          A classic type of setup based on MT terminal with wide range of available assets. Empower your brokerage with tools like IB system and Investment Platform to satisfy your clients and partners.

          MT4 or MT5 based FX broker
          Access to more than 800 trading instruments of 7 classes of assets
          Portfolio management services
          Advanced features: bonus system and multi level IB room
          Crypto Spot Exchange

          A complex turnkey solution with multifeatured Trader’s Room (B2Core) and high-capacity matching engine (B2Trader)

          Cutting-edge Trading UI
          Fulfill up to 10000 requests per second
          Commissions ladder
          Loyalty token with commission discount for end-users

          Get your Prime Liquidity

          We are here to provide you with the best liquidity solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us now.